Antonio Vivaldi:
The Four Seasons
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Le quattro stagioni - The Four Seasons - Les quatre saisons - Die Vier Jahreszeiten
De fire årstider - Las cuatro estaciones - Cztery pory roku - As Quatro Estações - De vier jaargetijden

Lorin Maazel - Violin
Patrice Fontanarosa - Violin
Régis Pasquier - Violin
and soloists

Antonio Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

These Violin Concertos are here presented in an exceptionally vivid style which will take you sort of by surprise. Very well recorded in the then new digital format.

CBS D39008 Digital recording produced in 1984. Record is NM. Cover is M-.

Four Seasons-Maazel-Fontanarosa-Pasquier. CBS D39008. DDA. Record NM. Gatefold cover M-. $12.


Four Seasons: Lorin Maazel - Patrice Fontanarosa - Régis Pasquier (Violins). CBS D39008. DDA. Record NM. Gatefold cover M-. $12.

Le Quattro Stagioni - I Musici - Felix Ayo, violin - Philips A 00301 L

De Vier Jaargetijden - Henryk Szeryng, violin - English Chamber Orchestra - Philips 88444 DY

Le Quattro Stagioni - Konstanty Kulka, violin - Warsaw Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra - Karol Teutsch - Muza XL 0587 (mono edition)

The Four Seasons - Arthur Grumiaux, violin - Les Solistes Romands - Arpad Gérecz - Philips 9500 613

Le Quattro Stagioni - Alice Harnoncourt, violin - Concentus musicus Wien - Nikolaus Harnoncourt - Telefunken 6.42500 AG

The Four Seasons - Reinhold Barchet, violin - The Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra - Karl Münchinger - Decca LXT 5377

Le Quattro Stagioni - Amsterdam Guitar Trio - RCA Digital recording DDA - GL 70 220

Vier Jaargetijden Op. 8 - Eugen Smirnoff, violin - Moskau Kamer Orkest - Rudolf Barshai - Dutch Melodia 390.092

Les Quatre Saison - Orchestre de Chambre Slovaque - Bohdan Warchal - Opus / Mr. Pickwick MPD 100

Les Quatre Saisons - Reinhold Barchet, violin - Pro Musica Orchestra Stuttgart - Rolf Reinhardt - Vox MV 211

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Felix Ayo - I Musici

Vivaldi - Le quatro stragioni

Philips Minigroove A 00301 L. Mono recording issued 1956.

Heavy gatefold cover with liner notes in English. Record EX+ to M-. This item weighs about 400 gr.

Ayo - I Musici - Vivaldi - Four Seasons. Philips Mono A00301L. Record M-. Cover NM. $ 19.



Henryk Szeryng is soloist in Vivaldi's Four Violin Concertos Op. 8 - il cimento del armonia e dell'invenzione

Henryk Szeryng conducting the English Chamber Orchestra

Philips D 88.444 Y. Recording issued in 1969. This is the French gatefold which includes a thick, illustrated catalog of some 500 recordings, including subscription series, all available in 1969 showing the French covers.

Record NM to M-. Cover NM. This handsome item weighs 450 gr.

Szeryng - Vivaldi - Four Seasons - English Chamber Orchestra. Philips D 88444 Y French issue. Record M- to NM. Cover NM. $ 18.

Simon Standage - The English Consert - Trevor Pinnock - Baroque Violin
NKV 1982A DMM Dutch pressing (Nederlandse Klassieke Vakhandel) Liner notes in English

Yevgeni Smirnov - Moscow Chamber Orchestra - Rudolf Barshai
Melodiya 150024 Dutch Pressing

Bohdan Warchal - Slovak Chamber Orchestra (Warchal)
Supraphon SUA 10 767 Liner notes in English, German, French and Russian

Bohdan Warchal - Slovak Chamber Orchestra (Warchal)
Mr. Pickwick MPD 100 Stereo French Pressing

Konstanty Kulka - Warsaw Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra - Karol Teutsch
Muza XL 0587 Mono Liner notes in English and Polish

Kenneth Silito The Virtuosi pf England - Arthur Davison
Music For Pleasure 1A021-58040 Dutch pressing

Renato Biffoli - Gli Academici di Milano
VOX ST.PL-D511.480 Stereo French Pressing Liner notes Englishe and French

John Corigliano - New York Philharmonic - Leonard Bernstein
CBS SBRG 72363 Stereo Britsih pressing Decca plates Liner notes in English

Reinhold Barchet - Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra - Karl Munchinger
Decca LXT 5377 Mono Liner notes in English

Nigel Kennedy - English Chamber Orchestra
EMI 7495571 - Digital Recording DDA Liner notes in English, French and German

Anne-Sophie Mutter - Wiener Philharmoniker - Herbert von Karajan
EMI 270102 1 - Digital recording DDA Original Italian Sonnets translated in German, English and French

Lola Bobesco - Das Heidelberger Kammerorchester
Da Camera Magna SM 91917 Stereo


Antonio Vivaldi:

The Four Seasons - Violin Concertos Nos. 1 to 4 from Opus 8, "Il cimento dell'armonia e dell'invenzione"

Sigiswald Kuijken - La Petite Bande

Baroque Violin:
Lucy van Dael
Ruth Hesseling
Janneke van der Meer
Mihoko Kimura
Janine Rubinlicht
Alda Stuurop
Thomas Albert
Dirk Verelst

Baroque Alto:
Marleen Thiers
Staas Swierstra

Baroque Violoncello:
Wieland Kuijken
Wouter Möller
Richte van der Meer

Anthony Woodrow

Bos van Asperen

RCA Seon RL 30397 Gatefold. German Pressing. Liner notes in German, Italian and French
. Record NM/M-. Cover NM.

Sigiswald Kuijken - La Petite Bande
RCA Seon RL 30397 German Pressing Liner notes in German, Italian and French. $ 12.


Die Vier Jahreszeiten & Violinkonzert Op. 9, 5 aus "La Cetra" - Szymon Goldberg, violine - Niederländisches Kammerorchester - Szymon Goldberg - Philips 6566 013

The Four Seasons - Simon Standage, baroque violin - The English Consort - Trevor Pinnock - Special edition pressed for the Dutch Classical Dealers of the Archiv Produktion recording 2534 003

The Four Seasons - John Holloway, violin - La Grande Ecurie et La Chambre du Roy - Jean Claude Malgoire - CBS Masterworks 76717

Les Quatre Saisons - Otto Buchner, violin - Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra Munich - Kurt Redel - World Record Club T 737

Le Quattro Stagioni - Michel Schwalbé, violin - Berliner Philharmoniker - Herbert von Karajan - DGG 2530 296

Die Vier Jahreszeiten - Wolfgang Schneiderhan, violin - Festival Strings Lucerne - Rudolf Baumgartner - DGG 2535 105

Le Quattro Stagioni - Roberto Michelucci, violin - I Musici - Philips 6500 017

De Vier Jaargetijden - Kenneth Sillito, violin - The Virtuosi of England - Arthur Davidson - Music for Pleasure MFP 1A021-58040

Die Vier Jahreszeiten - Astorre Ferrari, violin - Stuttgarter Solisten - Marcel Couraud - Fontana Stereo 894 013 ZKY

De Vier Jaargetijden - John Corigliano, violin - The Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of New York - Guido Cantelli - Philips G 05605 R

The Four Seasons - Pinchas Zukerman, violin - St. Paul Chamber Orchestra - Pinchas Zukerman - CBS D 36710

The Four Seasons - Renato Biffoli, violin - Gli Academici di Milano - Renato Biffoli - Vox ST.PL/D 511.480

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Arthur Grumiaux and Les Solistes Romands conducted by Arpad Gérecz

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

Philips 9500 613 from 1980. Record NM. Cover NM.

Grumiaux - Gérecz - Vivaldi - Four Seasons - Philips 9500 613. Record and Cover NM. $ 20.


Vivaldi: Les Quatre Seasons - The Four Seasons

Reinhold Barchet (violin) - Rolf Reinhardt conducting the "Pro Musica" Orchestra, Stuttgart

Minivox MV 211 Mono - light blue, grooved label. French pressing. Record VG to EX. Cover NM. Short liner notes in French, German and English.

Barchet - Reinhardt - Vivaldi - Four Seasons. French Minivox MV 211 - Record VG to EX. Cover NM. $ 8.


Szymon Goldberg (volin) and conductor of the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra

Vivaldi: Die Vier Jahreszeiten + Violin Concerto Op. 9.5 from "la Cetra"

Philips 6566 013 Stereo from 1974. Record NM. Cover NM.

Goldberg - Vivaldi - Four Seasons - Netherlands Chamber Orchestra - Philips 6566 013. Record and Cover NM. $ 19.


Pina Carmirelli and I Musici

Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagioni - revised by Vittorio Negri

Philips 6514 275 from 1982 - DDA - Early digital recording.

Record NM. Cover NM. Liner notes in German, English and French.

Pina Carmirelli - I Musici - Vivadi - Four Seasons. Philip-s 6514 DDA. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 12.


Violinist Herman Krebbers plays and conducts Antonio Vivaldi

The Four Seasons - 'De Vier Jaargetijden' - Leny van der Lee, harpsichord - Amsterdam Chamber Orchestra

Artone - 1969 (Later re-released as CBS 51210).

Record NM. Cover NM.

Krebbers - Vivaldi - Violin Concertos Op. 8 - The Four Seasons - Amsterdam Chamber Orchestra. Artone. Record and Cover NM. $ 12.


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Alice Harnoncourt


Amsterdam Guitar Trio play

Antonio Vivaldi

Le quattro stagioni


Moscow Chamber Orchestra

Antonio Vivaldi

Le quattro stagioni


Konstanty Kulka and the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra directed by Karol Teutsch

Antonio Vivaldi

Le quattro stagioni


Alan Loveday abd the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields conducted by Neville Marriner

Antonio Vivaldi

Le quattro stagioni


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