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The Music of Gustav Mahler
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Symphony No. 2, 'Resurrection'

Live recording made of the performance in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw on July 12, 1951, during the Holland Festival.

Chorus and Concertgebouw Orchestra, Jo Vincent (soprano), and Kathleen Ferrier (contralto).

78 RPM acetates transferred to tape and then issued on 2x LP by Decca in 1975. Reference D264D 2. Mono. Pressed by Phonogram in Baarn. Records M- to NM. Box NM/M-.

Klemperer - Vincent - Ferrier - Mahler Resurrection. 1951. Decca D264 2. Mono. 2x LP. Records M- to NM. Box Ex+. Inlay NM. Liner notes in English, French and German. $ 17.

Franklin Mint: The 100 Greatest Recordings of all time

Bruno Walter conducts the Columbia Symphony Orchestra

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 6, 'Pastorale', Record No. 59

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 1, 'Titan', Record No. 60

Pressed on dark red vinyl. Records, box, book, and sleeves NM. Liner notes by Irving Kolodin. Also listed under 'conductors'

Walter - Beethoven Pastorale - Mahler Titan - Franklin Mint 59 and 60. Records, sleeves, box and book NM. $ 19.

Gustav Mahler:

Das Knaben Wunderhorn
Youth Magic Horn

Maureen Forrester - Contralto
Heinz Rehfusss - Bass
Felix Prohaska - Conductor
Wiener Festwochenorchester

These are performances with no pretence and therefor much appreciated, also because of the different voices, contralto and bass, and generally performed with more emotion. The best example is Urlicht. There are 13 titles in total. Prohaska already recorded this cycle with Lorna Sydney and Alfred Poell, in 1952.

Amadeo AVRS 6317 - Original Vanguard Recording from 1963. Record VG. Plays well with good sound. Cover EX. Original text on back of cover. with any Mahler order. Let me know if you want me to add it to your order - of course if there is room in the parcel and the total stays in the weight category.

Mahler-Wunderhorn-Forrester-Rehfuss-Prohaska. Amadeo AVRS 6317. Record VG. Cover EX. FREE ITEM.

Gustav Mahler: Symphony of A Thousand

This is a historic document. It is the live recording of the performance of Mahler's 8th Symphony during "Holland Festival 1954", performed on July 3, celebrating the 125th Anniversary of "Toonkunst" (Holland) in Rotterdam Ahoy Hall, the large exposition hall, in front of an audience of hundreds of concert goers. Recording Mahler's 8th is always a challenge, let alone in such a large auditorium. The Philips engineers did their best to capture the sound while trying to establish the best balance. See also the short YouTube clip: Mahler 8 Rotterdam 1954

There is a host of famous singers who were celebrated at the time because they had earned their laurels in the decades before or were relatively new to the scene: Annelies Kupper - Hilde Zadek - Corry Bijster - Annie Hermes - Lore Fischer - Annie Woud - Lorenz Fehenberger - Frans Vroons - Herman Schey - Gottlob Frick - David Hollestelle.

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Chorusses and Boys Choir "St. Willibrord". Piet van de Kerkhoff at the organ.

Eduard Flipse, conductor

Liner Notes in English written by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Mengelberg, second cousin of conductor Willem Mengelberg who from 1935 until 1955 was general manager of the Concertgebouw. Complete text sung by the soloists and chorusses is also printed.
This no doubt a historical item for the Mahler adept. The issue of these discs were welcomed at the time because there were only two recordings of Symphony of a Thousend available. The other complete recording was by Hermann Scherchen on Columbia. No other record company had dared to make a recording of this massive work. Flipse was praised because he had superb control. The recording with Scherchen lacked clarity. Naturally also the sound of the Philips recording has its restrictions even by 1950s standards.

Philips Minigroove A 00226 L and A 00227 L 03579-80 - Records VG/EX. Outside of spiralled cover M-. inside little, unobtrusive staining and the date of acquisition written in ink. There is slight ring wear on the back. First pressings with Holland Festival logo. Automatic coupling.

Mahler 8 - Flipse - Rotterdam - Holland Festival 1954. Philips 2x LP in album with spiral spine M-. A 00227/8 L. Records EX/VG. Cover NM. $ 12.





Mahler: Symphony No. 10. Deryck Cooke's 2nd Version

Wynn Morris conducts the New Philharmonia Orchestra.

When Philips recorded Mahler's Symphony of a Thousand with Bernard Haitink conducting soloists and Chorusses and the Concertgebouw Orchestra, in September, 1971, Haitink also recorded the Adagio of the unfinished 10th Symphony. That is as far as he wanted to go. That Adagio was issued on Side 4 of a 2 record set with the 5th. Yet Philips was going to issue a reconstruction and instrumentation of the Tenth by Deryck Cooke. That same second version - except for a few changes suggested by Kurt Sanderling - was recorded by Simon Rattle. In a case like this Symphony, the question is, what would Mahler have done, would he have changed and revised parts of the work later, would he have deviated from his sketches at one or more instances, and would he have been content with the outcome of his creation if he had lived? Whatever the guessing and the suggestions, Alma Mahler - after hearing the tape of the first performance which took place in London - wrote to Deryck Cooke in 1963: "I have now decided once and for all to give you full permission to go ahead with performances in any part of the world."

Read the extensive and well wrought article by Tony Duggan on Music Web International

The Philharmonia Orchestra is conducted by Wyn Morris who is known for his outstanding Mahler performances. Philips 6500 606 and 607, a 2 record set with reference 6700 067. Produced in 1973. Red silver labels. First pressings. Records NM. Book and Box NM.

Mahler 10th. Cooke. Wynn Morris-New Philharmonia. Philips 6700 067. Records NM. Box and book NM. $ 14.

In Memory of Jean Martinon - 1910 - 1976

In memoriam Jean Martinon


Jean Martinon conducts the Residency Orchestra (Hague Philharmonic Orchestra) in very convincing renditions:

Liszt: Faust Symphony (Sides 1, 2 and 3) with Philip Langridge - tenor, and Die Haghe Sanghers conducted by René Verhoeff

Mahler: Symphony No. 10 (Sides 4, 5 and 6)
- Deryck Cooke's version of 1972 with the approval of Alma Mahler

Recorded live on 26th of June, 1974 (Liszt) and 13th of June, 1975 (Mahler) when Jean Martinon was in his mid sixties. See Wikipedia. Radio recordings. Private issue by the Residency Orchestra. Fine Philips plates and pressings made in Baarn. References: 6812 102/103/104. Liner notes in Dutch only, but there is a wealth of literature to consult on the internet. This 3 record set is also listed under Conductors. Read the extensive and well wrought article by Tony Duggan on Music Web International

Martinon - Liszt Faust - Mahler Symphony No. 10. 3 x LP 6812 102/3/4. Records NM. Covers (black print on gray kraft paper) are M- (edges show light shelfwear). $ 21.

Simon Rattle conducts:
Mahler Symphony No. 10

Revised Performing Version by Deryck Cooke, 1966-74. Mahler's Tenth by Deryck Cooke seems to be an interesting subject for scholars as well as collectors of the music of Gustav Mahler. See Tony Duggan on Music Web International

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

Recorded in association with GRUNDIG.

Digital Recording, DDA - 1980, 2 LP in Box. SLS 5206.

Rattle conducts Mahler 10th Symphony. SLS 5206. Records NM. Box NM. UK pressings. $ 15.

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 4

Edo de Waart conducts the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
Margareth Price - Soprano

Philips 6514 201 early digital recording from 1982. Record NM. Cover NM. Inlay with text Das himlische Leben translated in French and English.

Philips 6514 201 (DDA). Record NM. Cover NM. Inlay NM. $ 8.

Sir Georg Solti conducts

Mahler Symphony No. 2 'Resurrection' - Auferstehung

Soloists: Isabel Buchanan (Soprano) and Mira Zakai (Contralto)

Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

This recording was made in 1980 and published in 1981 in the days record companies were experimenting with the digital medium and preparing a catalog to be issued on the Digital Audio Compact Disc that would be introduced in 1983. With these discs the audio engineers succeeded in making a dynamic recording which is appreciated even today, more than 30 years later, by audiophiles and admirers of Sir Georg Solti. His interpretation has strength and strong dynamics, not only because of the digital medium. Some may consider his strength more appropriate as found in the wonderful recording he made of Bartok's Miraculous Mandarin with the London Symphony (SXL 6111), and argue that he did not full justice to the spiritual side of Gustav Mahler in this Second Symphony. Obviously an item as an extra when ordering other discs.

Decca 229D. 2x LP. Records NM. Box EX-. Staining on front. Inlay NM. Liner notes and text in German, English and French.

Mahler-Symphony No. 2-Resurrection-Solti-Buchanan-Zakai-Chicago Symphony & Chorus. Records NM. Box EX-. Inlay NM. $ 14.

Berliner Festwochen 1985
Berlin Festive Weeks 1985
Berlin Festival 1985

Claudio Abbado conducts the European Community Youth Orchestra and Wiener Jeunesse Chor

Jeunesse Choir and Berlin Concert Chorus/ChorCamp Berlin

Mahler Symphony No. 2 'Resurrection' - Auferstehung

Soloists: Karita Mattila (Soprano), Christa Ludwig (Contralto)


This recording was made of the performance by orchestra, choirs and soloists, on August 14th, 1985 during the 35th Berlin Festive Weeks (35. Berliner Festwochen 85). The venue was the 'Berliner Waldbühne', the 'Berlin Forest Stage'. The recording was made by 'Sender Freies Berlin' (SFB, Radio in Free Berlin as it was called since 1954 when it succeeded RIAS, Radio In American Sector) and Stasch Tontechnik. Recording in the open field is not easy, but the technicians really came up with a good recording. The gatefold cover of this set mentions names of producers and technicians responsible for these rare records that were pressed by Teldec from DMM plates in relatively low numbers. Moreover it is a impressive and moving performance conducted by Claudio Abbado and played very professionally by the young musicians. The gatefold has liner notes in German only. The edition was released by Stasch Publishers (courtesy Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft).

Stasch Private recording. Reference ST02. Records are NM/M-. Cover is NM.

Mahler-Symphony No. 2-Resurrection-Abbado-Mattila-Ludwig-European Youth Orchestra and Chorusses-Ref. ST02. Records NM/M-. Cover NM. $ 25.


Gustav Mahler:

Das Lied von der Erde
(Song of the Earth)

Fünf Lieder nach Gedichte von Friedrich Rückert
Five Songs on Poems by Friedrich Rückert

Ich bin die Welt abhanden gekommen
Liebst du um Schönheit
Blicke mir nicht in die Lieder
Ich atmet einen linden Duft
Um Mitternacht

Christa Ludwig - Soprano
René Kollo - Tenor

Herbert von Karajan conducting the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Deutsche Grammophon 2707 082 2x LP. Recorded in 1975. Records NM. Beginning of Side 3 M-. Box NM. Inlay NM. Liner notes in German, English and French. Song texts in German and English. Also listed under voice.

Mahler-Song of the Earth-Ludwig-Kollo-Karajan. Deutsche Grammophon 2707 082- 2xLP. Records close to NM. Box and inlay NM. $ 14.

Gustav Mahler:
Symphony No. 4

Netherlands Student Orchestra conducted by Louis Stotijn. Wendela Bronsgeest - Soprano.

Private issue from 1982, recorded at the occasion of the 30th anniversary of "Het Nederlands Studenten Orkest".

Philips pressing. Reference 6814 637. Liner notes in Dutch. Record NM. Cover NM.

Mahler - 4 - Netherlands Student Orchestra - Private - 1982. Record and Cover NM. $ 10.

Kyril Kondrashin conducts

Gustav Mahler

Symphony No. 5

Academic Symphony Orchestra of the USSR

Meticulous conducting, precise and also at times exhuberant playing by the orchestra give joy and makes listening an adventure. The Adagietto gets a profound rendering. A real must for admirers of Kondrashin and of course of Mahler.

Melodiya Stereo 33 C 10-05351-54 - 2x LP. Recordeded in 1977. Liner notes in Russian and English. Record One, Side One is EX. Side Two, Three and Four are M-. Very good sound.


Kondrashin - Mahler 5 - USSR Academic SO - 2x Melodiya Stereo - matrix numbers 33 C 10-05351/2/3/4. Records EX to M-. $ 16.

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau sings Mahler


The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is conducted by Rudolf Kempe

This is the original and first issue on a 10 inch LP of these profound performances (recorded in 1955) that have been reissued time and time again in all sorts of disguises. At the time Kempe was 45 and Fischer-Dieskau 30 years of age.

This is Electrola M WBLP 511. Record is M-. The label is the beautiful His Master's Voice Electrola label from the 1950s. Cover is graded NM to M-. See the scan.

Mahler - Kinder-Totenlieder - Fischer-Dieskau - Kempe. Electrola WBLP 511. Record M-. Cover NM to M-. $ 15.

Gustav Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde

Yvonne Minton (contralto) - Rene Kollo (tenor) - Sir Georg Solti conducting the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Decca SET 555. UK pressing. Record and Cover M- to NM.

Mahler - Lied - Solti - Minton - Kollo - Chicago. Decca SET 555. Record and Cover M- tot NM. $ 10.

Karel Ancerl conducts the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra:

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 1 and Symphony No. 9.



Original Supraphon recordings from the mid 1960s issued by Eurodisc one decade later. Reference 85 227 XK Stereo. 3x LP in box. Liner notes in German. Records NM/M-. Box EX++.

Mahler - Ancerl - Symphonies 1 and 9 - Eurodisc 85 227 XK. 3x LP. Inlay NM. Records M-/NM. Box EX++. $ 18.

Gustav Mahler: Kindertotenlieder

Herman Schey, baritone - The Hague Residency Orchestra conducted by Willem van Otterloo.

PHILIPS S 06028 R, reissue of the older A 00103 R.

Record Side One NM. Side Two Mint Minus. Cover NM.

Mahler - Kindertotenlieder - Schey - Otterloo. Philips SR 06028. Record EX to M-. Cover NM. $ 16.


Kyrill Kondrashin conducts

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 9 in D Major

Moscow State Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra

High standing performance.

2x Lp Melodiya 33C-0813/4 0815/6 - Records M-. Box M-.

Kondrashin - Mahler 9th - 2x LP Melodiya. Matrices 33C-0813/4 0815/6. Records M-. Box M-. $ 30.




Willem Mengelberg conducts Mahler and Beethoven

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 4 with Jo Vincent (soprano)

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 6, 'Pastorale'

Special issue of these historic live performances that were recorded by Dutch Radio in November 1939 and April 1940 and published earlier in the Documenta Musicae Series. Very good transfers!

2x LP in box. Reference numbers A02846L and A02847L. Mono. Records NM. Box NM. Includes special booklet in Dutch but I add a synopsis in English for your convenience. Also listed under Concertgebouw historic and under Conductors

Mengelberg - Mahler 4 - Vincent - Beethoven 6 - Philips A02846/7 - 2x LP in box. Box and Records NM. $20.

Sir Georg Solti conducts Mahler

Symphony No. 9

London Symphony Orchestra. Recorded in 1967.

Decca SET 360/361. 2x LP. Fine perfect Philips pressing from original Decca plates: ZAL 7985/86/87/88. Records NM. Inlay EX- (some staining on the back). Box NM.

Solti - Mahler Symphony No. 9 - Decca SET 360/361 - NM. Fine High Quality Philips pressing. $ 17.


Gustav Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde - The Song of the Earth (Side One to Three) - Three Rückert Songs (Side Four)

Kathleen Ferrier, contralto
Julius Patzak, tenor
Bruno Walter conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Decca LXT 2721-2722 - First released in October 1952 as indicated in The Gramophone LP Classical Record Catalogue - Issued in the US on London LL 625/6 in the fall of 1954

This issue is the original UK release from April 1954 (1 1/2 years later) as indicated on the back of the cover

First orange labels with gold lettering.
2 LP's in separate flipback covers.

Record surfaces VG.
Sound signal VG+ to EX after so many years.
Quality of reproduction depends on cartridge, shape of needle tip, playback characteristic and settings of the treble tone control. See: RIAA

Mahler - Song of the Earth - 3 Rückert Songs - Ferrier, Patzak, VPO - Walter - Decca LXT 2721/2 - VG to VG+. Covers As New. $ 55.

Willem Mengelberg conducts The Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 4 with Jo Vincent, soprano.

Documenta Musicae
In 1960 Philips Record Company (Philips Phonografische Industrie manufactured the records and Phonogram N.V. was the commercial company) produced a series of recordings made of the Concertgebouw Orchestra conducted by Willem Mengelberg in 1939 and 1940. These were original radio recordings engraved on acetates by the technicians of AVRO Radio. The Series was produced for the Dutch market. Therefor the gatefold covers only have liner notes in Dutch. In 1960 the matrix production for these Minigroove records show the standard of the early Philips plates which is about the same as that of the Hi-Fi Stereo plates, although the matrix production of the historic Mengelberg performances sometimes show a different, somewhat lesser quality of plating. Nevertheless the sound of these radio recordings was very well transferred to the LP medium. At the time of release the nicely styled covers were shiny and sturdy enough to be handled. Yet the laminated gatefold sleeves have had difficulty in standing the test of time. Often the laminate peeled off, partly or completely due to the choice of paper and what was possible at the time. It is therefor difficult to find pristine covers. The same goes for the vinyl records. They often show that they have been used intensively. In that case I do not offer them.

Philips Documenta Musicae W 09911 L. Original edition in Gatefold. Mono. Recordings from 1940. Record M- to Near Mint. Cover NM. Beautiful Item. $ 35.

Mengelberg - Mahler - Vincent - Philips Musica Monumentae W 09911 L. Record M- to Near Mint. Cover NM. $ 35.


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