How To Order

Dear collector,

If you are interested in one or more items, then do the following.

1. Click here to open your email and pin it to the task bar so you can open it every time you need to add details.

2. Copy the last section (in black) of the description of every record you want to order and paste this in the email you just opened
and I will reply and send you a PayPal Invoice.
Click here to email your selection

The black sections contain the essential details about label, reference number, condition and price. A reference number could suffice, but the details as mentioned in the listing guarantee that it is about that specific release.

3. I will confirm your selection and state the total price plus the cost of shipment.

4. I will send a PayPal Money Request to you with all the details for the records you have chosen.

5. Fill out the form and PayPal does the rest for you.

PayPal is the easiest and also a very safe way to pay and your payment is insured. No matter if you do or do not have a PayPal account. And no need to sent your credit card details.

Thank you and happy browsing.



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