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Dutch artist: WILLEKE
Willeke Alberti - Eerste Gouden Plaat

In m'n dromen - Als sterren flonk'rend aan de hemel staan - Iedere dag met jou - Diep in mijn hart - Weet je nog wel dien avond in de regen - Samen - Vanavond om kwart over zes ben ik vrij - Een dnaliedje deint - 'Was een zomernachtfeest - Ik kan je niet vertellen - Als jij wist - Vallende bladeren. Orkest o.l.v. Jack Bulterman.

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Philips 840 345 PY. Record NM. Cover EX-.

Willeke Alberti. Jack Bulterman. Philips 840 345 PY. Record NM. Cover EX-. $ 5

Dutch artist. Frans Halsema. 'Je moet er geweest zijn'. Teksten Guus Vleugel en Frans Halsema.

Mrs. Steinway - De leuke Potpourri - Ik-jij - Moeder alcohol - Voor het goede doel - Vrouwencafé - B.V. Nooitgedacht blues - Mirian.
Live opname Stadsschouwburg Arnhem.

Philips 6423 476. Record NM. Cover M-.

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Frans Halsema - Je moet er geweest zijn. Teksten Guus Vleugel en Frans Halsema. Philips 6423 476. Record NM. Cover M-. $5

MY FAIR LADY - Version in Dutch
Wim Sonnveld - Margriet de Groot - Johan Kaart - Paul Storm - Tabe Bas - Richard Prince - Henk Bolehouwers - Mary Smithuysen.
Orkest o.l.v. Dolf van der Linden

Philips 840 318 PY. Record NM. Cover NM.

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My Fair Lady. Sonneveld, de Groot, Johan Kaart, etc. Philips 840 318 PY. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 5

Martin Gale (Rinus van Galen), his piano and rythm

Hello Dolly - Yes, my darling daughter - Mame - Everybody loves somebody - On a clear day - and 23 more.

CBS S 53453. Record and Cover NM.

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Martin Gale, piano and rythmic accompaniment. 28 songs. CBS S 53453. Record and Cover NM. $ 5.

Cleo Laine sings
Arnold Schönberg (Pierrot Lunaire)
and Charles Ives (Three Songs

The Nash Ensemble - Elgar Howarth conductor. Various instrumentalists and Anthony Hamas, pianist.

RCA LRL1-5058. 1974. Record, Cover and Inlay NM.

Cleo Laine - Schönberg - Ives - Nash Ensemble - Howarth. RCA LRL1-5058. 1974. Record, Cover and Inlay NM. $ 8

Karnak Temples - Son et Lumière - Thebes of the Hundred Gates - 2 x LP + Slides

SOUND and LIGHT in KARNAK - Luxor, Egypt

Produced for the Ministry Of Culture And Information - Egyptian Organisation Of Antiquities (Ministère de la Culture et de L'information - Organisation Des Antiquités Egyptiennes)

Music by prolific and famous music score writer Georges Delerue.

Sound recordings produced by Egyptian Technicians, directed by Gaston Papeloux.

2x LP 18-72145 from 1972. Manufacture: Sono Cairo, Egypt. Condition of the records VG+.

Includes the special Karnak 35 mm slides. Photography by Kay Hokanen from Sweden who is famous for his photographs of people and nature, and who often chose Africa as his subject.

Karnak Temples - Son et Lumière - Gatefold - 2x LP. 18-72145. 20x 35 mm slides. Records VG+ - Cover EX- $ 25.

Vanessa Redgave, Sting, Ian McKellen.

Stravinsky: The Soldier's Tale - l'Histoire du soldat, Geschichte vom Soldaten.

Text by C.F. Ramuz. Directed by Robert Carsen. The London Sinfonietta, conducted by Kent Nagano.

Pangaea: PAN 6233 . Record NM. Cover EX-.

Stravinsky - Redgrave - Sting - McKellen - Carson - Nagano. Pangaea PAN 6233. Record NM. Cover EX- (shelfwear and pinch hole). $ 12.

Gisela May - Hilmar Thate - Wolf Kaiser - Peter Kalisch - Siegfried Kilian - Otto-Peter Fliedner - Klaus Tilsner - Manfred Karge - etc.

The Stage Performance by Das Berliner Ensemble of

Bertolt Brecht:





Music: Hanns Eisler

Director: Manfred Mekwerth / Joachim Tenschert
Musical direction: Hans Dieter Hosalla
Sound editing: Dieter Hasselmann / Helmut Schlafke
Das Orchester des Berliner Ensembles
Assistenz: Isot Kilian
Sound: Rolf-Dieter Gandert

Die Tage der Commune is an adaptation of the 1937 play The Defeat by the Norwegian poet and dramatist Nordahl Grieg (See Wikipedia).

This complete recording on 3 LP records can be considered as a historical document illustrating the artistic, intellectual and political frame of mind of the people in the early years of the existence of the German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik - DDR).

Litera 60 182/183/184 - 3 x LP in individual, illustrated sleeves with pictures of the production and the text in German (no notes in English) in a large box. Issued in 1962. Production of VEB (Volkseigenes Betrieb) Deutsche Schallplatten. Naturally a set for the collector and scolar.

The records, sleeves and inlay are NM. Box is M-. When ordering this item there is room for 2 more records.

Die Tage der Commune - Brecht - Eisler - Berliner Ensemble - Litera 60 182/3/4. Reords, Sleeves and Inlay NM. Box M-. $ 18.

The Beatles / 1962-1966

Love Me Do - Please Please Me - From Me To You - She Loves You - I Want To Hold Your Hand - All My Loving - Can't Buy Me Love - A Hard Day's Night - And I Love Her - Eight Days A Week - Feel Fine - Ticket To Ride - Yesterday - Help! - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - We Can Work It Out - Day Tripper - Drive My Car - Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - Nowhere Man - Michelle - In My Life - Girl - Paperback Writer - Eleanor Rigby - Yellow Submarine

This compilation shows the slight variations that exist in recording quality over time.

Apple Records (EMI) 5C 184-05 307 08. 2 Record Set. Dutch pressing from 5C 184 plates. Records EX. Cover NM. Original inner sleeves. Red inner sleeve Side 1 & 2: VG. Red inner sleeve Side 3&4: M-.

Beatles 1962-1966. Appel EMI 5C 184-05 307/308. Dutch pressing. Records EX. Cover NM. Red innersleeves: see description. $ 14.

Bob Dylan: Greatest Hits

*Blowing in the Wind
*It ain't Me Babe
*The Times They are A-Changing
*Mr. Tambourine Man
*She Belongs To Me
*It's All Over Now Baby Blue
*Subterrainean Homesick Blues
*One Of Us Must Know
*Like A Rolling Stone
*Just Like A Woman
*Rainy Day Woman Nos. 12 & 35
*I Want You

CBS 62847 Stereo. Dutch pressing 1969. Record M-. Cover VG+.

Bob Dylan Greatest Hits. CBS 62847. Dutch Pressing 1969. Record M-. Cover VG+. $ 10.

Mélina Mercouri - Si m'était contée - Bande originale de l'émission de Pierre Jourdan (ORTF)

*Je te dirai les mots (Dassin-*Papathanassiou)
*Toi la mer (Sakelarios-*Jourdan/Xarchakos)
*Ou que me porte mon voyage (Seferis-*Papathanassiou)
*Paname (Ferré)
*Sinifiasmeni (Tsitsanis)
*Athène ma ville (Mercouri-*Papathanassiou)
*La veuve du colonel (Offenbach)
*Den itan nissi (Hadjidakis)
*Alabama song (Brecht-Weil)*
*Yes Sir (Benatzky-Menesle)

Polydor 2473 028. French Pressing. Record and Cover NM/M-.

Mercouri-Emission Jourdan ORTF-Polydor 2473 028. France 1973. Record and Cover NM/M-. $ 10.

Inti Illimani 2 - La Nueva Cancion Chilena

12 songs. Pläne DICAP P 10 DF 30. German pressing, Notes in German. Insert with Texts. Record and Cover NM.

Inti Illimani 2. Nuova Cancion Chilena. Pläne DICAP P 10 DF 30. Record and Cover NM. $ 12.

Inti Illimani 3 - Canto de Pueblos Andinos Vol.1

12 songs. Gatefold EMI 3C 054-97803. Production 1975. Italian pressing 1979. Record and Cover NM.

Inti Illimani 3. Canto de Pueblos Andinos. EMI 054-97803. Italy. Record and Cover NM. $ 12.

Inti Illimani 4 - Hacia la Libertad

10 songs. Gatefold EMI 3C 054-62162. Production 1975. Originally produced in Quadro Stereo Sound. Italian pressing 1979. Record and Cover NM.

Inti Illimani 4. Hacia la Libertad.EMI C 054-62162. Italy. Record and Cover NM. $ 12.

Inti Illimani 5 - Canto de Pueblos Andinos VOL.II.

12 songs. Gatefold EMI 3C 054-62163. Production 1976. Italian pressing. Record and Cover NM.

Inti Illimani 5. Canto de Pueblos Vol. 2. Hacia la Libertad.EMI C 054-62162. Italy. Record and Cover NM. $ 12.

La Misa Criolla des Calchakis

Side One: Misa Criolla by Ariel Ramirez- Side Two: Carnaval y Navidad

Hector Miranda - Nicola Perez Conzales - Sergio Arriagado - Chango Manzo - Fernando Vildosola - Lucio Saavedra

Arion ARN 34 309 from 1975. Record NM. Cover NM.

Misa Criolla Calchakis. Arion ARN 34 309. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 7.

Ds. J.B. Oskamp - "Hoogtezon"-dominee

Woorden en muziek uit zijn programma's voor de NCRV

*Witte Donderdag
*Voor Goede Vrijdag
*5 Mei
*Oude Jaar

Fontana 6391 036-Stereo-1972. Liner Notes Goos Kamphuis. Record and Cover NM.

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Hoogtezondominee-Oskamp-NCRV-Radio. Fontana 6391 036. Stereo.1972. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 9.

Salon Orchestra:

Paul Godwin and his Soloists and Tenor Bert Robbe

Tritsch Tratch Polka - Wiener Blut (Waltz) - Im Prater blühen wieder die Bäume (Bert Robbe) - La Serenata - Si vous l'aviez compris (Bert Robbe) - Tanz de Derwischen - Lo studente passa - Tanzen möcht' ich - Auf der Heide blüh'n die letzten Rosen (Bert Robbe) - Unter den Lindenbaum - Chanson de l'adieu (Bert Robbe) - Wo man lacht und lebt

VARAGRAM 0030 Stereo from 1975. Bright radio recording. Record and Cover M-.

Salon Orchestra Paul Godwin-Bert Robbe-VARAGRAM 0030-Record and Cover M-. $ 7.

Salon Orchestra:

Paul Godwin and his Orchestra and Master Trio

Kleiner Wiener Marsch - Bretonse Liederen - Guitarre - Petite Marie - Poupéee Valsante - Tes Jeux - Romanesca - Salut d'amour - Wals - Musette - Danse Russe - Caprice Viennois - Pizzicato Polka - Kaiser Walzer - Du alter Stefansturm - 1001 Nacht - Tic-tac Polka

Paul Godwin, Violin - Jan de Nobel, cello - Gerard Hengeveld, Piano

VARAGRAM ET 153 Stereo from 1975. Bright radio recording. Record NM. Cover M-.

Salon Orchestra Paul Godwin-Master Trio-VARAGRAM ET 153-Record NM. Cover M-. $ 10 .

Salon Orchestra Pluche

Kleiner Wiener Marsch - Bretonse Liederen - Guitarre - Petite Marie - Poupéee Valsante - Tes Jeux - Romanesca - Salut d'amour - Wals - Musette - Danse Russe - Caprice Viennois - Pizzicato Polka - Kaiser Walzer - Du alter Stefansturm - 1001 Nacht - Tic-tac Polka

PThere are Maastrichts Salon Orchestra (André Rieu), Trocadero and there is Salon Orchestra Pluche with Willem Wolthuis and Wolter Gratama (violin), Rudolf Blesing (viola, Harry Hulst (cello), Piet Rikkers (double bass), Simon Blazer (percussion), Rob Smit (piano).

They play gems by Kreisler, Lehár, Ketelby, Moody, Geiger, Plessow, a.o.:

Roter Teufel - Frauen Sind So Schön Wenn Sie Lieben - Nur Eine Nacht Sollst Du Mir Gehören - Marche Miniature Vienoisse - Spatzenkonzert - Drunt In Der Lobau - Nola - Pascirta - In A Monastery Garden - Fekete Nö - Der Alte Stephansturm - Schön Rosmarin - The Trinket Box - Ich Traum Von Einere Stunde - Lied Und Csardas

Recorded Live to celebrate their first 10 years. Nova Zembla Records. NZR 84004 recorded live in 1984, Record NM. Box NM.

Salon Orchestra Pluche 10 Years. Live recording. Kreisler, Lehár, Ketelby, etc. Record, Box and Inlay NM. $ 10 .

Présence de Lorca par Germaine Montéro

On Guitar Pedro Soler

The Guardian reported on April 23rd, 2015: Newly released documents contain first admission by Franco-era officials of their involvement in 1936 death of Spanish poet and playwright (...). The documents, written in 1965 at the Granada police headquarters and obtained by the Guardian, are the first ever admission by Franco-era officials of their involvement in the death in 1936 of the author (...). In August 1936, just one month after the civil war broke out, officers surrounded the house where García Lorca was hiding, while his friends tried to intervene on his behalf. García Lorca was arrested and taken by car to an area close to the place known as Fuente Grande, along with one other detainee, said the documents. He was then “executed immediately after having confessed, and was buried in that location, in a very shallow grave, in a ravine”.

Germaine Montéro recites these poems of Garcia Lorca in Spanish and French

Poema del Cante Jondo:
La Guitarra -
El Grito - El Silencio - Tierra Seca - Danza - De Profundis - Memento
Romancero Gitano:
Romance De La Guardia Civil Espanola
Poeta En Nueva York:
La Aurora - Oda Al Rey De Harlem
Llanto Por Ignacio Sanchez Mejias:
La Cogida Y La Muerte - La Sangre Derramada - Cuerpo Presente - Alma Ausente
Divan Del Tamarit:
Gacela Del Mercado Matutino - Casida Del Llanto

Le Chant du Monde - Gravure Universelle LDX 7 6032. Record Ex+/-. Heavy Gatefold Cover M-. Beautiful collector's copy.

Germaine Montéro recites Garcia Lorca. Chant du Monde LDX 7 6032. Record EX+/-. Heavy Gatefold Cover M-. $ 16.

Masahiko Sato & 1864 Cotton Field Rock Band

Titles according to Discogs: Black Magic Woman - Manchurian Beat - Put Your Hand In The Hand - Joy To The World - Theme From Love Story - I Dream Of Naomi - Parting At The Harbour - Until The Day To See You Again - Good-Bye, Again - Love Me With All Your Heart - Mandom-Lovers Of The World - Tombe La Neige

Japan Victor CD-4 (Discrete 4 Channel Stereo) from 1972. Original Japan Victor CD4B-5015. Label has a JVC sticker added in the factory for distribution by JVC HiFi. Record NM. Heavy Gatefold Cover EX+. Obi Ex.

Discrete CD-4 Stereo. Masahiko Sato and Rock Band. Victor CD4B-5015. Record NM. Gatefold EX+. Obi EX. $ 17.

Alexandrov Song and Dance Ensemble of the Red Army
Boris Alexandrov, artistic director

Sololists: A. Sergeyev, K. Gerasimov, Ye Belyaev, N. Gres, N. Polozkov

Russian folksongs:
Song About Stepan Razin
On Deck Comrades
There Stood A Birch Tree In The Field
From Under The Oak From Under The Elm
Ah Ye Night
Ai 'Twas On The Hill

Ukrainian Folksongs:
I'll Take A Bandor
The Moonlit Night
The Grey Cuckoo Cried

Melodioya Stereo 33C 04649-50. Recording from 1975. Liner notes in Russian and English. Record M-. Cover NM.

Alexandrov Ensemble-Russian and Ukrainian Folksongs. Melodiya Stereo 33C 04649-50. 1975. Record M-. Cover NM. $ 6.

Mohammed El-Bakkar and his Oriental Ensemble

PORT SAID - Music of the Middle East

A Study in High Fidelity Sound
This is a European issue of an original Audio Fidelity recording from the USA. Labelname Harem, Reference 004, Dutch pressing. Record and cover NM. Notes in English.

Port Said-Mohammed el Bakar-Music of the Middle East. Harem 004. Record and Cover NM. Dutch pressing of original Audio Fidelity recording. $ 12.

Relics Pink Floyd

Arnold Layne - Interstellar Overdrive - See Emily Play - Remember a Day - Paintbox - Julia Dream - Careful with that Axe, Eugene - Cirrus Minor - The Nile Song - Biding my Time - Bike

Emidisc C 048-50 740. Record EX. Cover EX. Dutch pressing.

Pink Floyd Relics. Emidisc C 048-50 740. Dutch pressing. Record and Cover EX. $ 8.

Guitarist John Williams and Singer Maria Farandouri

Mikis Theodorakis: 7 Lorca Songs, To Gelasto Pedi, Silva, Irhan i Athropoi, 4 Epitafios

CBS 72947 from 1971. Pressed in Great Britain. Comprehensive liner notes in English. Record NM/M-. Cover M-.

Theodorakis-Lorca Songs, etc. Williams-Farandouri. CBS 72947. Record NM/M-. Cover M-. $ 8.

Stephen Sondheim: Side By Side

A musical Entertainment with Millicent Martin, Julia McKenzie, David Kernan

2 x LP. CBL 2/1851. Recorded in the CBS Studio in New York. Issued on RCA, Great Britain.

Stephen Sondheim Side by Side. 2xLP RCA CBL 2/1851. Records NM. Cover NM. $ 12.


10 Jaar





1966 - 1976

5 x LP

Kant 1, 2, 3 en 4: Liesbeth List zingt 23 titels, o.a. Zonder Liefde, Kinderen van de zee, Ik dans dus ik besta, Mijn vlakke land, De oudjes...

Teksten van Brel, Theodorakis, e.a. in vertalingen van de hand van Ernst van Altena, Cees Noteboom, Hans Andreus, etc.

Kant 5, 6, 7 en 8: Ramses Shaffy zingt 25 titels, voornamelijk van eigen teksten, o.a. Sammy, Je hebt me verlaten, Zing-vecht-bid-huil-lach-werk en bewonder, Op de Dam, We zullen doorgaan...

Kant 9 en 10: Liesbeth List en Ramses Shaffy zingen samen 12 titels, o.a. Shaffy Cantate, Pastorale, Samen, De tijd stond even stil, Zwanenzang...

Orkest Bert Page, Trio Louis van Dijk, Orkest Frans Nijts, Orkest Ruud Bos, Orkest Horst Hartman, Orkest Piet Souer, e.a.

Philips 6641 477. 5 LP box, 9286 284/285/286/287/288. LP's NM/M-. Box NM/M-. Uitgave geproduceerd door Gregor Frenkel Frank. Platen geperst in Frankrijk.

Liesbeth List-Ramses Shaffy-10 jaar. Philips 6641 477. 5x LP. LP's NM. Box NM/M-. $ 35.

German LP Magazine Debut No. 8

Special attention for Jermaine Jackson, the Number Two of the Jackson Family. Various songs by various artists.

Debut LP LC 8942 Stereo. Debut Magazine from July 1984 reflecting the nineteen eighties, stars, equipment, recordings. See the complete listing on Discogs.

German LP Magazine Debut 08. Magazine and record NM. $ 14.

Yvette Horner - Accordion

"Bouquet de Paris"

Yvette Horner, most famous French accordian player is as flamboyant today as she was in the 1960s and the decades after. But now at 94 years of age she is above all an inpspiration to new accordionists who learn much from her style. Or this edition serves as a beautiful memory of Paris. Note: Also fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier was inspired by her when he created the costumes for a special show.

This double LP has all in all 43 energizing performances of:

Sous le soleil de Paris - Chez Bouscat - I love Paris - Moulin rouge - L'hirondelle du faubourg - Le siffleur de Montmartre - Les petites femmes de Pigalle - La plus bath des javas - C'est magnifique - Paris-violon - Dédé de Montmartre - Mariposa

Fleur de Paris - Mon Paris - En parlant un peu de Paris - Passant sur Paris - La marche de Menilmontant - Paris je t'aime d'amour - Paris-canaille - Paname - Paris-Tour-Eiffel - Ca...C'est Paris - Gosse de Paris - Paris sera toujours Paris - Vel' D'hiv'

Sur les quais du vieux Paris - A Paris dans chaque faubourg - A Paris - Sous la tonnelle de Nogent - Mademoiselle de Paris - La Seine - La romance de Paris

Siboney - Maria la O - Quizas, quisas, quisas - Noche de Ronda - Coubanakan - Carioca - Tangos:
Adieu Paris - Noches de Montmartre - Mananitas de Montmartre - Complainte de la butte - Amor de Paris

CBS 88156. 2x LP from 1975. French pressing. Records NM. Cover NM. Excellent sound! The gatefold cover has no liner notes but when folded out, there are memorable pictures with cyclist Eddy Mercks, Maurice Chevallier, and Louis Mariano.

Yvette Horner-Accordion, Chansons, marches and Waltzes. CBS 88156 2xLP - 1975. Records and Cover beautiful NM. $14.

Katyna Ranieri - Italian Love Songs

Riz Ortolani's Orchestra

FVolare -Sono Fragili Parole - Non Dimenticar - Cioia... Ciao... Ciao... - L'edera - Piccolissima Serenate - Io - Zitto, Zitto, Zitto - Come Prima - Te Vpglio Tante Bene - Guaglione - Ancora

Capitol T 10221. Record M-. Cover EX+. Original US pressing and cover.

Katyna Ranieri-Riz Ortolani-Italian Love Songs. Capitol T 10221 from US. Record M-. Cover EX+. $ 7.

Gisela May sings Chansons

Orchestras conducted by Hans-Dieter Hosalla, Rolf Rohde, Günter Hauk, Günter Klein, Gerhard Kneifel, Gerd Natschinski

Frühling - Oktober - Abschied - Padam, Padam... - So geht eine Liebe - Nein, es tut mir nicht leid - etc.

Lyrics by Kästner, Kerr, Weichberger, Contet, Degenhardt, etc.

Philips 843 957 PY from the 1960s. German pressing. Record and Cover NM.

Gisela May-Chansons-Degenhardt-Kästner-etc-Philips 843 957 PY. Germany. Record and Cover NM. $ 8.

Johannes C. Klossek:

Von Vordernberg nach Eisenerz

The Iron Ore Railway

10 Sound recordings. Stereo LP in Gatefold Cover with 20 Photographs and German Text



Franckh'sche Verlagshandlung, W. Keller & Co, Stuttgart, Germany, 1973

ISBN 3-440-03954-4.

Record NM. Cover M-.

Klossek-Iron Ore Railway-10 Sound Recordings LP. ISBN 3-440-03954-4. Record NM. Gatefold Cover M-. $ 25.

Mikhail Alexandrovich sings Yiddish folk songs

Emotional, captivating singing. Music arranged and conducted by Leon Kogan. Ensemble Leon Kogan.

Bay A Taykhele - Kinderyorn - Varnitshkes - A Pastukhl a Troymer- In Rod Arayn - Menashe

Moyshele, Mayn Fraynt - Unter Berg, Unter Toln - Der Khazen, Un Der Gabay - Mekhutonim Geyn - As Ikh Bil - A Lechaim

Melodiya Mono D-012063-4, GOST 5289-61 Pink label. Record EX. Generic cover VG.

Yiddish Folk Songs-Alexandrovich-Kagan Ensemble-Melodiya pink label Mono D-12063-4. Record EX. Cover VG. $ 9.

Chico Buarque de Hollanda


This box with 5 vinyl LP records contain the songs written and sung by Chico Buarque de Holanda from Pedro Pedreiro, Sonho de um carnaval, Juca, Tem mais samba, from 1966, up to and included La Banda, Ciao, ciao addio, from 1969.

All in all there are 52 songs. They cover the years 1966 - 1969, and illustrate the early beginnings and the fast growth and development of Chico Buarque de Hollanda. In three years time his style became more elaborate and he soon reached higher levels that pleased the many fans.

Each record has it's own sleeve with the songs and performers who joined him printed on it. The inlay has an explanatory text in Portuguese.

This is a production of Comercial, Fonografica RGE LTDA. Box and records are manufactured by BMG Ariola Discos LTDA, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1990.

Reference number of the set is 315.6004 / C. 56697 162 / 0002. Records are NM. Box is NM. Inlay is folded small sized sheet. It is NM.

Chico Buarque de Hollanda. 5x LP Box from 1990. Covering the years 1966-1969. Records, Box and Inlay NM. Ref. 315.6004 / C. 56697 162 / 0002. $ 34.

Ming Luhulima And His Amboina Serenaders

Goro Goro, Né Sarinandé, Hoera Hoera Tjin Tjin, Waktoe-Potong-Padi, Binta Ingin Man Poelang, Kota Ambon, Hela Arombai, Hela Rotan, Nona Padédé, Ajo Mama, E-tanasé, Ramai-Dendang

Dureco 51.005. Mono. Record VG+ (a few ticks). Cover EX.

Dureco 51.005. Record VG+ (a few ticks but excellent sound). Cover EX. $7

Purdue University Symphony Band
1973 Concert Highlights

Aegean Festival Overture (Andreas Makris) conducted by Prof. Al G. Wright

Symphony for Band (Vincent Persichetti) conducted by Col. Dale Harpham, leader of the US Marine Band

Parade Concerto for Piano and Band (Serge Lancen) played by pianist Serge Lancen and conducted by Jan Molenaar

This is obviously a recording for those who witnessed the performance or for those who collect rare and historic recordings of bands of schools, colleges and universities.
The program was performed in Elliott Hall of Music on Sunday, March 18th, 1973.

Silver Crest PUR41673. Record EX+. Cover NM.

Purdue Symphony Band 1973. PUR41673. Record EX+. Cover NM. $ 14.

Tommy Reilly & Pluche

Tommy Reilly - Harmonica
Salon Orchestra Pluche (Gronings Pluche Salon Orkest)

Valencia - Falling In Love Again (Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuss Auf Liebe Eingestellt) - Loin Du Bal - Over The Rainbow - Poupée Valsante - Romance, Op. 97 - Golden Girl - La Petite Tonkinoise - Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes - Georgian Rhumba - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - La Mattchiche - Sunshine Rag

Produced 1985. Digital recording. Nova Zembla Records NZR 85001. Record NM. Cover NM.

BTommy Reilly & Pluche. Nova Zembla NZR 85001. 1985. Recird NM. Cover NM. $ 12.

Kiri Te Kanawa sings Gershwin:

Somebody Loves Me - Boy Wanted - Things Are Looking Up - Love Is Here To Stay - Someone To Watch Over Me - But Not For Me - Summertime - The Man I Love - Soon - Meadow Serenade - Nice Work If You Can Get It - By Strauss - Embraceable You - I Got Rythm

The New Princess Theatre Orchestra is conducted by John McGlinn.

EMI 27 0574 1. Digital recording from 1987. Record and Cover NM. Includes the lyrics of the songs.

Kiri te Kanawa-Gershwin. McGlinn.EMI digital. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 8.

Favorite Poems read at Home by Robert Donat
W. Wordsworth - John Keats - Rudyard Kipling - Robert Bridges - T.S. Eliot - Wilfrid Owen - Whan Chei - Robert Browning - Thomas Hardy - J. Alexander Chapman - Walter de la Mare - John Betjeman - Hilaire Belloc - William Shakespeare - J. Watts Dunton - Jill Furse - Anonymous

ARGO RG 192. Mono recording published in 1959. Liner notes by Robert Donat (1935-1959). Record NM. Cover EX+.

Donat-Favorite Poems-Argo RG 192. Record NM+. Cover EX+. $ 8.

Les Cosaques de Crimée - Cossacks of the Crimea

Kalinka - Les batalliers de la Volga/Fighters of the Volga - Krakowiak - Scherzlied/Joke Song - Bublitschki/Bulky Roles - Légende des 12 brigands/Legend of the 12 Robbers - Le long de la Peterskaja/Down the Peterskaya - Cloches dans le soir/Bells in the Evening - Le sarafan rouge/The Red Sarafan - Deux guitares/Two Guitars - Patrouille de Cosaques/Cossack Patrol - Stenka Rasin - Katchouchka - O neige, neige bien aimée/O much loved snow

Chorus and orchestra - French Baccarola 47 009 Stereo 'Serie Musique Folklorique' - Record NM. Cover NM.

Cosaques de Crimé - Cossacks of the Crimea - Baccarola 47009. Record and Cover NM. $ 6.

Guitarist Turibio Santos and his 'Choros do Brasil'

Valsas et Choros - compositions by Dilermando Reis, Paulhino da Viola, Ernesto Nazareth, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Joao Pernambuco

Erato ERA 9231 Stereo recorded by Carlos Fontenele in 1979 and published in 1980. Record NM. Cover NM. Short notes in French and English. Also listed under guitar

Santos - Choros do Brasil - Erato ERA 9231. Record and Cover NM. $ 10.

Barbara (with Michel Colombier, Joss Baselli, Michel Gaudry).

Parce que je t'aime - Y'aura du monde - La dame brune - Au coeur de la nuit - Ma plus belle histoire d'amour - Marie Chevenance - A chaque fois - Madame - Les rapaces

Philips P 70.441 L. Mono. French pressing, 1967. Record NM. Cover NM. py.

Barbara-Ma plus belle histoire-Philips P 70.441 L. Mono. France. Record and Cover NM. $ 8.

Barbara (with Joss Baselli, accordion - Bernard Gérard, piano - Pierre Nicolas, bass - Michel Portal, saxophone - Pierre Labadie, Louis Bourcier, Michel Marchesini and Michel Tournus on cello.

Le mal de vivre - Si la photo est bonne - Septembre - J'ai troqué - Tous les passants - Göttingen - Toi l'homme - Une petite cantate - La solitude - Les mignons - Toi.

Philips B 77.859 L. Mono. French pressing. 1964. Record NM. Cover NM. py.

Barbara-le mal de vivre-Philips B 77.859 L. Mono. France. Record and Cover NM. $ 8.

The music to the Rainer Werner Fassbinder TV Series
Berlin Alexanderplatz

Music composed by Peer Raben performed by a host of instrumentalists:

Trudeliese Schmidt - Pepe Solera - Rudi Risavy - Mladen Franko - Armin Rusch - Milan Pilar - Manfred Schacher - Etienne Cap - Georges Delagay - Paul Schuller - Horst Ramthor - Lorenz Schröder - Michael Goltz - and the String Section of the Munich Philharmonic, Peer Raben conducting.

Songs performed:
Franz B. - Tango
Franz B. - allein
Lina P. - Franz B. - Mieze K.
Wie ein Traum
Komm kleines Köpfchen
Walzer vom Tod
Freund Reinhold
Dunkles Zuhaus
Franz B. - ganz gross

RCA - BILD am Sontag Schallplatte PL 28393. Record NM. Cover NM. Fine copy.

Berlin Alexanderplatz - Peer Raben - Fassbinder - RCA BILD record PL 28393. Record and Cover NM. $ 12.

Shirley Bassey: And We Were Lovers

And We Were Lovers - Summer Wind - Somebody Like Me
It Must Be Him (Seul Sur Son Etoile) - Big Spender - The Impossible Dream - Dommage, Dommage (Too Bad, Too Bad)
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever - If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas) - That's Life.
Songs arranged and conducted by Norman Newell, Marty Page and Ernie Freeman

United Artists SULP 1160 (UAS 6565 in the US) from 1967. Record and Cover NM/NM-

Bassey-We Were Lovers. Newell-Page-Freeman. EMI United Artists SULP 1160. Record and Cover NM/M-. $ 5.

Yves Montand at 60

Live recording of his performance on October 10 of 32 Chansons

Je vais a pied - Malgré moi - L'Addition - Ma Gigolette - Battling Joe - Je me souviens - Ellington Quarante et One - Sir Godfrey - Le Carosse - Le Chat de la Voisine - La Chansonnette - La Bicyclette - Les Feuiles Mortes - A Paris, etc.

Philips 6622 023 (Individual discs 6313 249 and 250) pressed in France. Gatefold cover includes 2 inner sleeves with the complete texts of the songs. Inserted is also a short biography in Dutch and 4 tickets for the performance of Montand in RAI Congrescentrum in Amsterdam on May 21st, 1982. Price DFL 85 per seat. Records NM. Cover is NM.

Montand - Olympia '81 - 2 x Philips LP French pressing - 6622 023. Plus tickets and biography. Records NM. Cover NM. $ 14.


Marcel André Mouloudji 1922 - 1994

Les feuilles mortes - Rue de Lappe - Si tu t'imagine - Le mal de Paris - Comme un p'tit coquelicot - La complainte des infidèles - Le Déserteur - La complainte de la Butte - Province Blues - Mon Pote le Gitan - Un jour tu verras - La rose rouge - Les roses de Décembre - Les Beatles de 40 - Six feuilles mortes de San Francisco - Vers l'age d'or - Chanson pour Marcel - L'enfant fugueur - Les petits pavés - Je voudrais tant prier - La pêche à la baleine - Barbara - En sortant de l'école - Comme le dit ma concierge - Moi j'aime bien les Américains - Adieu Berthe - Hymne à la femme - Blonde gosse - Les prostituées - Le temps de la débine - Les amours - La demande en divorce - L'adagio du Pont Caulaincourt - Hein, on s'en souviendra - Comme une chanson de Bruant - Le temps des cerises - J'ai fait ma maladie d'amour - Autoportrait - Allons z'enfants - Enfin tu me viendras - Au long des jours - Ballade en si bémol - Que le temps passe vite - Tout fout le camp - Le chant des marais - Guantanamera "Cuba" - Toi, tu vas faire ta vie - Faut vivre - Un jour je m'en irai

BAM LD 5822 - 5823 - 5824 - 5825 4x LP in Box. This edition received the Grand Prix du Disque.

Records are NM. Box EX (some light shelf wear and undeep cut out at spine. Inlay with testimonials and complete list of songs by year is NM. Notes in French.

Mouloudji - 25 ans - BAM LD 5822 - 5823 - 5824 - 5825 4x LP in Box. Records NM. Box EX. $ 24.

Ellis Larkins Plays The Bacharach And McKuen Songbook

Ellis Larkins - Piano
Panama Francis - Drums
Al McKibbon - Bass

Stanyan Records Stereo 2SR 10065 from 1973 - Records NM to M-. Gatefold Cover VG.

Also listed under jazz.

Larkins - Francis - McKibbon - Bacharach - McKuen - Song Book. Stanyan 2x LP SR 10065. Records NM to M-. Cover VG. $10.

Een vlucht regenwulpen

The original music for the film "Flight of Curlew" from 1981, composed by Laurens van Rooyen.

'Een Vlucht Regenwulpen' is based on the novel written by Dutch author Maarten 't Hart. The book was a free handout to members of the Dutch public libraries in November, 2014.

Fascinating music, very well recorded. The orchestra is conducted by Wim Witteman. The piano is played by the composer.

Philips 6423 422. Record NM. Cover NM. Record and Cover NM. $ 15.

Flight of Curlew - Een Vlucht Regenwulpen - Soundtrack - Laurens van Rooyen - Wim Witteman - Philips 6423 422. Record and Cover NM. $ 15.

Katyna Ranieri sings Fellini

Music by Nino Rota:
Lo Sceicco Bianco - I Vitelloni - La Strada - Il bidone - La notte di Cabiria - La dolce vita - Otto e Mezzo - Guilietta degli Spiriti - Amarcord - Cassanova

Recording Produced by Riz Ortolani.
The Orchestra is conducted by Elvio Monti and in 4 songs by Riz Ortolani. Produced in 1988. French issue. Excellent recording and strong performances.

Katyna Ranieri - Fellini - Rota - Milon A 515 - Record NM. Cover NM. $ 20.

Music to the Films of Federico Fellini composed by Nino Rota played by I Compani - arrangements by Bo van de Graaf, Frank van Merwijk, and Toon van Ulsen

Tuti a vedere di Rex - Mai Malincolia - La Passarella di Addio - Il Circo - La Strada - La Dolce Vita - L'oiseau Magique - Milano e Nadia - Eclesiastical fashion show - Pin Penin - Nino

BV HAAST 056. Record VG+. Cover EX. This rare LP record was a spare copy of a public library. Recorded in 1985.

Rota Music for Fellini - I Compani - BVHAAST 056. Record VG+. Cover EX. $ 8.

Bernstein by Boston

John Williams and the Boston Pops play arrangements of works by Leonard Bernstein:

West Side Story - Mass - On the Town - Candide - Divertimentos - WonderfulTown.

Philips 416-360-1. Digital Recording (DDA). Record NM. Cover NM.

Bernstein - Williams - Boston Pops - Philips 416 360-1. DDA. Record and Cover NM. $ 8

Boskovsky Ensemble - conducted by Willy Boskovsky - play Galant Dances of Old Vienna

Franz Schubert, Ludwig v. Beethoven, Johann Strauss, Josef Strauss, Josef Lanner, Hieronymous Payer - Old Viennese Dance (Anonymous, Vinzens Stelzmüller, Franz Gruber)

Amadeo AVRS 6297. Record and Cover M-.

Boskovsky Ensemble - Galant Dances from Old Vienna. Amadeo AVRS 6297. Record and Cover M-. $ 7.



This is a box set with 6 LP Records with Tophits from the 1960s of singers, groups and orchestras, compiled by W. Rodmann. A nice overview of the music that was played and listened to by millions.

To mention a few names and numbers: Fever (Peggy Lee) - I'll Never Fall in Love Again (Bobby Gentry) - Sag mir wo die Blumen sind (Marlène Dietrich) - Michelle (Sarah Vaughan) - Spiel noch einmal für mich, Habanera (Caterina Valente) - Venus (Shocking Blue) - Let's twist again (Tony Sheridan) - A banda (Herb Alpert) - La mamma (Charles Aznavour) - Cinderella Rockefella (Esther and Abi Ofarim) - Son of a preacher man (Dusty Springfield), - Azurro (Adriano Celentano) - Spanish Harlem (Kurt Edelhagen)

The Beatles - Bee Gees - Ohio Express- Lolita - Pat Boone - Alma Cogan - Jean Claude Pascal - Adamo - Gitte - Rex Gildo - Jacqueline Boyer - Glen Campell - Buck Owens - Peggy Lee - Al Martino - Howard Carpendale - Rocco Granata - Ralf Bendix - Chris Howland - Bobby Gentry - Gilbert Becaud - Marlene Dietrich - Beach Boys - Conny Froboess - Heino - Dalida - Jörgen Ingmann - Zarah Leander - Siw Malmkwist - Heintje - Shocking Blue - Udo Jürgens - Dorthe - Del Shannon - Fats Domino - Freddy - Connie Francis - Ivo Robic - Sacha Distel - Louis Armstrong - Tahiti Tamoures - Pter Alexander - Margot Eskens - Bill Ramsey - Rainer Bertram - Mina - Karel Gott - Rita Pavone - Roy Black - Caterina Valente - Barry Ryan - Renate Kern - Wencke Myhre - Bata Illic - Melina Mercouri - Tony Sheridan - Peter Kraus - Sam The Sham - Carmela Corren - Thielman Brothers - Charles Aznavour - Gerhard Wendland - Ester und Abi Ofarim - Corry Brokken - Johnny Hallyday - Soeur Sourire - Vivi Bach - Nana Mouskouri - Manfred Mann - Alexandra - Leo Leandros - Blue Diamonds - Heidi Brühl - Nini Rosso, etc.

61764 Polydor - 61765/66 SR International - 61767 Philips - 61768 SR International - 61769 Polydor.

The recordings stem from international labels: Ariola, Barclay, Liberty, A&M Records, Hansa Record, Clan Celentano Recording, Reprise, Storyville, Metronome, and Liberty. Originally they were licensed in Europe by EMI, Deutsche Grammophon, Phonogram. This set was originally and principally produced for the German fan. That is why several artists from outside Gemany sing in German as they had great hits in that country. This box has the number E 323093 on the warranty certificate. It is a nice encyclopedia.

154 Tophits - 131 Stars - 6x LP Box - 61764-61768 German issue. Box NM. Records NM. $ 25.

Carl Sagan - COSMOS

Selections from the score of the PBS television series by Carl Sagan

Heaven and Hell (Vangelis)
Japanese traditional
Canon (J. Pachelbel)
Spring from Four Seasons (A. Vivaldi)
Sea Named Solaris (J.S. Bach)
Partita No. 3 (J.S. Bach)
Symphony No. 19 (Hovhaness)
Legacy (Synergy)
Russian Easter (N. Rimsky-Korsakov)
Inside the Heart of the Universe (Takemitsu)
Fly Night Bird (R. Buchanan)
Beauborg Part II (Vangelis)
The Rite of Spring (I. Stravinsky)
Entends-tu les chiens aboyer (Vangelis)
Bulgarian Shepherdess (traditional)
Heaven and Hell (Vangelis)

RCA LP 5032 - 1981 - Handsome cardboard gatefold cover. Record pressed in Great Britain. Cover NM. Record NM. Very well recorded.

Sagan - COSMOS - RCA LP 5032 - 1981. Cover and Record NM. $ 12.


Charles Laughton reads from the Bible: The Fiery Furnace - Daniel: 3.

This is an original American Decca vinyl record from 1948 turning at 78 RPM and to be played wih a microgroove stylus for Long Playing records! Charles Laughton played in films like Jamaica Inn, Mutiny on the Bounty, and Winess For The Prosecution. (He even appeared in an episode of the famous TV series Checkmate.)
This glossy 12" Decca record is Near Mint to Mint Minus but plays NM. The cover is VG+ (seam split, spot of removed sticker, writing on front, etc.).

Laughton - Book of Daniel - Decca DU 90039 - 78RPM Microgroove. Record M-. Cover VG+. $ 24.

The fidling viking - Svend Asmussen - and his swinging strings

Tabu - The continental - Du, du gehst an mir vorbei - Du sollst mein Glückstern sein - In Hamburg - Kannst du pfeifen - Johanna - The Danish Rhapsodie - Am Abend auf der Heide - Sing', Nachtigal sing' - Bel ami -Macky-Boogy

Philips P 08600 L. Cover VG (writing, wrinkeled at the insert, repaired). Record M- to NM. Plays extremely well.

Svend Asmussen - Philips P 08600 L - Record M- to NM. Cover VG. $ 15.

Amaro Djipè

Zigeunerorkest Romanesj - Romanes Gypsy Orchestra - lead by Hentsje Rozenberg

Bakaro Rozenberg - Solo Violin
Hentsje Rozenberg - Solo Guitar
Nene Steinbach and Geigy Steinbach - Rythm Guitar
Saxo Lavantin - Bass

Some of these days - Pretona - Sweet Georgia Brown - All of me - Johnny is the boy for me - Dinah - Lady be good - Shine - Bye bye blues

Kalibul - Natasja - Czardas von Brahms - O Baru Deve - Schöne Frauen muss man lieben - Hungarische Walzer - Patli Dzjana - Schwarze Auge - Hudzjano - Pacha Rau Sheela

Rare LP recording. Record VG to EX. But plays excellently. Cover EX++. Due to its rarity, this record has a relatively high selling price. Also listed under 'guitar'.

Romanes Gypsy Orchestra - Rozenberg - Steinbach - Lavantin. Tsjerka 6802 977. Record VG to EX. Cover EX++. $ 25.


'All' the film music of Fellini - Toutes les musiques de film de Nino Rota

French Polydor LP from 1974 - pressed in France - with music performed by an orchestra conducted by Carlo Savina:

The white sheik - I vitelloni - La strada - Il bidone - Le notti di Cabiria - La dolce vita - Bocaccio - Juliet of the spirits - Toby Dammit - The clowns - Satyricon - Roma - Amarcord - Fellini 8 1/2

Rota Fellini Film Music - Strada - Cabiria - Dolce vita - Juliette des esprits - etc. Polydor 2393 084. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 16.

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Nino Rota: Concerto per archi
Respighi: Antiche danze ed arie per liuto
Elgar: Serenade for Strings
Barber: Adagio

I MUSICI - Philips 416 356-1, original digital recording (DDA) from 1985.

Rota - Respighi - Elgar - Barber - performed by I Musici - Philips 416 456-1. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 16.

CUMANANA - Nicomedes Santa Cruz y su conjunto Cumanana - Tercera Edicion - Philips 1970

Nicomedes Santa Cruz Gamarra

Poemas - Autor y interpreta

2 x Philips LP - Manufactured in Peru

28 selections - Scans do not represent the actual, beautiful state the item is in.

Nicomedes Santa Cruz - 2x LP. Philips P 6350 001/002. Records box and heavy Book all NM. $ 20.


Barbara - Enregistrement public 1981

Pierre - Au bois de Saint-Amand - Le soleil noir - L'homme en habit rouge - Le mal de vivre - L'aigle noir - Ma plus belle histoire d'amour - Gottingen - etc.

23 tracks - 2x LP

Musical arrangements Barbara and Roman Romanelli - Musicians: Roman Romanelli and Gérard Daguerre

Barbara 2xLP Live recording - 1981 - Philips 6622 026 (6313 261 and 262). Records and Cover NM. $ 18.

Helmut Zacharias - A Violin Sings

The green Leaves Of Summer - Kalinka - Il Nostro Concerto - Un Violon Chantait - Très Jolie - Tornero - J'ai Rendez-Vous Avec Paris - Milord - Are You Lonesome Tonight - Amour Je Te Dois - Dreamy - C'est De'La Musique

Polydor 237 561 SLHPM (Stereo) German pressing

Zacharias - Vioilin Sings - Polydor 237 561 SLPHM - Record EX to NM. Cover NM. $ 14.


Arista Label

I Robot - 301 446

Pyramid - 301 447

Eve - 301 448

LP The Turn Of A Friendly Card = missing

Box M-. Original Sleeves EX-. Records NM. Issued by Ariola-Eurodisk, Germany. German Pressing.

Alan Parsons Project - Robot -Eve - Pyramid - 3xLP in Box (LP The Turn Of A Freindly Card - missing). Sleeves EX-. Box M-. Records NM. $ 15.

ROMANCE - George Zamfir

Orchestra conducted by Karl Heinz Schäfer and Jean-Louis Bucchi

Missing - Blue Navajo - Yesterday - Aranjuez Mon Amour - Just The Way You Are - 'Til - Chariots Of Fire - Midnight Horses - Danny's Night - Your Song - Agata - Un Amour de Tchaikovskys

George Zamfir - Romance - Philips 6313 438 - Record and Cover Mint - $ 7.

Miklosz Rosza conducts music from his films:

The Thief of Bagdad, A double Life, Lost Weekend, A Time To Love And A Time To Die, The Naked City, Knights On The Round Table, Diane, The Story Of Three Loves, Young Bess.

Miklosz Rosza conducts music from his films. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Deutsche Grammophon 2584 013 Stereo, recorded 1975. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 14.

Erwin Halletz And His Orchestra - Olé

No Can Do - Perfidia - Tipitin - Sambesi - Mama Inez - Maria From Bahia - Te Quiero - O Cangaceiro - South America Take It Away - Amorcito Mio - Cha-Cha Roulette - Baiao Bongo - South Of The Border

Polydor 237 507 SLPHM (Stereo) German Pressing

Halletz - Olé - Polydor 237 507 SLPHM - Record EX to NM. Cover NM. $ 14.

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Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev: Pervaia Liubov

Turgenev's novella 'Pervaia Liubov' (First Love) is read by actor Vasily Semyonovich Lanovoy.

Melodiya 2x LP Mono from 1981 M40 45531 009 (45531/2/3/4) - Apparently for literature bufs and for students.

Turgenev 'Pervaia Liubov' - V.S.Lanovoy - Melodiya 2x Mono LP - M 40 45531 009. Records and Cover NM. $ 12.


Strangers In The Night - Bye Bye Blues - But Not Today - Red Roses For A Blue Lady - Melina - Nothing's New - Danke Schön - Moon Over Naples - Remember When - The Moon Is Making Eyes - Rose Of Washington Square - Take My Heart - That Happy Feeling - Wiederseh'n

POLYDOR 184 060 - Stereo 1966 - German pressing. Cover: NM. Vinyl: EX / NM

Bert Kaempfert Bestseller Polydor Stereo 184 060. Record EX. Cover NM. $ 9.

The very personal style of Lucy Steymel

Gift From A Stranger

Hot Dusty Summer - Benny - Country - If We Must Part - Sundown - Ain't It Time - It Isn't True - China Doll - You Came - Magazines - P.S.

John Buckman (percussion) - Harry Emmery (electric bass) - Harry Sacksioni (acoustic guitars, electric guitar) - Harry Sieben (electric guitar) - Lucy Steymel (acoustic guitar, cello) - Jack van Rossum (piano and organ) Jack Say (conductor) - Ary Jongman (conductor)

Lucy Steymel - Gift from a stranger - Harlekijn Holland production 2925 530 - Record and cover Ex to NM. $12.

National Anthem of the Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics - Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik

The Bolshoi Theatre Choir - Orchestra of the USSR Defence Ministry - recorded in 1977

USSR National Anthem - Melodiya Stereo 33Coo-8837-38 - Record and cover NM/M-. $8.

Das Salonorchester Cölln Spielt Caféhaus-Musik

Potpouri aus der Operette "Die Czardasfürstin" - Brise de mer - Liebesfreud - Salut d'amour - Ein Student geht vorbei (l'Etudiant Passe) - Jalousie - Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt - Florentiner Marsch

EMI Electrola 1 C 067-99-947T Digitl recording (DDA). Pangaea: PAN 6233 . Record NM. Cover NM.

Salon Orchestra Cölln - Lehar - Leoncavallo - Kreisler - Elgar - Gade etc. EMI Elctrola 1C 067-99-947T- DDA. Record and Cover NM. $ 15.

Ernö Olah (Violin), Jouke van der Leest (Violin), Monique Bartels (Cello), Willem van de Beek (Bass), Ru van Veen (Piano)

Salon Ensemble Trocadero

Kleiner Wiener Marsch, Was Blumen Träumen, Salut d'Amour, Humoresque, The Phantom Brigade, Poème, Tango du Rëve, The Clock Is Playing, El Relicario, Groszmütterchen, Tango Jalousie, Un Peu d'Amour, Dolores, Ma Curly-Headed Baby, El Choclo, l'Etudiant Passe, Ich Liebe Dich (Jeg elsker deg)

Extraordinary, audiophile, digital recording made in 1984 by Armand van Ommeren, technician and audio journalist, using small Kef loudspeakers as monitors. Beautifull music making!

Recording issued on the Dutch Technosound LP label. DDA. TSLP6. German Pressing.
Cover is NM. Record is NM. $ 18.

André Rieu - Maastrichts Salon Orchestra Produced by P. Moens, Recorded by Studio Steurbaut, Digital recording.

André Rieu - Philips 412 322-1 - DDA - Record and Cover in beautiful NM/Mint quality $ 65.

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Salon Orchestra Pluche

'Groningsch Salon Orkest Pluche'

Salon Orchestra Pluche

Libor Volny (Violin) - Willem Wolthaus (Violin) - Rudolf Blesing (Alto) - Harry Hulst (Cello) - Dick Wiersema (Piano, Accordion) - Piet Rikkers (Bass) - Simon Blazer (Percussion)

Kannst du Pfeifen, Johanna - Piccicato Violins - Melody for Strings - Szere töje leszek - L'odeur de Paris - Im Zigeunerlager - Salut d'amour - Heinz spielt abends so schön auf dem Schiffersklavier - Im gänze Marsch - Si vous l'aviez compris - Nepaolitanisches Ständchen - Valse pour la petite femme - Extase - Polka burlesca - Pluche Tune

Originally recorded by Dutch label Negram, issu and pressing by EMI Holland. Ref. NR 154. Record NM. Co9ver NM/M- (shelfwear).

Pluche - Negram/EMI 154. Record NM. Cover NM/M-. $ 12.

Salon Orchestra Pluche

Original recordings from 1977 and 1978. Extremely well recorded, high quality sound.

This issue is from 1980.

Pluche - Music for Pleasure 1A 022-58109. Record NM, Cover NM $ 14.

An early recording of

André Rieu and his Maastrichts Salon Orchestra

André Rieu (Violin) - Frans Vermeulen (Violin) - Gemma Serpenti (Cello) - Jean Sassen (Bass) - Thieu Huyltjes (Piano)

Rendez-vous - Loin du bal - El Capitan - Sportpalastwalzer - Serenade (Tosselli) - Wien bleibt Wien - Plaisir d'amour - Bummelpetrus - Full of Charm - Fräulein Helen - Blaze Away

Original private recording (the second LP of the ensemble). Brightly recorded. Da Capo label. Ref. DC 7045. Record NM. Cover M-.

Maastrichts Salonorkest-Rieu etr al-Da Capo DC 7045. Record NM. Cover M-. $ 18.

Hans Rosenthal präsentiert "Höhepunkte aus der ARD-Fernsehsendung".

Das gibt's nur einmal - Noten die verboten wurden.

Songs that were forbidden during the Third Reich, sung by Dagmar Kolle, Martin Finke, Rudolf Schock, Tamara Lund, and others, with the Horst Jankowsky Choir, RIAS Orchestra, and an orchestra conducted by Willy Mattès.

Rosenthal - EMI Unicef edition 1C 038-46 712 Y (1983). Record and Cover NM. $ 12.

Theo Olof (violin), Gé (Guibert) Vrijens (bugle) and an ensemble of violin, viola, cello, double bass, oboe, and flute.

Fernando - How do you do - The party's over now - Hello-a - Killing me softly with his song - Als het om de liefde gaat - My friend the wind - Paloma blanca - Wild bird - Love me, baby

Classical concert and solo violinist Theo Olof , once leader of the Concertgebouw Orchestra (together with Herman Krebbers), always liked the lighter side. The same goes for Guibert Vrijens who played double bass in the Concertgebouw Orchestra. Trumpet and bugle were two more favorite instruments of his.

Theo Olof / Gé Vrijens - Opus Popus - Philips 6413 098 (1977) - Record EX to NM, Cover EX. $ 9.


Lys Assia - Für meine Freunde
- For My Friends

45 RPM disc with 4 Songs:

Was kann schöner sein
Meine Mama...!
Addio, bella Napoli
In alten Gassen wohnt das Glück

Chorus, Sunnies und Bobbys, "Radiosa" Quintet, Béla Sanders und sein Orchester des Senders Monte Ceneri, Lugano, Conducted by Fernando Paggi,

Record released at the occasion of the first 10 years of her carreer.

Lys Assia - Für meine Freunde - 7" 45 RPM Telefunken DX 1887. Record EX. Cover VG+ (some staining) - $ 15.



La guilde internationale du disque:

Napoleon - Sonic documentary on 2 x 12" LP in green cloth book (album).

André Charlin made the sound recordings of musical excerpts and pieces by Adolphe Adam, Hector Berlioz, Charles-Simon Catel, Nicolas Dalayrac, François-Joseph Gossec, Etienne Méhul, Ferdinando Paër.

Bernard Dhéran (Comédie francaise) and
J.-M. Fertey read the commentary written by André Castelot. All in French.

The records are EX. Book has some lighter part at righ just above the name Napoleon. See the scan.

Guilde internationale du disque - Napoléon Bonaparte - 2 x LP MONO - M-2265 - Records are EX. Book NM. Album EX. $ 20.



Les belles années du music hall

La voix de son maitre HTX 40.246 - Matrix numbers 2 XLA 1013 and 2014 (Pathé FELP 293)

No. 41 in the series

Recordings from 1933 and 1934 - very well transferred to LP.

She sings (accompanied on the piano by Irène Aitoff): Le fiacre - La complainte des quatre z'étudiants - L'hotel du No 3 - Partie
Madame Arthur - Etc.

See back of cover at left

Yvette Guilbert - Music Hall - La Voix de son maitre HTX 40.246 - Record NM. Cover NM $ 7.

Remembering Kenneth Spencer Erinnerungen an Kennth Spencer (1902-1960)

Kenneth Spencer (bass) sings

Ol' Man River - Heimweh nach Virginia - Hand Me Down - I Got Plenty O' Nothing - September Song - Abends am Missouri - Deep River - Oh Suzanna - Geisterreiter - Oh When The Saints Come Marchin' In - Old Black Joe - Mein Louisiana - Home On The Range - Schön ist das Land am Swanee River - Campton Races - Wenn wir heut' auseinandergehen

Kenneth Spencer - Original Odeon recordings issued on the German Marcato label, Ref. 73902. Record and cover Ex. $ 9.

SUITE ORIENTAL - Venezuela Suite Series

National Symphony Orchestra of London, conducted by Frank Barber.

Production and artistic direction: Freddy Leon.

Suite Oriental - Leon 1105. Heavy gatefold NM. Record NM. $ 9.



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