Feedback copied from the original mails sent to me by buyers of items that I listed.


The records came well protected and were in great condition. Best, Doug (USA)


I received the two LPs I have ordered in perfect condition, fast, very well packed. More, I received also another LP, in the same good condition, with very good music on it.
More, I had some questions before ordering, and Mr. Rudolf A. Bruil answered promptly, with clean information which proved later be accurate.
I am grateful for this collaboration, since the recordings I have ordered are rare and almost impossible to find elsewhere. Codin Simonca-Oprita (Arad, Romania)

  The piano concertos arrived yesterday in excellent condition. Very well packed, thank you for that!
I´ve played the first record today and it sounded fantastic. Kindest regards, Curt Forsmark (Sweden)
  I want to let you know that the albums arrived today. Considering you brought them to the post in Amsterdam on Thursday, this is indeed fast! Thank you for packing the records so well. I have yet to listen to any but they all look to be in good condition from their 8,768 kilometer journey. Chuck Tweedle.(USA)
  I am so pleased with the mint condition of the two records that I must be aware of what you have to offer. So please give me a direct link to view your sales lists.To get a Hoelscher DG record in such condition is rare. John Lewis (Australia)
  Everything arrived in time for Christmas and the records are in great condition. Clems (USA)
  Today I have made some random listening checks of the four record sides. I was very happy after these checks. The records are in a very fine condition, indeed, and very much better than my other copies of the excellent Fricsay recording. Mogens J°rgensen (Denmark)

  Thank you for the Schoenberg records — I picked them up today at the post office. wonderful condition, well packed. Thank you also for the bonus LP. J÷rgen Fuxe (Sweden)
  I got the records at 9pm last night. I am extremly pleased with the condition of them all, It's just like buying new. Gerald Lafferty (Scotland)
  I have just received the records. Am smiling ear to ear cause in my country one can never be sure if such a shipment will ever reach the right place. So was a bit of a gamble. The Chopin is playing and it's in excellent condition. Thanks for spreading the good music. Gautam Yadav (India)
  Your profound dedication to and joy in what you're doing came through in every detail of this package - thank you again! Kindest regards, Thomas Ernst (USA)
  We have been enjoying all the wonderful music you sent us. It was a nice surprise to receive the Joe Pass album. You have been most kind and generous - we really appreciate all the care you have taken with our complex order.Thank you also for the Salonorkest Pluche - we have not had any experience with this music before - very jolly! Kindest regards, Nick (USA)
  The records are in the most extraordinarily fine condition particularly the covers. Perfectly cleaned. Far better than your modest ranking would indicate. The plastic sleeves are a fine addition to preserve them and the extra record sleeve in each is a very generous gesture from you. Michael Moran, Warsaw (Poland).
  Haben sich ja große Mühe gemacht mit dem einpacken … Danke. M. Janowski (Germany)

  Thank you for your fast shipment and I have received the two boxes safely! Liyi (Germany)
  I am deeply satisfied about your excellent delivery of my opera records. Quick and friendly operation! Million thanks to You and I hope to continue
our cooperation in the future. With best regards Jaakko Hannula from Finland





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