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Johann Sebastian Bach:

Choruses and Chorales from St.Matthew Passion

Chöre und Choräle aus der Matthäus-Passion

Chor der St.-Hedwigs-Kathedrale Berlin, Berliner Philharmoniker, Karl Forster, conductor

Side One

Chorus: Kommt, Ihr Töchter helft mir klagen
Chorale: Herzliebster Jesu
Chorale: Ich Bin's ich sollte büssen
Closing Chorus Part One: O Mensch bewein dein Sünde gross

Side Two

Chorale: Was Mein Gott Will
Chorale: Wer Hat Dich So Geschlagen
Chorale: Bin ich gleich von dir gewichen
Chorale: Befiehl Du Deine Wege
Chorale: O Haupt Voll Blut und Wunden
Chorale: Wenn Ich Einmal Soll scheiden
Chorus: Wir Setzen Uns Mit Tränen Nieder

Electrola, WCLP 532 E1 (1957)
Record VG. Gatefold Cover EX+.

Bach-Choruses Chorales-Foster-Hedwig Cathdral Choir-Berlin Philharmonic. Electrola WCLP 532. Record VG. Cover EX. $ 12.

Johann Sebastian Bach: Easter Oratorio

Elly Ameling - Sprano
Helen Watts - Contralto
Werner Krenn - Tenor
Tom Krause - Bass

Wiener Akademiechor - Chorus Master Xaver Meyer.
Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra
Karl Münchinger - Conductor

Decca SET 398 Wide Band. Published in 1969. Record NM/M-. Cover EX (front) to VG (back - some writing). Book of 8 pages with text and introduction NM.

Bach-Easter Oratorio.Ameling-Watts-Krenn-Krause-Münchinger. Decca SET 398. Record NM/M-. Book NM. Cover VG-EX. $ 9.

Johann Sebastian Bach:
St. Matthew Passion

Magda Laszlo - Soprano
Hildegard (Hilde) Roessel-Majdan - Contralto
Petre Munteanu - Tenor
Richard Standen - Bass
Hugues Cuenod (Tenor - Evangelist)
Heinz Rehfuss (Bass - Jesus)
Eberhardt Wächter - Bass (Judas and Pilate)
Peter Lagger - Bass
Elly (Elfriede) Hofstatter - Soprano
Kurt Equiluz - Tenor
Leo Heppe - Bass

Solo Violin played by Walter Barylli.
Vienna State Opera Orchestra
Hermann Scherchen conducts Symphony Orchestra and Chorus

Is this German thoroughness, 'Gründlichkeit', or is Scherchen and his singers, instrumentalists an orchestra conceiving a modern, yet authentic approach to what BWV 244 could have sounded like in Bach's time? Also the question is justified if there is enough story telling in the opening chorus, and is there enough empathy to convey the sorrow of a lament. Should there be more humanity in the arias? The opposite of Scherchen is of course the Mengelberg SMP which is a mere testimony of the approach by that romantic conductor and less a rendition of how Bach's work should be executed one should say. Yet, in the end, Scherchen's Westminster recording should be considered as a historic document too (it was released in the same year as the Willem Mengelberg 1939 performance by Philips), but Scherchen's approach is fresh and is liked by many.

Recorded in the Konzerthaus, Vienna.
This is the first edition of this recording released in September 1953 (according to Schwann catalog) on 4x LP with dark red labels. The album and labels do not mention the name of the orchestra. The album includes a 12 page booklet with the complete text (libretto) of this recording in German and English, side by side. The interesting liner notes in the album are written by James Lyons. The cover was designed by Otto Rado who made several covers for Westminster and for Remington.

Westminster. Reference number of the set and its records is WAL 401, Sides 1 to 8, automatic coupling. The records are graded EX- but are well playable. The album is in EX- condition. The former owner put cellophane tape at the edges of front and back to minimize wear, apparently. Do remember that this album is more than 60 years old.

Scherchen-Matthew Passion-Vienna. Roessel-Majdan. Wächter. Cuenod. Rehfuss. Barylli. Westminster WAL 401. 4xLP. Records and Album EX-. $ 22.

Excerpts from a live recording of a performance of Bach's St. Matthew Passion on April 1st, 1973 by
Chorusses of the 'Groningse Bachvereniging', Soloist and Orchestra with Instrumentalists of Leonardt Consort, Alarius Ensemble and Musica da Camera

Evangelist: Marius van Altena
Christ: Max van Egmond
Soprano and contralto from the Tölzer Boys Choir
Tenor: Michiel ten Houte de Lange, Harry Geraerts
Bass: Harry van der Kamp, Frits van Erven Dorens

Instrumental soloists: Marie Leonhardt, Sigiswald Kuijken, Lucy van Dael, Marleen Kuijken, Wieland Kuijken, Jaap ter Linden, etc.
Bob van Asperen and Ton Koopman (organ)

Johan van der Meer - Conductor

Kommt Ihr Töchter helfft mir klagen - ...da Jesus diese Rede vollendet hatte - Herzliebster Jesu was hastu verbrochen - Da versammelten sich die Hohepriester... - So ist mein Jesu nun gefangen - O Mensch bewein dein Sünde gross - Gedult, Gedult - O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden - Ach Golgotha - Nun ist der Herr zu Ruh' gebracht - Wir setzen uns mit Tränen nieder

GB 6810 392 - Private label. Philips pressing. Record and Cover M-. An Item for the curious.

Matthew Passion - Groningse Bachvereniging - Leonardt Consort, etc. Private label GB 6810 392. Record and Cover M-. $ 8.



Bach: St. Matthew Passion
Conducted by Mögens Wöldike

This is originally a recording made by Vanguard, 1959, which was bought by Phonogram, Philips in Baarn, in the days when they also bought Mahler's 8th Symphony of a Thousand conducted by Maurice Abravanel. The original Bach issue was on Vanguard S 269-70-71-72.

Teresa Stich-Randall (Sopran) - Hilde Rössl-Majdan (Alt) - Uno Ebrelius (Tenor) - Waldemar Kmentt (Tenor) - Hans Braun (Bass) - Friedl Kummer (Bass) - Walter Berry (Bass) - Max Weirich (Bass) - Willy Boskowsky (Violin) - Jürg Schäftlein (Oboe) - Anton Heiler (Orgel)

Wiener Kammerchor - Knabenchor des Schottenstiftes - Orchester der Wiener Staatsoper in der Volksoper

Conductor: Mögens Wöldike

4x LP FONTANA 700 206/209 WGY STEREO
Records NM except for Sides 4, 7 and 8 which have each an unobtrusive mark not preventing a good listening.

Bach St. Matthew Passion - Wöldike - Staatsoper Orchestra and Chorusses - Stich-Randall - Rössl-Majdan - Ebrelius - Kmentt et al. Fontana 700 206/209 WGY. Box NM. Records NM. Libretto NM. $ 25.


Bach: St. Matthew Passion

This is the release of the 1958 Archiv recording of the renown, moving performance, originally issued on 4 discs in a cloth box, reference numbers 198 009/010/011/012. This reissue is from 1974, reference 2564-149/152 in laminated box.


Singers are Ernst Haefliger (tenor), Kieth Engen( bass), Irmgard Seefried (sorano), Antonie Fehberg (soprano), Hertha Töpper (alto), Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (bass), Max Proebst (bass), a host of insturumental soloists, the Munich Boys Choir, the Münchener Bach-Chor, and the Munich Bach Orchestra, conducted by Karl Richter.

Bach St. Matthew Passion - Richter - 1974 issue of 1958 recording with soloists, chorusses from Munich and Munich Bach Orchestra. Archiv 2564 149-152. Records are NM. Box is NM. $ 25.

Willem Mengelberg conducts BACH St. Matthew Passion (Matthaeus Passion - SMP - Matthäus Passion). The famous live performance on Palm Sunday 1939.

Singers: Karl Erb (tenor), Willem Ravelli (bass), Jo Vincent (soprano), Ilona Durigo (alto), Louis van Tulder (tenor), Herman Schey (bas).

Instrumentalists: Louis Zimmermann (violin), Ferdinand Helmann (violin), Georges Blanchard (oboe d'amore), W. Peddemors (oboe da caccia), Hubert Barwahser (flute), Piet van Egmond (organ), Johannes den Hertog (harpsichord).

Toonkunstkoor, Boys' Choir `Zanglust' led by Willem Hespe. (Royal) Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Box EX (shelf wear, but physically in act, no splits). Records EX to M-. Booklet with complete text. No additional liner notes. See Mengelberg, Bach and the Philips Miller Recording System.

Bach St. Matthew Passion - Mengelberg - 1939 live - Vincent - Durigo - Schey - et all. ED3. 3x LP. Philips H73 AX310 (A 02530/02531/02532 L). Records EX to M- and Box EX because of shelf wear. $ 30.

Nikolaus Harnoncourt

Johann Sebastian Bach
St Matthew Passion

Soprano soloist of the Vienna Boys Choir
Paul Esswood
Tom Sutcliffe
James Bowman
Kurt Equiluz
Nigel Rogers
Karl Ridderbusch
Max van Egmond
Michael Schopper

Boys voices of the Regensburger Dom Choir - Men's voices of the King's College Choir Cambridge leader David Willcocks

Concentus Musicus Wien - conducted by Nikolaus Harnoncourt.

Telefunken 4x LP - SAWT 9572-9573-9574-9575.

Records M-./EX. Box M-. Book NM. Liner notes and libretto in German and English.

Bach St. Matthew Passion - Harnoncourt - Vienna Boys Soprano Esswood, Sutcliffe, Egmond et all. - Telefunken SAWT 9572/3/4/5 - Records M-/EX. Box M-. Book NM. $ 15.

Nikolaus Harnoncourt

Johann Sebastian Bach
St Matthew Passion

Same performance but 2nd pressing on Blue Stereo labels.

Records EX. Box VG+. Book NM.

Bach St. Matthew Passion - Harnoncourt - Vienna Boys Soprano Esswood, Sutcliffe, Egmond et all. - Telefunken SAWT 9572/3/4/5 - BLUE LABEL-Records EX. Box VG+. $16.



Bach - St Matthew Passion

Lucia Popp
Marjana Lipovsek
Johanna Schneiderheinze
Andrea Ihle
Elisabeth Wilke
Helga Termer

Peter Schreier
Theo Adam
Eberhard Büchner
Robert Holl
Andreas Scheibner
Ekkehard Wlaschiha
Hermann Christian Polster
Olaf Bär
Ekkehard Wegner
Hans-Joachim Ribbe
Klaus Henkel

Dresdner Kapellknaben - Radio Chorus Leipzig - Staatskapelle Dresden

Peter Schreier, conducting.

Co-production with VEB Schallplatten (German Democratic Republic) in 1984. Digital recording. DDA.

Libretto and liner notes in English, German and French.

Box and Book and Records NM.

Bach St. Matthew Passion - Peter Schreier - Staatskapelle Dresden - Rundfunk Chor Leipzig - Soloists - Philips Digital Recording. 4x LP 412 528/ 529/ 530/ 531-1 Records and Box and Book NM. $25.

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Bach: St. Matthew Passion

Live recording from the performance in the 'Grote Kerk te Naarden'
Co-production by Telefunken and CNR (C.N. Rood Record Company).

Singers and instrumental soloist:

Tom Brand - tenor
Laurens Bogtman
David Hollestelle - bass
Guus Hoekman - bass
Erna Sporenberg - soprano
Annie Hermes - contralto
Arjan Blanken - tenor
Herman Krebbers - violin
Theo Olof
Carel van Leeuwen Boomkamp - cello
Constant Stotijn - oboes
Gijs Reyns - oboes
oboes Jan Prins - German flute
Jolle de Wit - German flute
Johannes Colette - fipple flute
Kees Otten - fipple flute
Albert de Klerk - organ
Meindert Boekel - organ
Martin Zagwijn - cello
Stef Schouten- double-bass
Piet Swinkels-double bass

The Coir of the Netherlands Bach Society - The Hague Residency Orchestra - Boys Chorus of the "Vredesscholen", Amsterdam.
conducted by Dr. Anton van der Horst.

CNR - 4x LP - 8002/3/4/5 - Book EX (some staining) - Box VG+ (see scans). Records EX to M-.

Bach - St. Matthew Passion - Singers and Instrumental Soloists - Recidency Orchestra - Dr. Anton van der Horst - CNR 8002/3/4/5. Mono. No Stereo exists. Records EX to M-. Box VG+. Book EX. $19.

Die Passion - THE PASSION - Famous Chorusses for Easter.

Johann Sebastian Bach: Komt Ihr Töchter helft mir klagen - O Mensch bewein' dein Sünde gross - Befiehl du deine Wege - Wenn ich einmal soll scheiden
Delphin Strungk: Ich hab mein Sach Gott heimgestellt (organ chorale)
Georg Friedrich Händel: Würdig ist dass Lamm, das da starb
Georg Böhm: Vater unser im Himmelreich
Heinrich Schütz: Surrexit pastor bonus - Jauchzet den Herrn alle Welt
Dresdner Kreuzchor - Thomanerchor Chor - Hedwig Cathedral Choir.

Bach - Strungk - Händel - Böhm - Passion - Eurodisk 85 827 KK - Gatefold - Record NM. Cover M-. German liner notes. $12.


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