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Daniel Chorzempa plays the Haydn Organs in Eisenstadt

Bergkirche - Franziskaner Kirche - Spitalkirche der Barmherzlichen Brüder

Johann Michael Haydn - Organ Concerto
Johan Georg Albrechtsberger - Organ Concerto
Joseph Haydn - Organ Concertos Hoboken XVIII, Nos. 1, 5 and 8

Die Deutsche Bachsolisten - Helmut Winscherman conductor.

Original Philips recordings issued by Orbis for their members. Pressed from Philips plates 6500 359 and 360. Records NM. Inlay with German text only NM. Box EX-.


Chorzempa-Haydn-Albrechtsberger-Eisenstadt-Winschermann. 2LP Box. Records and Inlay NM. Box EX-. $12.

Albert de Klerk plays Organ Concertos of Georg Friederich Handel:

Nos. 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13.

André Rieu (father of now popular violinist and leader André Rieu) conducts the Amsterdam Chamber Orchestra - Herman Krebbers, leader - Leni van der Lee, harpsichordist.

Albert de Klerk plays the Flentrop Organ in the Dutch Reformed Church at Loenen, Utrecht, Netherlands. When the set first became available in October of 1969 the reviewer wrote that the cadenzas are well improvised by De Klerk and despite tha fact that he takes a few liberties, his registration is also to be noticed. The organist feels at home with these compositions. The performances were admired. The sound recording was not at par with the quality of the big labels. Strictly for the collector.

Artone 2DE S-8005 Stereo. 2 LP Box. Individual references 3106 and 3195. Dutch edition. Liner notes in Dutch only. Records NM. Box M-.

Klerk-Handel-Organ Concertos (7). Rieu-Krebbers-Van Der Lee. Artone 2DE S-8005. Records NM. Box M-. $ 15. NM

Zsigmond Szathmáry plays Franz Liszt
An der Hauptorgel der Martinskirche zu Kassel - at the Main Organ of the Martin Church in Kassel, Germany

* Praeludium Und Fuge Über B-A-C-H
* Trauerode
* Variationen Über Den Basso Continuo Des Eingangs-Chores Der Kantate "Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen" Und Des Crucifixus Der H-Moll-Messe Von J.S.Bach
* Ora Pro Nobis
* Phantasie Und Fuge Über Den Choral "Ad Nos, Ad Salutarem Undam" - Kirchenhymne "Salve
* Kirchenhymne "Ave Maris Stella"
* Ave Maria Von Arcadelt
* Der Papst-Hymnus
* Adagio

Da Camera Magna SM 93 226/27. 2x LP in Gatefold. Liner Notes in German, English and French. Recorded by Van Geest Studio. Records NM/M-. Cover NM

Szathmáry plays organ compositions of Franz Liszt. Da Camera Magna SM 93 226/27. 2x LP. Records NM/M-. Cover NM. $ 10.

Josef Zimmermann plays the Cathedral organ of the Dom Church at Cologne

Bach (Prelude and Fugue in A / Concerto in A after Vivaldi)
Jean Langlais (Hymne d'Actions de Grace / Tiento / Incantation pour un jour Saint
Hermann Schroeder (Preludium / Variations)

Deutsche Grammophon LPEM 19091 from 1957. Mono. Very well recorded. Record EX+. Gatefold cover Poor. Taped spine. Notes in German, French, English and Italian

Zimmermann-Cologne-Bach-Langlais-Schroeder. DG LPEM 19091. 1957. Record EX+. Cover Poor. $ 6.

Odile Pierre aux Grands-Orgues Cavaillé-Coll / Danion-Gonzales de l'église de la Madeleine à Paris

Widor (Toccata) - Boëlmann (Toccata) - Gigout (Toccata) - Vierne (Carillon de Westminster/Toccata/Carillon de Longpont) - Duruflé (Toccata)

RCA RL 37009. French issue. Record NM. Gatefold Cover NM. Notes in French and English.

Odile Pierre-Toccatas et Carillons pour orgue. RCA RL 37009. Record and Cover NM. $ 10.

Olivier Messiaen plays his own compositions:

L'ascension - Le banquet céleste

Olivier Messiaen at the Aristide Cavaillé-Coll organ in the church of the Holy Trinity (Sainte-Trinité) in Paris.

This old mono recording is from the late 1950s when Ducretet Thomson started a new series with reference DUC, this record of Olivier Messiaen being the first in that series. Messiaen is of course the expert on his own music. His playing has a high degree of authenticity. Other organists like Almuth Rössler (Schwann) and Louis Thiry (Calliope) - their recordings will be listed soon - knew Messiaen and were instructed by him, may nevertheless have their personal approaches which are not less interesting. Their performances benefit from a better microphone placement and recording technique.

Ducretet Thomson DUC 1. French pressing. Dowel spine. Record M-. Cover and inner sleeve NM.

Messiaen-Ascension-Banquet. Messiaen at Sainte Trinité organ Paris. Ducretet DUC 1. Record M-. Cover NM. $ 9.

Georg Friedrich Händel



Daniel Chorzempa at the Organ of the Old Catholic Church in Haarlem, Netherlands.

Concerto Amsterdam conducted by Jaap Schröder.
Truthful and exciting performances in style on period instruments.

Extraordinary (Audiophile) recordings made in 1976. This is the German edition. The 8 page book has liner notes and images in German.

Added are the liner notes from the English edition printed on a A4 size inlay.

Perfect pressings. Records NM.

Philips 6709 009 - 5 LP (records 9500 090 - 091 - 092 - 093 - 094)

When ordering this item there is room for two more records.

Handel Complete Organ Concertos - Sämtliche Orgelkonzerte - Chorzempa - Schröder - 5x LP - Philips 6709 009. German edition. Box NM. Records NM. $ 42.

Karl Richter and Albert de Klerk play North German Arp Schnitger Organs

Karl Richter plays the Arp Schnitger Organ in the Ludgeri Church at Norden.

J.S. Bach Program
Fantasie BWV 572; Trio Sonata No. 6, BWV 530; Trio Sonata No. 3, BWV 527.

Albert de Klerk plays the Schnitger Organ at Neuenfelde.

Preludium (Dietrich Buxtehude) - Psalm (Samuel Scheidt) - Echo Fantasie (Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck) - Magnificat-Fantasie (Heinrich Scheidemann) - Our Father Thou art in Heaven (Jakob Praetorius)

Telefunken TK 11521/1-2 Royal Sound Stereo Blue Label. Records NM. Box and inlay NM. Published in 1972.

Richter-Klerk-Arp Schnitger Organs. Telefunken TK 11521/1. Box with 2x LP. Published in 1972. Records, Box and Inlay NM. $14.

Ton Koopman plays Joseph Haydn:

The Six (6) Organ Concertos

Ton Koopman - organist and conductor of the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra playing on original instruments. Recorded in St.Bartholemeus Church, Beek-Ubbergen. Ton Koopman plays on the orgen built by Henricus Dominicus Lindsen

'Harlekijn' production. Philips - 2x LP in gatefold - 6769 065 (9500 951 / 9500 952) - Liner Notes in English, French and German. Records NM. Reviewer's copies. Cover NM.

Haydn-6 Organ Concertos-Ton Koopman-Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra. Philips 2x LP 6769 065. Records NM. Gatefold NM. $ 18.


Daniel Chorzempa plays the Aristide Cavaillé-Coll organ of the Basilique de Saint Sernin, at Toulouse.

Louis Vierne: Symphony No. 1, and
Pièces de fantaisie.

Recorded in August of 1987. Philips 422 058-1. Digital recording (DDA). Record and cover NM.

Chorzempa-Vierne-Symphony-Pièces. Toulouse. Philips 422 058-1. Record and Cover NM. $ 8.

Albert de Klerk plays the Müller Organ in the Great St. Bavo Church at Haarlem

*Johann Sebastian Bach: Preludium and Fugue BWV 536
*Jan Pieterszn. Sweelinck: 4 Variations on Pslm 116
*Louis Marchand: Dialogue
*John Stanley: Voluntary Viii
*Johann Ludwig Krebs: Preambulum et fughetta supra - "Allein Gott in der Höhe sei Ehr"
*Joseph Haydn: Flötenurhrstücke

Private recording. Reference 6802 809. Philips pressing (Baarn). Recorded by Ton de Lange. Published at the occasion of the fund raising for the restoration of the church that took place from 1980-1985. Record NM. Cover NM. Liner notes in Dutch only.

De Klerk. Müller Organ-Bavo Haarlem. Private recording. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 12.


Antichi Organi Italiani - Historical Organ of Pietro Nacchini from the old Conservatory in Venice

Sandro dalla Libera, organist

Andrea Gabrieli (uncle of Giovanni Gabrieli): Preambulum quarti toni & tertji toni - Capriccio - Canzon - Ricercar (3x) - Toccata

Giovanni Gabrieli: Fantasia (2x) - Fuga - Toccata - Ricercare - Canzon - Ricercare

Rare recording of organist and composer Sandro dalla Libera (1912-1974). Reissue on the Ars Nova label of the earlier Vedette recording. Liner notes in Italian and English written by Sandro dalla Libera.

Ars Nova VST 6008. Record and cover are M-. Audiophile recording. Record EX. Sound is better than looks. Gatefold NM.

Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli - Organ music - Sandro dalla Libera. Venice Conservatory - Ars Nova VST 6008. Gatefold NM. Record EX. $ 9.

Jean Guillou in Concert No. 3

Jean Guillou en Concert No. 3

Recording of his Concert Tour


Jean Guillou plays the Organ in the Great Church (St. Jans Church) in Gouda (built by Leeflang-Keijzer in 1974), and the Organ in the Great Church at Breda, built by Hans Graurok 1534, restored by Flentrop Organ Builders in 1969

J.S. Bach - A. Vivaldi: Concerto in A BWV 593

W.A. Mozart: Fantasie No. 1, K 594

L. Vierne: Choral from Symphony No. 2

J. Guillou: Improvisation

Festivo Stereo 503. Record NM. Cover NM. Notes in Dutch, French, English and German.

Guillou-Organ-Bach-Vivaldi-Mozart-Vierne. Recorded live at Gouda and Breda. Festivo 503. Record and cover NM. $14.

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Herbert Tachezi plays the Church Organ of the Herzogenburg Monastery, and of the Franciscan Church at Vienna

Johann Speth (Toccata) - Johann Jacob Froberger (Capriccio) - Johann Krieger (Fantasia, Toccata, Prelude and Ricercar, Toccata and Fugue) - Johann Pachelbel (Alle Menschen müssen sterben, Ein feste Burch ist unser Gott) - Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer (Prelude and Fugue) - Johann Kaspar Kerll (Canzona)

Telefunken SAWT 9527-B Ex, Royal Sound Blue Label. Record NM/M- (thord banmd on Side Two has inaudible mark). Cover and inlay NM. Liner notes in German and English.

Tachezi-Vienna Curch Organs-Telefunken SAWT 9527-B Ex. Record NM/M-. Cover and inlay NM. $ 8.

George Frideric Handel:

Solo Organ Works

Leo van Doeselaar plays the Organ of the 'Dorpskerk' at Wassenaar and of the Great Church at Harderwijk, Netherlands

*Concerto for Organ Solo in F Major
*Pieces for a musical Clock
*Six Fugues or Voluntairies
*Concertos No. 3, 4, 8 and 6

Etcetera ETC 2005 - 2x LP. Digital recordings from 1984. Produced by Klaas A. Posthuma. Pressed in (Western) Germany. Direct Metal Mastering. Records NM. Gatefold Cover NM. Leo van Doeselaar wrote the liner notes together with Klaas Posthuma.

Handel-Solo Organ Works-Van Doeselaar. Etcetera 2005. DDA. DMM. 2x LP. Records and cover NM. $ 14.

Michel Corette (1709-1795)

Six Organ Concertos Op. 26

No. 1 in G
No. 2 in A
No. 3 in D
No. 4 in C
No. 5 in F
No. 6 in D minor.

François-Henri Houbart at the Organ of Notre-Dame des Blancs-Manteaux, Paris

Orchestre de Chambre Bernard Thomas

Philips 9502 068. Edition in the Series 'Living Baroque'. Record NM. Cover NM. Liner notes in German and English.

Corrette-6 Organ Concertos-Houbart-Thomas. Philips 9502 068. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 12.

Jehan Alain (1911-1940)

Organ Works

Three Dances
Deux Préludes Profanes
Chant donné
De Jules Lemaître
Two dances for Agni Yavishta
Choral dorien
Choral Phrygien

One wonders what would have become of this great musical mind if Jehan Alain - brother of Marie-Claire Alain - would have lived a life to the full. This record is full of imagination, youthful energy, and promises.

Martin Haselbök is the organist. He plays the Rieger Organ of the Augustinian Church at Vienna.

Pape Publishers. Recordings made in 1978 and 1980. Produced by Prof. Dr. Uwe Pape and Peter Schneyder. Very well recorded. Record manufactured by TelDec Schallplatten. Made in Germany.
Record NM/M-. Cover NM. Biographical notes in German, French and English.

Jehan Alain-Organ Works-Haselbök-Vienna-Pape Publishers. Record NM/M-. Cover NM. $ 15.

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Gustav Leonhardt plays the 'Small Organ' (kleine orgel) built in 1964-1965 in the case of the Hans Wolf Schonat organ.
Side One: Gustav Leonhardt plays works of Scheidemann and Anthonie van Noordt.

Klaas Bolt plays the 'Vater-Müller-Witte Organ' from 1724-26.
Side Two: Klaas Bolt plays his own arrangements of Psalm 75, a Trio and a Choral.

Both organs are in the Old Church (St. Nicolaaskerk) in Amsterdam. The liner notes are in English and Dutch and the registrations are also given. Private label of the Old Church Foundation Amsterdam (Stichting Oude Kerk te Amsterdam). See Wikipedia for the history of the church.

Recordings made on April 2 and 5, 1980. Pressed by Philips in Baarn. Record NM/M-Cover NM.

Gustav Leonardt - Klaas Bolt - Organs of St. Nicolaaskerk, Amsterdam. Private issue. Ref. 6814 163. Record NM/M-. Cover NM. $ 9.

Albert de Klerk plays the Hinz organ in the Petrus Church at Leens (Groningen land)

Side A:
* Georg Muffat: Toccata Septima
* Georg Friedrich Kaufmann: Heut fänget an das neue Jahr - Vom Himmel hoch da kommt ich her - Wir Christenleut
* Padre Narcis Casanoves: Paso
* Padre Antonio Soler: Sonata en modo Dorico
* José Lidon: Sonate de 1* tono

Side B:
* Alexandre Boëly: Pièces d'orgue (6)
* Ludwig van Beethoven: Trio in G
* Albert de Klerk: Improvised Partita on Veni Creator Spiritus (6 parts)

Albertus Antoni Hinsz (Hinsch) was a pupil of Arp Schnittger and was his successor.

Rare, private recording made of Dutch organist Albert de Klerk who is known for his recordings on the Telefunken label. The recording was made in 1977 when De Klerk was around 60. Ref. 6812 255. Pressed in the Philips factory in Baarn. Record NM. Cover and Inlay NM.

The text of the inlay is in Dutch, English, and German. It deals with the history of the organ written by the late Anne Risselade; he was organist of the Hinsz organ at Leens at the time this recording was made. The back of the cover details the registration used by Albert de Klerk for every piece.

De Klerk - Hinsz Organ at Leens - Groningen. 6812 255. Philips pressing. Record NM. Cover and Inlay NM. $ 14.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Blandine Verlet:
Six Partitas BWV 825-830
Partita B minor BWV 831
Italian Concerto BWV 971
4 Duetti BWV 802-805
Goldberg Variations (Aria with 30 Variations) BWV 988
Recorded in 1978

Jean Guillou:
Prelude in E Flat BWV 552/1
21 Chorale Preludes BWV 669 - 689
Fuge in E Flat BWV 552/2
Recorded in 1974


Blandine Verlet plays harpsichords manufactured by David Rubio and William Dowd.

Jean Guillou plays the Metzger-Grossmünster organ at Zürich.

Philips 6769-750 8x LP.
Individual records 6505-054 to 6505-061. Records NM. Box NM. Book NM.

Also listed under harpsichord.

Bach-Clavierübung-Verlet Harpsichord-Guillou Organ-Philips 6769-750 8x LP. Records, Box and Book NM. $ 29.

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Johann Sebastian Bach: Six Trio Sonatas - Complete

Daniel Chorzempa at the organ of the Reformed Church at Meppel (Netherlands).

Philips 6700 059 - 2x LP. Individual records 6500 479 and 6500 480. ED1 from 1972.

Records NM. Book NM. Liner notes in English, German and French, includes a short description and history of the organ and specifications.


Chorzempa - Bach - 6 Trio Sonatas. Philips 6700 059 (1972). Records NM. Box NM. Book NM. $ 15.

Johann Sebastian Bach

World Premiere of the Authentic Yale Edition of



Werner Jacob playing the Silbermann Organ in the Alersheim Cathedral

From the introduction (liner notes):

The recent discovery of these unknown organ chorales by J.S. Bach permits us to understand the prehistory of the Orgelbüchlein, Bach's collection of chorale preludes, better than was heretofore possible. The Lowan Mason collection at Yale University contains a volume of 82 organ chorales (LM4708) whose overall design ressembles that of the Orgelbüchlein. Its provenance can be traced back to the Darmstadt court otganist Christian Heinrich Rienk (1770-1846) and to Johann Gotfried Neumeister (1757-1840) ...

EMI Angel DSB 3966 - 2x LP.

*Arnstadt Chorale Preludes (Side 1 to 3)

*Eight Little Preludes and Fugues BWV 553-60 (Side 4).

Recorded in the Arlesheim Cathedral, Switzerland, July 1985. Digital recording (DDA). Records NM. Cover NM (despite unabtrusive small cut out at lower spine). Liner notes and biographies in English.

Bach-Arnstadt Choral Preludes-Jacob. EMI DSB 3966. 2x LP. Records NM. Cover NM. $ 14.

Antichi Organi Italiani - Historical Organ of Pietro Nacchini from the old Conservatory in Venice

Sandro dalla Libera, organist

Andrea Gabrieli (uncle of Giovanni Gabrieli): Preambulum quarti toni & tertji toni - Capriccio - Canzon - Ricercar (3x) - Toccata

Giovanni Gabrieli: Fantasia (2x) - Fuga - Toccata - Ricercare - Canzon - Ricercare

Rare recording of organist and composer Sandro dalla Libera (1912-1974). Heavy gatefold with liner notes in Italian written by Sandro dalla Libera. Vedette Records VST 6008 Stereo from 1967. Audiophile recording.

Record EX. Sound is better than looks. Gatefold NM.

Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli - Organ music - Sandro dalla Libera. Venice Conservatory - Vedette VST 6008. Gatefold NM. Record EX. $ 18.

Ton Koopman plays the Lindsen Organ of Beek-Ubbergen (Netherlands)

Works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Gottfried Homilius, John Stanley, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Panoramic 55082. Private Recording. Record and Gatefold Cover M- to NM.

Koopman - Lindsen Organ - Panoramic 55082. Record and Cover M- to NM. $ 7.

Jaap Hillen plays the organ of the Great Church (Church of Our Lady) at Breda, the Netherlands. The organ was restored and also extended by Flentrop Organ Builders during many years. It was inaugurated on May 16, 1969. For an image of the organ and details in Dutch click here.

The Program: Johann Gottfried Walther (Concerto del Sigr. Meck) - Johann Pachelbel (Toccata and Fugue in e) - Jan Pieterszoon Swelinck (Mein junges Leben hat ein End; Echo Fantasie) - Anthoni van Noordt (Variations on Psalm 116).

Private recording pressed by Philips (ref. 6810 555). Record M--. Gatefold Cover NM. Liner notes in Dutch.

Hillen - Organ Great Church Breda - Walther - Pachelbel - Sweelinck - Noordt. Private issue. Philips pressing 6810 555. Record M--. Cover NM. $ 7.

Edward Power Biggs plays 8 famous European classic organs

Ebersmünster, Lübeck, Absam, Monschsdeggingen, Ochsenhausen, Gouda, Neuenfelde, Ottobeuren.

Bach: The Eight Little Preludes and Fugues

Coronet Classics KLC 591 (Australian issue of Columbia ML 5078 Mono - no stereo exists). Record EX++. Cover NM.

Biggs - Bach - 8 Little Preludes - Coronet KLC 591. Record EX+. Cover M-. $ 5.

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Flentrop Organ Builders 75 Years
Flentrop Orgelbouw 75 Jaar


Various organists perform on organs built and restored by Flentrop in Holland and the USA:

- Westzijderkerk, Zaandam - Piet Kee - Compositions by Sweelinck, Van Steenwick
- Reformed Church, Den Ham - Jan Jongepier - Composition by Finck
- Sions Church, Zeist J- an Jongepier - Works by Goudimel, Mareschal, Van Blankenburg
- Reformed Church, Hattum - Ewald Kooiman - Compositions by Balbastre, Lasceus

- Duke Chapel, Durham - Fenner Douglas - J.S. Bach
- Warner Hall, Oberlin -Garth. Peacock - Buxtehude
- Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland - Daniel Hathaway - Britten, Howels

General introduction on back of the gatefold cover in Dutch and English. Descriptions of the organs in Dutch. Private recording.

Matrix produced and record pressed by Philips for Flentrop. Record NM. Cover NM.

Flentrop Organ Builders 75 Years - Performances on organs built and restored by Flentrop. Private issue. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 15.

Jevgenia Lisitsina plays

César Franck - Chorale No. 1
Roger Ducasse - Pastorale
Olivier Messiaen - 'Le verbe' (Méditation)
Marcel Dupré - Variations sur un vieux Noël

Organ of the Riga Dom Cathedral

Melodya C10 13715/16

Lisitsina - Riga Dom Cathedral Organ - Melodiya C 10 13715-16. Record and Cover M-. $ 8.




Michelle Leclerc plays the Van Den Heuvel Organs in Ridderkerk and Strijen (Netherlands)

Gigout (Toccata) - Vierne (Carillon de Westminster) - Mulet (Toccata) - Duruflé (Fugue) - Leclerc (Toccata) - Mulet (Noël) - Fleury (Variations sur un Noël) - Carol (Noël d'Auvergne) - Dupré (Variations sur un Noël).

Festivo recordings stand out because of their high technical and acoustical standard which is no wonder because they specialised in recording organ music in whatever church or hall it is played.

Liner notes in Dutch, French, German and English. Record NM. Cover NM. Signed.

Michelle Leclerc - Van Den Heuvel Organs - Festivo Stereo 082. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 15.

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Rare and exclusive recordings made of the organ in Utrecht in 1981 just before the church was going to be renovated in the years after.

In 1981 organists, students and music listeners celebrated the 150th anniversary of the beautiful organ of the Dom Church in Utrecht.

To be able to remember the original sound of this historic organ in the acoustics of the church, before the church was going to be renovated over a period of four years, so it was announced, recordings were made of music performed by various instrumentalists, organists and cantor singers of the Utrecht Dom Church.

Maarten Kooij - Dietrich Buxtehude.

Organist Peter van Dijk - J.S. Bach and the Italian Baroque.

Peter van Dijk - Between Bach and Mendelssohn.

Stoffel van Vliegen - César Franck.

Kees van Iersel - Max Reger.

Piet van der Steen - Duruflé and Messiaen.

Private recording. Limited Edition. In total there are 6 LP records, pressed by Philips in Baarn, Netherlands. The unique project was produced by a special Dom Church Music Task Group and by the "Professor van der Leeuw Foundation".

Each and every record, and the front of the box have water color images of details of the organ and the church made by Bert Kuipers.

Records, box and individual covers are pristine.

An insert gives biographies of the six organists in Dutch, English and German.

6 LP Box Set - 150 Years Utrecht Dom Church Organ. Organists - instrumentalists - musicians. Box, Cover and LPs are NM. Liner notes in English, German, and Dutch. $ 150. Best offer accepted.

Francis Poulenc: Gloria - Organ Concerto

Rosana Carteri (soprano) - Maurice Duruflé (organ) Orchestre National de la RTF Georges Prêtre

EMI - La voix de son maitre 2 C 089 12102. French pressing. Re-release of the original Columbia SAX 2445.

Record and cover are NM.

Poulenc Gloria & Organ Concerto. His Mster's Voice 2 C 089 12102. Gatefold. Record NM, Cover NM $ 8.

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