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A Personal Message


You can be assured. The records that you buy from me are of good quality and every item is as described.
During the many years I have been (and I still am) collecting, I always inspect each and every record before buying and check each and every record carefully to see if there are scratches and blemishes. A superficial scratch or pressing bubble are only allowed in case of a historical LP from the 1950s and early 1960s, or from an artist or label I really want to have to investigate, even if it is a "bad" record.
Furthermore, every record is cleaned on my Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine and is partly and in some cases entirely auditioned.
I do have quite a few records. In fact there are many thousand records you can choose from. It suffice to let me know the name of an artist, a label, or a composer you are looking for and I will check my vault.

What I can offer are many recordings, mainly classical, of all sorts of artists and music styles.



Copy the last section (in black) of the description of the record(s) you want to order and paste this in an email.
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What I can not offer is the Columbia 3 LP Set of Sonatas and Partitas performed by Johanna Martzy for example
, or the original Continental recordings of Georges Enescu, nor the Mercury 3 LP Box with the Suites for Cello by Janos Starker, the individual records by Mainardi for instance, or the Melodiya Shafran Set.

Although I do have the Starker Suites recorded on various labels, including the mono issue of EMI. And of course a few other cellists. Individual discs or sets with these works by Fournier and recordings by other cellist may appear on my pages in due time.
To acquire the Suites by Starker it is advised to buy the Philips Golden Imports edition or the reissue on 180 gr. pressings that represent a very good alternative.
Later pressings of the Fournier performances are the individual, grey gatefold covers, and green boxes issued by Deutsche Grammophon in their Archive catalog. They can eventually be found for more reasonable prices.
Buying records because of their antique value (which may augment in time) is a fully justified motive for collecting. You certainly will have specific items in your collection that represent value.

But, as you certainly know, the joy of collecting records and listening to the black dics is mainly because the sound is so completely different if compared to digital. It is natural to the ear. And then many discs - whether they are bought by collectors or by music listeners - have an intrinsic value because of many a soulful interpretation which go beyond the hype.

I just say this to let you know that records you buy from me are in good condition, and are there to be enjoyed. I doubt if you will be disappointed.


Note: You may say "Why not sell via eBay!" Well. eBay is not very consistent regarding the design of the pages and the navigation. The last two years eBay has been experimenting with the lay-out and the navigation. Functions and possibilities were no longer available. And other possibilities were available one day and not on the next day. That is a waste of time and effort. No wonder that competition from Discogs and other sites is growing.

Furthermore eBay does not have the possibility for sellers to choose between US and non US citizen. That is why there are so many sellers from abroad that keep telling the prospective buyer that the shipping cost is not USD 4.00. For sellers outside the US it is possible to bypass the many boxes and details for shipment, but that asks for reviewing the listing again to make the desired alterations. And that is not only impractical but also time consuming. That does not mean that I will not sell occasionally via eBay as 'analognow'. But for the moment I want to list items on these pages. Maybe some day in the near future eBay will make the listing of records less complicated.

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