Dear Record Collector

Dear and appreciative music listener of authentic vinyl LP recordings, welcome to my pages.

Over the years I have collected many records. In many instances they formed the basis for my pages, for study and research. And many were bought because I did not have the chance to acquire them because my focus was first on my job in advertising, in designing and copy writing.

Now they have become too many to keep them all. Therefore I will sell items of my well maintained collection, items that may be of interest to you. In several cases I have more than one copy and for certain items at least one to keep in my collection.


Pages first published in June, 2013.
Original Concept of these pages Copyright by
Rudolf A. Bruil.


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Cellists on Vinyl
LP recordings of Trios Quartets and Quintets and larger chamber music ensembles
Operas on Analog Discs
Singers, chorusses and orattorio on LP

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Cherish your records and if you cannot get an old original, buy a re-release that was pressed by the original label in the 1970s or 1980s.
>> Here is why: read Pressed to the Edge<<
Prokofiev's Peter and The Wolf on Vinyl LP Records


At the moment the records are evaluated while being played on a Technics SP-10Mk2 with Yamaha tonearm (made by Micro Seiki) and Audio Technica AT12XE cartridge, amplified by a Technics SU-9600 preamplifier. This preamp is connected to a McIntosh MC 2105. Other turntables are connected to the Technics SU-9600, as well as the Audioquest Dragonfly DAC which translates the digital signal coming from my main PC.

Interconnect between preamp and power amp is a no fancy 5m length cable, probably made in China, that does not neglect the mid section of the audio band.
Loudspeaker cables are Audioquest CV-8 (72V dbs) which took quite some time to "burn in". . .

JBL 4312A Monitor Loudspeakers have been refurbished with new drop-in cones (including voice coils and corrugated surrounds). After that they were fully optimized during a period of many, many months while carefully determining the amount of damping material and adjusting it in the cavity for the mid section driver and in relation to the woofer's behaviour in its own compartment.
Maybe not a very sophisticated set, but practical for its purpose and agreable to the ear because it renders a realistic, lifelike sound.

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Pages first published in June, 2013. Original Concept of these pages
copyright by Rudolf A. Bruil.


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