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Neville Marriner conducts his Academy of St. Martin in the Fields

Antonin Dvorak: Serenade for Strings

Edvard Grieg: Holberg Suite

For a better impression put the mouse pointer on the image, click with the righ button and choose "view image in new window"


Argo ZRG 670. Oval label. British Decca pressing, 1970. Record NM. Cover NM. Original innersleeve retained.

Marriner-ASMF.Dvorak Serenade.Grieg: Holberg. Argo ZRG 670 Oval label. Record and Cover NM. $ 22.

A True Collector's Item

Hidayat Inayat-Khan:

Virginia, Symphonic Poem for Orchestra, Op. 44

La Monotonia for Strings, Op. 13

10 inch (25 cm) Audiodisc.

As the original web site of Hidayat Inayat Khan disappeared after the death of Hidayat Inayat-Khan (2016). Luckily there is the WayBackMachine from which I retrieved the web site. On it it says that on 15 October, 1971, the Virginia Symphonic Poem was played in honor of the Bicentennial of America. On Bavarian Radio La Monotonia was played in a Composer’s Portrait in 1972, and The Message Symphony was played in 1977.

Here are the Virginia Symphonic Poem and La Monotonia cut in Mono on a 10" Audiodisc (about 10 minutes each side). As far as I could deduct this Audiodisc is from the estate of a Dutch producer or musician and was given to him by a German colleague. The German provenance is indicated by the labels which read 'SEITE 1' and 'SEITE 2' - Seite Eins, Seite zwei (Side 1 and Side 2 in German). As no conductor and orchestra or string ensemble are mentioned It is possible that Mr. Inayat-Khan himself was the conductor. But I could not find a confirmation.

Hidayat Inayat-Khan did write on his website: “La Monotonia” opus 13, a composition for strings (excerpt from the Suite Symphonique opus 7), I conducted 1968 in the Philips Hall with the Brabant Orchestra in Holland."

Virginia Symphonic Poem, opus 44 is dedicated to the composer's mother, Amina Ora Ray Inayat-Khan. This work, which was performed for the first time at the Fine Arts Center in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1971, was conducted by William Yarborough. It consists of a few well-known folk songs that the conductor sent to Mr. Inayat-Khan, asking that a symphonic poem be created from them.

Hidayat Inayat-Khan

For those who are not familiar with the Audiodisc, it is a hard plastic disc, not a lacquer or acetate, and can be engraved using a cutting lathe. The disc can be carefully cleaned with a velvet brush and distilled water and dried on a cleaning machine that has a built in vacuum pump. That is how I cleaned this item. The Audiodisc was a popular medium of professionals and amateurs in the 1950s, 60s and even 70s. The disc listed here is VG+ to EX. Cover is the original Audiodisc 10" sleeve which can be graded as VG+ to EX as well.

Two compositions by Hidayat Inayat-Khan, Virginia, La Monotonia. 10 inch Audiodisc. Orchestra and conductor unknown. Disc and Cover are VG+ to EX. Mono. $ 90.

Sergei Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf

Benjamin Britten: Variations on a Theme by Henry Purcell

Yevgeny Svetlanov conducting the State Symphony Orchestra of the USSR

Natalya Ilyinichna Sats - Narrator

Historical recording of Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf narrated by Natalya Ilyinichna Sats who in 1936 commissioned Sergei Prokofiev to write the musical story for her Children's Theater. Natalya Ilyinichna Sats is also the narrator of Britten's Variations. Obviously a recording for the collector of historical items and/or the study of the Russian language.

For a better impression put the mouse pointer on the image, click with the righ button and choose "open image in new tab". Also listed under Peter and the Wolf.

Melodiya 33 D 028637. Historic Mono recording. No stereo exists. It is suggested that this recording was first published on an early pre Melodiya label judging from the sound. Record NM. Cover M-.

Prokofiev-Peter&the Wolf-Britten-Purcell Variations. Natalya Ilyinichna Sats-Svetlanov. State Symphony.Melodiya MONO 028637. Record NM. Cover M-. $ 12.

Pablo Casals conducts the Festival Casals Orchestra of Puerto Rico, 1959

Franz Joseph Haydn: Symphony No. 45 (Farewell)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symhony No. 36, K 425 (Linz)

This recording was made in 1959 and released on Columbia ML5449 in mono and in stereo as MS6122.
The discs were available from 1960 till 1963 when the issues were deleted from Schwann Long Playing Record Catalog. See for Casals playing the complete Cello Suites under Cello.

Columbia ML5449, Six Eye label. Record and Cover M-.

Casals conducts at Puerto Rico Festival Haydn and Mozart Symphonies. Columbia ML5449. Record and Cover M-. $ 9.

Donald Johanos conducts the Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Sergei Rachmaninoff (Rachmaninov): Symphonic Dances, Vocalise

This is the famous recording made in 1967 with four ribbon microphones which give a completely different amplitude and transient response if compared to condenser and dynamic microphones. Therefore the signal is perceived as somewhat restraint but very precise. Many recordings using ribbon microphones were made by well known sound engineer André Charlin from France who also designed an artificial head. The dynamics of the timpany in the Symphonic Dances are staggering and fast, and rendered without delay. No wonder this disc is on the TAS-list. The American pressing is to be preferred over the issue from Great Britain pressed from plates made by Decca. It is the American Turnabout that you want.

Turnabout TV 34145S, Original US pressing. Record NM Cover EX +/-.

Rachmaninoff-Dances-Vocalise-Johanos-Dallas Symphony. Turnabout TV34145S, Record NM. Cover EX. $ 35.

Zubin Mehta conducts the Israel Philharmonic

Israel Music Anthology No. 4:

Side One
Josef Tal: Symphony No. 2
Ami Maayani: Ouverture Solonelle

Side Two
Tavi Aveni: The Machine Game, The dream of the broken mirror, Margritte - A dilemma?
Josef Kaminski: Symphonic Overture

Jerusalem Records ATD-8402. Recorded live in 1983. Very well recorded. Manufactured by Nimbus Records. English pressing. Record NM/M-. Cover NM. Notes by composers and Ofer Toriel.

Mehta-Israel Music Anthlogy 4-Tal-Maayani-Aveni-Kaminski-Israel Records ATD-8402. Record NM/M-. Cover NM. $ 12.


Josef Krips conducts Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 'The Great Symphonies'

The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam. Recordings made in 1972,1973 and 1974


Symponies Nos. 41, 35, 39, 40, 38, 31, 36, 21, 33, 34, 30, 28, 29, 27, 22, 25, 24, 26 (sequence of the edition)

See Concertgebouw Historic


Historic: Arturo Toscanini conducts the Hague Philharmonic

Cherubini: Overture Anacreon - Debussy: L'après-midi d'un faun - Dukas: Sourcerer's apprentice - Haydn: Symphony No. 101, The Clock

In 1938 Toscanini led the Residency Orchestra in two separate programmes of which the first was givenh twice, on MKarch 21st in Rotterdam and on March 22nd in The Hague. The final concert , on March 25th (again in The Hague) featured Rossini's L'Italiana in Algeri Overture, Beethoven's Eroica, the Brahms Haydn Variations, the Weber-Berlioz Invitation to the Dance, and Smetena's Vlatava, but it is the first of the 1938 programmes which was broadcast by VARA, the Dutch Radio on March 23rd and this we owe the present recording. In 1982 Bryan Crimp (who is well-known for his excellent work for APR) remastered the glass based acetates from 1938 made by VARA.

dell'Arte DA 9007. Record and Cover NM. .

Toscanini-Hague Residency Orchestra-1938. Cherubini-Debussy-Dukas-Haydn. dell'Arte DA 9007. Record and cover mNM. $ 8.

Claudio Scimone conducts I Solisti Veneti and various instrumentalists in works of Giacomo Rossini:

Six Sonatas for String Orchestra
Variations for Clarinet and Small Orchestra

Erato DUE 20-250. Recorded in 1968. Reissue. Notes in French and English. Record and Cover NM.

Scimone-Rossini String Sonatas.Variations and Serenade. Erato DUE 20-250. Records and Cover NM. $ 12.

Pierre Robert Denzler conducts L'orchestre du Conservatoire de Paris

Arthur Honegger: Symphonie Liturgique and Chant de joie

Denzler was born in Zurich on 19 March, 1892 and died there on 25 August, 1972. He was also a composer of works for orchestra, chorus, he wrote chamber music and songs (he was married to singer Idalice Anrig-Denzler, 1894–1974).
Denzler made only 3 recordings for Decca.
This one, LXT 5118 was released in April 1956. A pecularity of the item for sale here is that Side 1 has the new silver label while the label of Side 2 has the old gold lettering. Plate numbers are ARL-2695 IN and ARL-2695 2N both with a faint R.

Decca Decca LXT 5118. Record NM/M-. Hardly played. Cover Ex. Also listed under avantgarde.

Denzler-Honneger. Symphony Liturgique-Song of Joy. Paris Conservatory. Decca LXT 5118. Record NM/M-. Cover M-. $ 25.

Pierre Monteux conducts Debussy and Ravel

Prélude à l'après midi d'un faune, Nocturnes, Nuages, Fêtes

Rapsodie espagnole, Pavane pour une infante défunte

London Symphony Orchestra

"Pierre Monteux has always been delighted by the London Symphony Orchestra's musical and human qualities. In 1961 he became its principal conductor; this is the first record he has made in that capacity."

This is Decca SXL 2312, Edition 1, grooved. The record is nearly 60 years old and was auditioned by several music listeners at various instances. This copy was in the collection which was inherited a couple of years ago. Given the history of this disc the signal is not impeccable, not brand new of course. But the musical and human qualities of conductor and musicians are still captivating.

Decca SXL 2312. Wide Band. Edition 1. Grooved. Record and Cover are Ex.

Monteux-Debussy-Ravel. London Symphony. 1962. Decca SXL 2312. Ed.1. Grooved. Record and Cover Ex. $ 35.

Ricardo Chailly conducts the Radio Symphony Orchestra of Berlin

Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 3

Decca 417 093-1. Digital recording from 1986 made in the Jesus-Christus Kirche in May 1985. Record and Cover NM. Notes in English, French and German.

Chailly-Bruckner-Symphony No.3-RSO Berlin. 1985.Record and Cover NM. $ 10.

Leonard Bernstein conducts the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 1, 'Titan'. Signed Cover,

See: Concertgebouw Historic


Pierre Monteux conducts Jean Sibelius:
Symphony No. 2 in D major, Op. 43

The London Symphony Orchestra

Pierre Monteux's rendition of the Second Symphony of Jean Sibelius does not need a recommendation. This recording stems from the time Decca and RCA had a working contract. It resulted in recordings made in England for RCA. They were issued on the RCA label produced by Decca with references RB for mono en SB for stereo. In the USA on RCA LSC. Decca was the owner of these recordings, that is why after the contract had ended they were issued by Decca in Great Brittain and in the USA they appeared on the London label . So this recording was never issued in the SXL series, yet later as SDD and in the US in the London Stereo Teasure Series from Decca plates. The performance has a wonderful intensity, especially in the Third and Fourth movements.

Recording first issued in June 1960 on british RCA SB 2070, RCA LSC 2342 in the US. By the end of 1970 the RCA recording was deleted in the USA and only available on London.

London STS 15098. Record and Cover NM.

Monteux- Sibelius Symphony No. 2 - Monteux - London STS 15098. Record and Cover NM. $ 7.

Yondani Butt conducts the Guelders Symphony Orchestra

Antonin Dvorak: Symphony No. 8

Hector Berlioz: Overture Béatrice et Bénédict

This recording was made at the instigation of Yondani Butt when he conceived the plan to expand his field of work to Europe as well, as can be read in the Dutch text that is included on an insert sheet. The English text on the cover does not specifically mention that it was not the Guelders Symphony Orchestra that invited Yondani Butt. However that could be just a mistake as neither cover nor label gives information about the date of this recording.

Yondani Butt conducts the Guelders Symphony Orchestra recorded by Eurosound. Reference of the record is ES 46.652. Dutch pressed in the Philips factory in Baarn. Record and cover are Ex.

Yondani Butt.Dvorak-Berlioz-Guelders Symphony Orchestra. Eurosound ES 46.652, Record and Cover are Ex. $ 8.


Leonard Bernstein at 30 conducts Stravinsky:

*The Soldier's Tale / L'Hisoire Du Soldat
*Octet For Wind Instruments

Members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Recorded in August 1947 in the Concert Theatre at Tanglewood, Lenox, Massachusetts.
Checking my catalogs and books I found a review by Irving Kolodin of the 78 RPM edition (Victor Set 1197). When the LP came into being the recording was issued on RCA Victor LMX 1078 and in the spring of 1951 the release had reference LM 1078. Kolodin advised the more palpable sound in the Bernstein recording (if compared to the older Columbia set with Stravinsky himself conducting) and also the way the works are conducted by Bernstein which he thought is the best way to get to know these compositions.

RCA LM 1078. Mono. Record VG (plays well throughout). Cover VG (seamsplits at top and bottom at cover opening). See grading.

Bernstein-Stravinsky-Soldier's Tale-Octet. Members of the BSO. Rec. Tanglewood 1947. Record VG. Cover VG. $ 15.

Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherezade

Sir Eugene Goossens conducting The London Symphony Orchestra. Hugh Maguire, solo violin

Everest Stereo SDBR 3026. First edition from 1959. Purple label. Silver back heavy cover.

Record EX. Cover NM. Original Everest inner sleeve retained.

Goossens Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade. London Symphony. Everest SDBR 3026. Record M-. Cover NM. $ 8.

Rachmaninov: Symphony No. 2 in e minor.

William Steinberg conducting the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

Capitol P 8293. Dutch pressing. Published in 1955. American heavy cover. Record EX. Pressing bubble at end of Side One which can be heard but does not affect play. Cover NM.

Rachmaninov Symphony No. 2. Steinberg-Pittsburgh SO. Record EX. Cover NM. $ 8.

Sergey Prokofiev - Symphony No. 5 in B Flat Op. 100

Mariss Jansons conducts The Leningrad Philharmonic .

Long before Mariss Jansons became principal conductor of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam (the world's best orchestra according to Gramophone) he made several recordings for the Melodiya and Chandos labels. This is an opportunity to acquire his Chandos Digital Recording of Prokofiev's Fifth in practically Mint condition.

Recording made by Brian Couzens, Ralph Couzens, Philip Couzens. The performance was recorded in the National Hall, Dublin, on 15 October 1987.

Chandoss ABRD 1271. Record and cover are NM. DDA.

Jansons-Tchaikovsky-Symphony No. 5. Chandos Digital Recording ABRD 1271 (DDA). Record and Cover NM. $12.

P.I. Tchaikovsky: Manfred Symphony in Four Scenes Op. 58

Mariss Jansons conducts The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Recording made by James Burnett, Dag Kristofferson, and Ralph Couzens. The performance was recorded in the Oslo Philharmonic Concert Hall on 26-29 November and 5 December 1986.

Chandoss ABRD 1245. Record and Cover are NM. DDA.

Jansons-Tchaikovsky-Manfred. Chandos Digital Recording ABRD 1245 (DDA). Record and Cover NM. $12.

Alexander Dmitriev conducts Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 in A major, Op. 92

The Leningrad Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra

Record and Cover NM. Melodiya A10 00337 009. 1988. Notes in Russian + short paragraph in English

Dmitriev-Beethoven-7. Leningrad-Melodiya A10 00337 009. Record and Cover NM. $ 5.

Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 6 - Pathétique in B minor Op. 74

Mariss Jansons conducts the Oslo Philharmonic orchestra.

Recording made by Brian Couzens, Ralph Cousins, and Dag Kristofferson. The performance was recorded in the Oslo Philharmonic Concert Hall on 11-13, August 11-13, 1986.

Chandos ABRD 1158. Record and Cover are NM. DDA.

Jansons-Tchaikovsky-Pathétique. Chandos Digital Recording ABRD 1158 (DDA). Record and Cover NM. $12.

Alexander Dmitriev conducts Beethoven: Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 92

The Leningrad Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra

Record NM. Cover M- (some wear on front). Melodiya A10 00351 005. 1988.Notes in Russian + short paragraph in English

Dmitriev-Beethoven-5. Leningrad-Melodiya A10 00351 005. Record NM. Cover M-. $ 5.

Yevgeny Mravinsky conducts Tchaikovsky

Symphony No. 6, Op, 74, Pathétique Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft LPM 18334 from 1956.

This is the original mono recording from 1956.

This is the original mono recording from 1956.

No stereo exists of this performance. This is the first recording Deutsche Grammophon licensed from the sovjet company Melodiya. This pressing is from 1961. Alle Hersteller label. When stereo became the new format a new recording was made by Mravinsky and the orchestra from Leningrad and issued in 1961 on Deutsche Grammophon SLPM 138 659.

Mravinsky Tchaikovsky Pathétique Leningrad Deutsche Grammophon LPM 18334. Mono. No stereo exists. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 18.

Janos Rollo conducts the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra

Rossini: 6 String Sonatas

Cherubini: Sonata for Horn and Strings - Thirteen Contradances

Hungaroton SLPD 12672/12673.
Produced in 1985.

4 Sides. Side 1 EX. Side 2, 3 and 4 are NM/M-. Liner notes in Hungarian.

Rossini 6 String Sonatas. Janos Rollo. Franz Liszt CO. Hungaroton SLPD 12672/3. Records EX to NM. Cover NM. $ 14.

William Steinberg conducts the Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra

Johannes Brahms: Symphony No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 68

William Steinberg made a series of recordings for the Command Classics label. Recording chief was Robert Fine and George Piros was the cutting engineer. However the masters for this stereo recording were cut by John Johnson. See Mercury Living Presence.

Command Classics CC 11011 SD. ED2. Gatefold. Record EX. Cover is EX+ (small punch hole).

Brahms-1-Steinberg-Command-CC 11011 SD. ED2. Record EX. Cover EX+. $ 7

Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique

Willem van Otterloo conducts The Residency Orchestra (Hague Philharmonic)

Recorded in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. Reissue on the Fontana label of the early Philips Hi-Fi Stereo recording 838 601 VY. Record EX. Sheet with liner notes on back is missing.

Otterloo - Berlioz Fantastique - Fontana 6540 014. Record NM. No notes on back. $ 10.

Szymon Goldberg conducts The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra

Haydn: Symphonies Nos. 44 and 57

These performances were recorded in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam in 1958 and were released by Philips on their Hi-Fi Stereo label and were also available in mono on A 2066 L and not on a Minigroove labeled disc. Details can be found in John Hunt's Philips Discography, 2nd edition.

Goldberg was conductor of the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra from its founding in 1955 until 1997. These are stylish performances.

The record is EX. The cover is M-.

Goldberg-Haydn 44 & 57. Netherlands Chamber Orchestra. Philips A 2066 L. Record and Cover are EX. $ 8.

Kyrill Kondrashin conducts the Moscow State Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra

Claude Debussy: Iberia
Maurice Ravel: Rhapsodie Espagnole (Spanish Rhapsody) - La Valse

Kondrashin was a master in precision, in shaping the sound and voices of an orchestra. He was a master accompanist. And a master interpreter and therefor a meticulous instructor of any orchestra. These qualities can be heard in his Scheherazade with the Concertgebouw Orchestra and in Cesar Franck's Symphony recorded in Bavaria, in his rendering of the Shostakovich Symphonies, and here in works by Debussy and Ravel. I have heard him conduct an atmospheric and lively Spanish Rhapsody. It is interesting how strict La Valse in this Russian Melodiya recording is performed. For some a bit too Russian and not enough Viennese perhaps, for others it is just what they expect from a Kondrashin approach.

Kondrashin-Debussy-Ravel. Moscow State Philharmonic Symphony. Melodiya C 01783-4. Notes: Russian and English. Record NM/M-. Cover NM. $ 9.

Volkmar Andreae
conducts the 'Wiener Symphoniker" - The Vienna Symphony Orchestra

Anton Bruckner:
Symphony No. 3 in D minor, 1890 revision.

See Bruckner Symphonies

Philips A 00273 L, ED1, Minigroove, Mono (no stereo exists). Dutch Philips pressing. Record NM. One label damaged at the spindle hole. Liner notes in English with explanation and examples of the score. Cover close to NM (little writing on the back).

Bruckner 3-Andreae-Philips Minigroove A 00273 L. Record NM. Cover close to NM. $ 18.

Otto Klemperer conducts Brackner EMI

Otto Klemperer conducts Brucker

Symphony No. 8 - Nowak Edition with cuts in the last movement made by Klemperer. See his argument at left.

New Philharmonia Orchestra London.

Produced by Suvi Raj Grubb and engineered by Christopher Parker.

First pressing from 1973 on the German Electrola Gold Label. Released at the same time (1973) in Great Britain as SLS 872. The Electrola red label edition was issued much later.

EMI Electrola. 2x LP. 1C191-02259/60. Gatefold Cover. Records NM. Cover NM. Extensive liner notes in German and English.

Klemperer - Bruckner 8 - EMI ELectrola. 2x LP. 1C191-02259/60. Gatefold Cover. Records NM. Cover NM. $ 17.

See for Kyrill Kondrashin conducting the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra under Concertgebouw Historic

Three great performers:

Kyrill Kondrashin - conductor
Daniel Wayenberg - pianist
Herman Krebbers - violinist

Live performances recorded 1979, 1978, 1971, and 1980:

* Piano Concerto for the Left Hand
* Tzigane Rhapsody for Violin and Orchestra
* Rhapsodie espagnole
* La Valse.

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Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields
Neville Marriner

Giacomo Rossini: String Sonatas Nos 2 and 4. Donizetti String Quartet in D.

Argo ZRG 603. Record and Cover NM.

Strange as it may seem, but Argo ZRG 603 is less often encountered than the 1st Volume with Sonatas 1, 6, 3 and 5 in the blue cover with reference 506.

For the Salvatore Accardo, Sylvie Gazeau,
Alain Meunier, Franco Petracchi recording section Trio Quartet Quintet.

Rossini String Sonatas 2 and 4 + Donizetti String Quartet - Marriner - Argo ZRG 603. Record and Cover NM. $ 14.

Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields
Neville Marriner

Giacomo Rossini:

String Sonatas Nos 1, 6, 3 and 5.

Argo ZRG 506. Record and Cover NM

For the Salvatore Accardo, Sylvie Gazeau,
Alain Meunier, Franco Petracchi recording section Trio Quartet Quintet.

Rossini String Sonatas 1 6 3 and 5. Marriner - Argo ZRG 506. Cover and Record NM. $ 14.

1955-1985 - Netherlands Chamber Orchestra

30 Years - Unissued Radio Recordings

Symon Goldberg (Violin solo and conductor) - David Zinman (conductor) - Antoni Ros-Marba (conductor) - Istvan Parkanyi (violin) - Herre-Jan Stegenga (cello) - Hand Maijer (oboe) - Brian Pollard (bassoon) - Malcolm Frager (piano in Beethoven's Concerto No. 1) - Willem van Otterloo (conductor) - Kees Bakels (conductor) - Darius Milhaud (conductor).

Haydn (Symphony No. 1, Sinfonia concertante), Fasch (Concerto for Two Oboes), Beethoven (Concerto Op. 15 for Piano and Orchestra)
C.Ph.E. Bach (Sinfonia), Shostakovich (Chamber Symphony), Françaix (Serenade), Roussel (Concerto for Small Orchestra), Milhaud (Concertino de Printemps, Création du Monde), Honegger (Symphony for Strings).

4 x LP in Box - Inlay in Dutch and English - Dutch Philips pressings (Baarn) - Edition of analog recordings compiled and published in analog sound in 1985. Historic, non commercial radio recordings. Limited distribution edition.

Dutch Chamber Orchestra - 1955 - 1985: 4 x LP 85049/50/51/52 in Box. Box NM - Records NM. $ 28.

Yevgeni Svetlanov conducts

Dmitri Shostakovich: Symphony No. 7 in C Major, Op. 60 - Leningrad

State Symphony Orchestra of the USSR

Melodiya Stereo 33 C 01693-96. 2x LP. Recorded in 1970. This is an early issue from 1980. Records M- to EX. Floppy cover is VG+. Liner notes on the back in Russian. Inlay with text in English.

Shostakovich-Leningrad Symphony-Svetlanov. Melodiya 33 C 01693-96. 2x LP.Records M- to EX. Cover VG+. $ 12.

Kyrill Kondrashin conducts Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra - Herman Krebbers, solo violin

This is the stunning performance in a stunning sound recording made on June 27 and 28, 1979. See for more Kondrashin recordings: Concertgebouw-historic

Kondrashin - Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheherazade - Herman Krebbers - Philips 9500 681 - Record and Cover NM $ 35.

Ernest Ansermet conducts L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

* Sergei Prokofiev: Classical Symphony, in D Major
* Sergei Prokofiev: March and Scherzo from The Love of Three Oranges
* Mikhail Glinka: Kamarinskaia Fantasy
* Alexander Borodin: In The Steppes of Central Asia
* Mikhail Glinka: Overture to A Life for the Czar (Ivan Susanin)

Decca SXL 2292. Matrices ZAL-5142 4E and ZAL-5143-2E. ED2. WB Grooved. Recording first published in 1961. Record M-/EX. Cover NM.

Ansermet-Prokofiev-Glinka-Borodin. Decca SXL 2292. ED2. WBg. Record M-/EX. Cover NM. $27.

Jean Fournet conducts the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 8 and 9

Sides 1, 2 and 3: Symphony No. 9, with Rina Cornelissen (soprano), Aafje Heynis (contralto), Loren Driscoll (tenor), Donald Bell (bass)

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Philharmonic Chorus "Toonkunst", and Rotterdam Conservatory Chorus.

Side 4: Symphony No. 8.

Dutch original, first issue on Discofoon 5002 and 5003. Discofoon was the label of Vroom & Dreesman Department Store.

Origin of this recording is not clear. Could be a radio broadcast or it is privately recorded for the orchestra or specifically for this issue. There is no information about this. Sound is not up to the standard of the big labels of the 1960s. Yet it is indicated "stereo". Tone controls on the amplifier can help in a positive way. The argument to acquire this recording is the historic value it represents with contralto Aafje Heynis and conductor Jean Fournet of course. For the collector.

Records are VG to EX. Some noise and an occasional tick. Records have specially printed outer sleeves. Box is physically intact but is rated EX- because of shelf wear. Liner notes only in Dutch, glued on the inside of the box (front).

Fournet - Beethoven 8 and 9 - Rotterdam Philharmonic - Cornelissen - Heynis et al. Discofoon 5002/3 - Records VG to EX. Box EX-. $ 12



Willem Mengelberg conducts Mahler and Beethoven


Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 4 with Jo Vincent (soprano)

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 6, 'Pastorale'

Special issue of these historic live performances that were recorded by Dutch Radio in November 1939 and April 1940 and published earlier in the Documenta Musicae Series. Very good transfers!

2x LP in box. Reference numbers A02846L and A02847L. Mono. Records NM. Box NM. Includes special booklet in Dutch but I add a synopsis in English for your convenience.

Mengelberg - Mahler 4 - Vincent - Beethoven 6 - Philips A02846/7L - 2x LP in box. Box and Records NM. $ 20.

Tauno Hannikainen conducts Jean Sibelius

Symphony No. 2 in D Major

Tauno Hannikainen was a friend of Jean Sibelius and he had information out of first hand. This performance with the Sinfonia of London was recorded stereophonically and monaurally in January, 1959, at Hammersmith Town Hall using Ampex equipment and Neumann microphones. This LP was cut by variable pitch groove cutting equipment to the British Standards Curve. Obviously an item for the Sibelius discographer.

World Record Club T 33, mono. Record and cover are EX.

Sibelius-Symphony No. 2-Hannikainen. World Record Club T33. Record and Cover are EX. $ 7.

Antal Dorati conducts Jean Sibelius

Symphony No. 2 in D minor, Op. 43

Stockholms Filharmoniska Orkester - Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.

RCA Living Stereo VICS 1318. Record pressed in Germany. Cover printed in Sweden. Record EX+. Cover NM.

Dorati - Sibelius 2 - Stockholm - German RCA VICS 1318. Record EX+. Cover NM. $ 9.

Charles Munch conducts the Budapest Symphony Orchestra

Hector Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique

This recording was made in the Studio of the Hungarian Radio and Television. Charles Munch conducts the Symphony without interruption. This was one of several experiments done by Hungarian engineers in making stereo recordings for radio broadcasts. This performance took place in 1966 and was released on LP 10 years later.

Hungaroton SLPX 11842. Issued in 1976. Record NM. Cover EX+. Liner notes in Hungarian, German, English and Russian.

Munch-Berlioz-Fantastique-Budapest. Hungaroton SLPX 11842. Record NM. Cover EX+. $ 9.

Willem van Otterloo conducts the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Hector Berlioz: Symphony Fantastic

Recorded in the Jesus-Christus Kirche in Berlin Dahlem between 18 June-25June, 1951. Earliest Philips release with dark maroon/plum Minigroove label.

Heavy flat pancake pressing. A 00123 L. Record VG+ to EX, good sound reproduction. Cover NM. Liner notes in English

Berlioz - Symphony Fantastique - Otterloo - Berlin Philharmonic - Philips A 00123 L. Record VG+ to EX. Cover NM. $ 20


Wilhelm Furtwängler conducts.

Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 8, in C.

Original Fassung - Original Edition.
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Recorded in March 1949. Received the "Deutscher Schallplatten Preis" (German Record Prize) that was founded by the German record magazine 'fono forum' in 1963.

Widesound, simulated Stereo. Can also be played in Mono by adding up the two channels.

Furtwängler - Bruckner 8 - EMI recording issued on "Die Volksplatte" label - SMVP 8057/58 Records EX. Beginning of Side 3 VG+. Slipcase NM - $10

Karel Ancerl conducts Dvorak's New World and Smetena's The Moldau

Of Dvorak's 9th Symphony there is the magnificent Ferenc Fricsay Deutsche Grammophon stereo recording. And there are Herbert Von Karajan and Antal Dorati, and a few more. Dorati recorded Dvorak's masterpiece with the Residency Orchestra in mono and later in stereo with the Concertgebouw Orchestra. And there is the atmospheric, at times almost fragile but precise, and also dynamic performance by Karel Ancerl with the Vienna Symphony on Fontana, recorded in the Musikverein in Vienna. It was first issued as a Fontana Full Stereo, the equivalent of Philips Hi-Fi Stereo. This is the later release on Fontana 6530 030. The disc contains also Bedrich Smetena's popular Vltava (Moldau) from the cycle My Fatherland.

Fontana 6530 030. Record and cover are NM.

Ancerl-Dvorak New World-Smetena-Moldau-Vienna. Fontana 6530 030. Record and cover NM. $ 8.

Robert Schumann:

4 Symphonies (Op. 38, 61, 97, 120)
Cello Concerto, Op. 129
Piano Concerto, Op. 54

Leonard Bernstein conducts the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Mischa Maisky - Cello

Justus Franz - Piano

Studio recordings made in a concert hall, a church or whatever venue is chosen for optimum acoustics, have a completely different dimension and an intensity of their own. At any moment the conductor can start all over and a mistake made by the soloist, be it the pianist or the cellist, can be corrected and edited.
A live recording has the added immediacy of performing then and there, without the possibility of parole so to speak. That is what one senses in the music making on these 3 LP's of works by Schumann. The concentration is unescapable. Moreso there is the atmosphere that Leonard Bernstein brings to the music. With Bernstein, every performance is an event. One not only senses that when watching a tv broadcast or a DVD, but also when listening "blindfolded" to records or CD's.
Well this set stems from live performances recorded in 1984 and 1985 in the Grosser Saal of the Musikverein in Vienna.

Deutsche Grammophon 423 099-1, Digital Recording (DDA). 3x LP Box. Records NM. Box NM. The booklet is the same as the booklet of the CD.

Bernstein-Maisky-Franz-Vienna Philharmonic. Schumann Symphonies-Cello and Piano Concertos. Deutsche Grammophon 423 099-1 DDA. Record NM. Box & Booklet NM. $ 22.



Kirill Kondrashin conducts


Recordings made in the years 1965 - 1975.
Yevgenia Tselovalnik - Soprano
Artur Eizen - Bass
Yevgeny Nesterenko - Bass
Republic Academic Russian Choir
Moscow Philharmonic Academic Symphony Orchestra

Two Boxes with 7 LP's each = 14 LP Collection. Melodiya.

The reason for buying this complete set is not the technical quality of the recordings. The quality varies somewhat from disc to disc, although unmistakably Melodiya. Nor is it because the records are Near Mint or just M-. The vinyl is overal Excellent to NM. (See my grading page). The obvious argument for buying this collection is "authenticity". These are the first Russian pressings from 1978 and are seldom encountered and therefore for the strict Shostakovich collector who also wants to acquire the symphonies performed by Kirill Kondrashin on LP.

Box 1: Symphonies 2, 1, 3, 6, 4, 9, 5, 7.
Box 2: Symphonies 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

The matrix numbers: Box 1: 33 CM 03625-6, CM 04237-8, CM 0295-6, CM 0297-C 01110, C 0909-10, C 10-06435-6, C 10--06437-8. Box 2: 33 CM 03583-84, C 04505-6, CM 04273-74, C 04713-14, CM 02905-6, C10-05477-78, C10-05453-54.

Records NM to EX. Condition Box 1 VG (wear at front). Box 2 EX. Boxes are mechanically in good shape. See images. Books are NM.

The texts are in Russian. There is only one paragraph with explanation in English in the book for the first box, probably for the occasional tourist who visited the USSR when Leonid Brezhnev was Secretary General during the Era of Stagnation which made Kondrashin - after he had finished these and a few other recordings - finally decide to defect to the West and settle in The Netherlands.
The book of Box 2 mentions as release date March 27th, 1978

>> Review of the same recordings in Gramophone

Kondrashin-Shostakovich-Complete Symphonies. 2-Boxes.14x Melodiya LP. Records EX to NM. Box 1 VG. Box 2 EX. Books NM. $ 125.

Wilhelm Furtwangler conducts:

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 in A, Op. 92

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra recorded in 1942 in the old Philharmonic Hall which was destroyed in 1944. Recording first published in 1972. Issued in association with Wilhelm Furtwangler Society. Leicester, England

Unicorn WFS 8. Record NM. Cover NM.

Furtwangler-Beethoven 7-Berlin-1942. Unicorn WFS 8. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 9

Edo de Waart and the Staatskapelle Dresden


* Haffner-Serenade K 250 with Uto Ughi - violin
* Poshorn-Serenade K 320 with Peter Damm - posthorn
* Marches K 335, 1 and 2, and K 249

Philips 6770 043. 2x LP. Produced 1973. Dutch pressings. Records NM. Box NM. Inlay with notes in English, German and French.

Waart-Mozart Haffner Posthorn-Ughi-Damm-Dresden. Philips 6770 043 2x LP. Records, Box, Inlay NM. $12.

Bernhard Paumgartner conducts the Camerata Academica of the Salzburg Mozarteum

Wolgang Amadeus Mozart:

Divertimenti K 131, 136, 137 and 138.

Philips A 00382 L Minigroove label. Recorded in 1955. Record NM. Cover NM. Original white paper in plastic inner sleeve NM. Liner notes in German only. Cover artwork by Jacques Richez.

Paumgartner-Mozart-4-Divertimenti. A00382L Minigroove. Record, cover and sleeve NM. $ 19.

Rudolf Morat conducts Zoltan Kodaly

Vienna Symphony Orchstra

Dances from Galanta
Dances of Maroszek

Rudolf Moralt (1902-1958) who was second cousin of Richard Strauss, started his carreer as a repetitor, became an important conductor during the Second World War and later became well known because of his recordings mostly for the Philips label although he also could be found on other labels like Decca, Westminster, Columbia. He accompanied Tibor de Machula in Dvorak's Cello Concerto, Arthur Grumiaux in Mozart, Monique de la Bruchollerie in Tchaikovsky, and at the end of his life Hans Richter-Haaser in the recordings of the Grieg and Schumann Piano Concertos for Philips, published on the Hi-Fi Stereo label. See for more info http://daphne.fc2web.com/moralt-dis.htm
A few recordings of Moralt are hard to find. This 10 inch record with Zoltan Kodaly's Maroszek Dances and Dances of Galanta is one of those rarities. The works were probably recorded in 1953. The exact dates are not known.

Philips Minigroove N00667R. Record is VG to EX. Made in Holland. Early hand carved matrix number. Cover is NM. Liner notes in English.

Moralt -Kodaly-Vienna Symphony-Philips N00667R. Record VG to EX-. Cover NM. $ 9.

Carl Schuricht conducts Anton Bruckner

Symphony No. 9 (original version - Urfasssung) in D Minor.

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Electrola E 91 221 - WALP 1929. Mono edition pressed in Germany from original EMI plates 2XVH 9029-1 and 2XVH 9030-1.

Record NM. Cover - with liner notes in German only - is EX because of ring wear on front.

An item for those who do not want to pay an exessive amount for the original British stereo edition.

Schuricht-Bruckner-9-Vienna Philharmonic-Electrola E 91 221 Mono. Record NM. Cover EX. $ 12.

Georg Ludwig Jochum conducts the Linz Bruckner Orchestra (Reichs-Bruckner-Orchester - the orchestra existed from 1942 on and was dissolved by the US occupier after WW 2)

Anton Bruckner: Symphony No. 2,
Haas edition

Historical recording. Recorded in Vienna on September 5 - 7, 1944 by the Reichs Rundfunk Gesellschaft. The recording was acquired by Urania in 1951 and released in 1952. Editing was done by two young and upcoming engineers/producers at Columbia Records, Calvin Lampley, since 1949 editor and from 1954 on a producer, and Frank D. Laico who had joined Columbia Records in 1946.

From www.abruckner.com I copied the following text:
"During World War II, Georg-Ludwig was in charge of one of Adolf Hitler's pet projects. As part of his grand scheme to make Linz and Saint Florian a Brucknerian cultural center, Hitler formed the Reichs Bruckner Orchestra and G-L Jochum became the General Music Director. The orchestra was a first class ensemble and for a while Herbert von Karajan attempted to become the director. A scheme was planned that would have transferred G-L Jochum to the Wehrmacht and the war front, but Furtwangler uncovered the plan and intervened to prevent it."

The recording released on Urania URLP 402 was later published by Urania in a pseudo-stereo pressing in the ochre colored box, reference Urania US-5243.

URLP 402 is the earliest mono edition. This is of course not a High Fidelity recording. Far from that. Nevertheless the radio broadcast was most likely recorded on tape, the medium that was in use already from 1940 on. The tape was copied and edited and from there the lacquers were cut. The sound does reflect the transfer technique of the 1940s and early 1950s.

Urania URLP 402 - blue label. 2x LP in album. Released in 1952. Records are after 63 years still EX. To prevent damage they are inserted in Nagaoka inner sleeves before put in the compartments. The album is EX as well. Damaged spine was restored by a professional book restorer.

Bruckner-Symphony No. 2 (Haas). G.L.Jochum-Linz Orchestra 1944. Urania URLP 402. Record and Album EX. $ 35

 Furtwangler Beethoven Choral Symphony 1942 recording9

Wilhelm Furtwangler conducts:

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 (Neunte Sinfonie) in d, Op. 125, 'Choral' - recorded March 1942. (Side 1, 2 and 3)

Brahms: Haydn Variations Op. 56a - recorded December 1943. (Side 4)

Tilla Briem - Soprano
Elisabeth Hoengen - Contralto
Peter Anders - Tenor
Rudolf Watzke - Bass

The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Wilhelm Furtwaengler conducting

'Il genio Interpretativo di Wilhelm Furtwangler' - The interpretive genius of Wilhelm Furtwangler

Super Oscar SPO 1022/23. Italian issue. Originally an Ariston production made from tapes provided by Unicorn. Records NM. Cover EX+.

Transfers of the original sound recording. The short annotation on the back of the gatefold cover states that this performance of the maestro is to be preferred over the later 1954 recording. Brahms's Haydn Variations are also thrilling.

Records NM. Cover M-. No liner notes, just pictures.

Beethoven-Symphony No. 9-Furtwangler-Brahms Haydn Var.-Berlin 1942/3-2xLP in gate fold. Records NM. Cover EX+. Super Oscar SPO 1022/23. $ 19

Lorin Maazel conducts the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - Wiener Philharmoniker - New Year's in Vienna - 1981

Music by Strauss - Rosen aus dem Süden - Pizzicato Polka - Transaktionen - Seufzer Galopp - Tritsch-Tratsch Polka - Frühlingsstimmen - Accellerationen - etc.

Deutsche Grammophon 2532 018 - DDA - Early German pressing. Record and Cover NM. See more digital LPs

Lorin Maazel - New Year in Vienna 1981 - DG 2532 018. DDA. Record NM. Cover NM (with special sales sticker). German pressing. $ 8


Willem van Otterloo conducts
The Residency Orchestra, The Hague
The Netherlands Chamber Choir (enlarged)

Ravel: Daphnis and Chloe
Suites Nos 1 & 2.

Philips A 00665 R. Dark sounding 10" Minigroove label. Released in 1954.
Record EX. Cover M-.

Otterloo-Ravel-Daphnis & Chloë-Residency Orchestra-Philips A 00665 R 10 inch. Record EX. Cover M-. $ 7.

Rafael Kubelik conducts the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Janacek: Taras Bulba

Martinu: Les Fresques de Pierro della Francesca (Frescores)

This is an ultra rare recording of the work of Martinu which was dedicated to Rafael Kubelik. Les Fresques de Pierro della Francesca were first performed under Kubelik's direction at the Salzburg Festival, 1956, by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. This EMI recording was made in 1958 and published a year later. It is in mono. No stereo exists. As such it completes a Kubelik discography and the list of recordings of the works of these composers. The disc was listed only for a few years and had been deleted by 1963. Then the only recording of the Frescoes was the one of Karel Ancerl published in stereo in 1960. The uniqueness of this item is also the striking cover art by John Altoon.

Capitol G 7159 (published in the UK as ALP 1675). USA pressing. Record EX. Cover NM.

Kubelik-Janacek-Martinu-Capitol G 7159. Mono. No stereo exists. Record EX. Cover NM. $ 14.

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Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt conducts Jean Sibelius:

Symphony No. 2 in D minor Op. 43

Symphony Orchestra of the NDR (NWDR) Hamburg

Recording from 1956 which was released in the USA in the Fall of that same year on Capitol P 18009. Schmidt-Isserstedt's is a more classical approach, the opposite of Leopold Stokowski's urgency in his recording for RCA.

Odeon Discophil-Serie OLAX 1008. Mono only. Flat pancake pressing.
Side One is M-. Side Two is EX. Cover EX. Stamp imprint on the back.

Sibelius-Symphony No.2-Schmidt-Isserstedt-Odeon-OLAX 1008. Record EX+ to M-. Cover EX. $ 14.

Lorin Maazel conducts Rachmaninov

Symphony No. 3, Op. 44 (1936)
The Isle of the Dead, Op. 29 (1909)

Rachmaninov had been offered the post of conductor of the Boston Symphony. But he declined. Musicians and concert-goers reported that he was an extraordinary conductor. Proof is in the RCA recording he made of his 3rd Symphony in 1939. It shows that his approach is modern. And if he had been recorded in today's technique it would show even more that Lorin Maazel follows in his footsteps in this recording from 1982.

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Recorded/published in 1982. Digital recording DDA. Deutsche Grammophon 2532 065. Record NM. Cover EX+.

Rachmaninov - Symphony No. 3 - Maazel - Berlin Philharmonic - DG 2532 065 Digital recording 1982 - Record NM. Cover EX+. $ 15.

Franklin Mint: The 100 Greatest Recordings of all time - 2 LP issue

Bruno Walter conducts the Columbia Symphony Orchestra

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 6, 'Pastorale', Record No. 59

Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 1, 'Titan', Record No. 60

Pressed on dark red vinyl. Records , box, book, and sleeves NM. Liner notes by Irving Kolodin. Also listed under 'mahler'

Walter - Beethoven Pastorale - Mahler Titan - Franklin Mint 59 and 60. Records, sleeves, box and book NM. $ 19.

Bernard Haitink conducts the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Claude Debussy: Trois nocturnes - Jeux

See Concertgebouw Historic

Willem van Otterloo conducts


Pictures at an Exhibition (Bilder einer Ausstellung)

Night on Bald Mountain (Eine Nacht auf dem kalen Berge)

The Hague Philharmonic Orchestra (Residency Orchestra)

This was a recording from the early 1950s which was deleted from the catalog and replaced by Philips with the performance of Antal Dorati conducting the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra

Fontana 695 043 KL. Mono. No stereo exists. Record practically NM. Cover NM.

Otterloo-Mussorgsky-Pictures-Bald Mountain. Fontana 695 043 KL. Record practically NM. Cover NM. $ 10.

Marius Constant directs music of Claude Debussy

Le Martyre de Saint-Sebastien
Rhapsody for Clarinet
Rhapsody for Saxophone

Orchestra of the French Radio and Television - ORTF - and soloists Guy Deplus and Daniel Deffayet

ERATO STU 70 719 from 1972. Record NM. Cover NM. Also listed under avantgarde.

Debussy - Constant - Martyre de Saint Sebastien - Rhapsodies - ERATO STU 70 719. Record and Cover NM. $ 12.

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9, D minor, Op. 125, 'Choral'.

Beethoven: Symphony No. 8, F Minor, Op. 93.

Gre Brouwenstijn - Soprano
Kerstin Meyer - Contralto
Nicolai Gedda - Tenor
Frederick Guthrie - Bass

St. Hedwig Cathedral Choir conducted by Karl Forster

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by André Cluytens.

La Voix de Son Maitre ASDF 105 and 106. French pressing from original EMI plates 2YRA 1032 -1033 -1034 -1035. Sides One 1, 2 and 3: Symphony No. 9. Side 4: Symphony no. 8.

Records are VG+ to EX+. There is surface noise and there are a few ticks. Several loud passages have distortion. The extent of which depends on the audio set. The measure of quality of the reproduction can depend somewhat on the cartridge / arm combination and on the stylus used, spherical, elliptical, fine line. The finer the tip the less distortion will be heard. These qualifications of the condition do not prevent a good listening.

This stereo set of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony - recorded in the Grunewaldkirche (Grunewald Church) in West Berlin in 1957 - was never sold in the UK. EMI had the Columbia SAX set with Otto Klemperer in superior sound. Cluytens's Choral Symphony only became available in the UK much later, in October, 1967. It was a re-release on one HMV disc, reference SXLP 30085. In Germany these recordings had only been available in mono, as far as I know, on Electrola WCLP 555 and 556. After opening the box of the French release here on offer, there is a short black linen strip at the right side to lift the records and take them out. This mechanism is indicated as being patented, although other companies used similar mechanisms (like some early Philips editions).

Obviously this set is for the curious who fully accepts that the records of this scarce issue are far from NM.

Box NM/M-. Booklet NM, has liner notes in French only, and Schiller's Ode an die Freude in German and French. Records are VG+ to EX+.

Cluytens - Brouwenstijn - Meyer - Gedda - Guthrie - Beethoven Choral. La Voix de Son Maitre ASDF 105 and 106. Box M-. Records VG+ to EX+. $ 145.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphonies Nos. 40 - K 550 - and 41 Jupiter - K.551

Lorin Maazel conducts the Radio Symphony Orchestra (RSO) Berlin.

First pressing from 1967. Philips logo in Bold Face font.

Philips 802 756 LY. Stereo. DeLuxe, shiny gatefold with grey, linen spine. Liner notes in German and French. Record NM. Cover NM.

Maazel - RSO - Mozart 40 & 41. Philips 802 756 LY. DeLuxe gatefold. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 14.

Ernest Ansermet conducts and rehearses Igor Stravinsky's


The New Philharmonia Orchestra

Ansermet conducted The Firebird four times. The first time it a reduced version in the disguise of Suite No. 2, with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, issued on 3x 78 RPM Decca shellac records, reference D-ED30 from the 1940s, probably from 1946 or 1947, praised for the superb sound revealing the textures of the composition. The second time was with the Suisse Romande Orchestra, issued on LP LXT 3045 in 1951. The third time in 1958, again with l'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, issued on SXL 2017. In 1968 he returned to a British orchestra, the New Philharmonia Orchestra, and recorded L'oiseau de feu one more time, but now the complete version of it, copyrighted by Igor Stravinsky. The recording was made shortly before Ansermet's death at the age of 85. As a memorial - as it was intended to from the beginning of the plan - Decca issued this recording together with the taped rehearsals in memory of this great conductor - SET 468 and 468A. These recordings were transferred to CD in the 1980s.

Decca SET 468-468A. Records NM. Box NM. Inlay NM.

Ansermet - Stravinsky - Firebird Complete + Rehearsals - Decca SET 468-468A. Records NM. Box and inlay NM. $ 38.


Lovro von Matacic conducts

Anton Bruckner

Symphony No. 4 in E-flat Major - "Romantic"

The Philharmonia Orchestra

In 1954 a new edition of the 1888 Redlich version of Anton Bruckner's Fourth Symphony was published. That is the version Columbia and Von Matacic choose for a new recording which was issued in September of 1955, on the blue label with gold lettering of the Columbia Graphophone Company Ltd., Great Castle Street, London. References of the discs 33CX1274-5.

This performance is spread over 3 sides. The first disc has on Side One the First Movement. The reverse has a patern of Columbia logos and the warning 'Do not play this Side'. Disc 2 starts with the Second Movement.

By 1961 this recording had been deleted from the catalog. There remained a few copies in stock. The set here on offer was purchased in January 1962 and was probably one of the last, if not the very last, available. Obviously an item for the Bruckner buff.

Columbia 33CX1274-5. Records VG+ to EX. Old mono sound. Old mono records can best be played using a speial mono cartridge. Covers NM/M-.

Matacic-Bruckner No.4-Philharmonia Orchestra. Columbia 33CX1274-5. Records VG+ to EX. Cover NM/M-. $ 18.

Sir Eugene Goossens conducts the London Symphony Orchestra

Ottorino Respighi: Feste Romane

Sergei Rachmaninov: Symphonic Dances Op. 45

It was the idea of Everest Records (Bert Whyte) to use 35 mm sound film for quality audio recording. Striving for the highest quality in recording, booking renowned musicians, and making a stylish presentation (the design was by Alex Steinweiss), turned out to be a costly affair. When Everest lost its shine by becoming a label of reissues, it was C. Robert Fine who acquired the 35 mm machines, modified them and started recording for Mercury Records and later for Command. On offer here is one of the famous and earliest Everest recordings.

Everest SDBR 3004. A 2x LP stereo set in a heavy gatefold cover. Records NM. Cover EX+.

Respighi - Feste Romane - Rachmaninov - Symphonic Dances - Goossens - London. Everest SDBR 3004. Records NM. Cover EX+. $ 18.


Sir Adrian Boult conducts Vaughan Williams

Old King Cole - The Wasps

Philharmonic Promenade Orchestra

Westminster XWN 18251. Record M-. Cover EX (some writing and timing on the back).

Vaughan Williams - Boult - Wasps - Old King Cole - Westminster XWN 18251. Record M-. Cover EX. $ 8.

Klemperer conducts Beethoven

Symphony No. 4 - Egmont (Overture and Scene) with Birgit Nilsson

Philharmonia Orchestra. EMI Italia - La voce del padrone 3 C065 00797.

Original British plates, matrix numbers 2YEA 1957-7 and 00797 21-6-73. Record NM. Cover M-

Klemperer - Nilsson - Beethoven 4 - Egmont. EMI Italia 3C06500797. Record NM. Cover M-. $ 8.

See for The Four Symphonies of Robert Schumann performed by Bernard Haitink conducting the Concertgebouw Orchestra 'concertgebouw historic'

Haitink - Schumann - Four Symphonies - ACO / Concertgebouw - 3x LP. Philips DDA 412 852-1 Records Box and Book NM. $ 25.


Ferenc Fricsay conducts the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (1954)

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 in a, Op. 74, Pathétique

In the 1950s Deutsche Grammophon had three recordings of Tchaikovsky's No. 6, 'Symphonie Pathétique', in their catalog. Markevitch (LPM 18 193), Mravinsky (LPM 18 334), and there was the early recording of Ference Fricsay conducting the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra on LPM 18 012, issued in 1954, probably recorded one year earlier. That was the time when he made several recordings with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, for example of Beethoven's Symphonies Nos. 1 and 8 (LPM 18 100).
Fricsay's is a fascinating performance. He is meticulous in his approach throughout, but unexpectedly strikes with a moving and penetrating lament in the first movement, and a humble finale of the symphony.

Deutsche Grammophon LPM 18 107, thick pancake pressing from 1954 (Alle Hersteller). Record NM to M-. Gatefold Cover M-- (scan does not show the number 6 written at the upper right corner).

Fricsay - Tchaikovsky - Pathetique - 1954 recording - Berlin Philharmonic. LPM 18 107. Record and Cover NM to M-. $ 18.

Sir Adrian Boult conducts Brahms: Symphony No. 3 and Tragic Overture

London Symphony Orchestra

EMI ASD 2660. Record issued in 1971. Record and Cover NM to M-.

Boult - Brahms - Symphoiny 3 - Tragic-EMI ASD 2660. Record and Cover M- to NM. $ 12

Lovro von Matacic conducts Ludwig Beethoven: Symphony No. 3, "Eroica", the symphony with the Marcia Funebre

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

Supraphon SUA ST 50785 Stereo. This is a Czech red label pressing. The cover design by Zdenka Bicanova is from 1960. Record M-. Cover M- (small area of the cellophane is loose at the insert).

Matacic - Beethoven Eroica - Suprphon SUA ST 50785. Record and Cover M-. $ 10


Neville Marriner - Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields

Giacomo Rossini: String Sonatas (Complete)

Gaetano Donizetti: String Quartet in D.

Dutch issue of these famous Argo recordings in a gatefold cover. Philips matrices cut from original Argo 1967 (Decca) tapes of ZRG 506 and 603. Liner notes in Dutch. Argo Stereo 6745 007. Individual records 6557 560 and 561. Records NM. Side One of 6557 560 M-. Gatefold NM.

Rossini Sonatas - Donizetti Quartet - Marriner. 2x LP. Dutch Argo 6745 007. GatefoldNM. Records NM/M- $ 12.



Wilhelm Schüchter conducts

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 9, in D, Op. 125, 'Choral'

Chorus of the Hamburg State Opera and the North German Symphony Orchestra - Das Norddeutsche Symphonie-Orchester

Hilda Monti - Soprano
Maria von Loszny - Contralto
Franz Gueden - Baritone
Karel Ansbacher - Bass

This recording was issued in December 1958 - according to the detailed discography presented by J.F. Weber - and became available on various labels.

This is the German Somerset 541 issue. Wilhelm Schüchter known for his recordings for the Imperial label conducts a dynamic and very likeable performance.

Somerset 541 - 2x LP. Gatefold is NM. Records are M- (Side One) to NM (Side 2,3,4).

Beethoven - Symphony No. 9 - Choral - Schüchter - Nord Deutsche Symphony - Hamburg State Opera Chorus - Somerset 541. Records M- to NM. Gatefold NM. $ 25.

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Symphony No. 2, 'Resurrection'

Live recording made of the performance in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw on July 12, 1951, at the Holland Festival.

Chorus and Concertgebouw Orchestra, Jo Vincent (soprano), and Kathleen Ferrier (contralto).

See category 'Mahler'

Lovro von Matacic conducts Bruckner and Wagner

Symphony No. 7 (Side 1, 2 and 3)

Wagner: Götterdämmerung - Orchestral Suite - arr. Lovro von Matacic (Side 4):
I. Nacht. Morgendämmerung (Siegfried and Brünhilde).
Siegfrieds Rheinfahrt.
II. Der Götter Ende.

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

Supraphon SUA ST 50809/10 - Recorded in the House of Arts, Prague. Recording published in 1967. Notes in English, Russian and German.

Records NM. Box EX+. Inlay NM.

Matacic - Bruckner - Wagner - Supraphon SUA ST 50809/10 - Stereo - Records NM. Box EX+. Inlay NM. $28


Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 2 "Little Russian"

Original youthful 1872 Version which differs substantially from the definitive score. World Premiere recording.

Geoffry Simon conducting the London Symphony Orchestra

Chandos ABRD 1071. Record and Cover NM.

Tchaikovsky - Little Russian - Simon - Chandos ABRD 1071. Record and Cover NM. $ 12

Pierre Bartholomée conducts the world premiere recording of Choros XII of Heitor Villa-Lobos. Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège.

Recorded in 1980. Pressed by Sonopress.

Ricercar RIC 007. Record is M-. Cover NM. Ex library copy. Lable on Side Two has a small sticker.

Villa-Lobos - Choros XII - Bartholomée - Ricercar 007. Ex library copy. Record EX+. Cover NM. Ricercar 007. $ 15.

Ernest Ansermet conducts

COPPELIA (Léo Delibes)
Ballet in Two Acts

L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

The Coppélia recording was first published in February, 1959. This issue has the BIEM reference on the label instead of the 'musical notes'.
An oddity is that on the label is printed L'Orchestra (the English way) instead of L'Orchestre.

Decca SXL 2084-SXL 2085 - Wide Band Non Grooved ED 2 - 'Made in Great Brittain' at 10 o'clock.
Matrices ZAL-3585-1K / ZAL-3586-1K / ZAL-3586-3E / ZAL-3587-5K

Records are EX+ to M-. Box is M-. The simple inlay is NM.

Coppélia - Ansermet - Suisse Romande - Decca SXL 2084/85. Records EX+ to M-. Box M-. Inlay NM. $ 65

Ernest Ansermet conducts

COPPELIA (Léo Delibes)
Ballet in Two Acts

L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

This is the reissue of the original Decca SXL 2084-SXL 2085 box but now on two separate records in the Ace of Diamonds Series, reference numbers SDD 371 and 372.
Here the lacquers have different plate numbers, though not the very high numbers of a few years later, ZAL-3585-4W / ZAL-3586-5W / ZAL-3587-7W / 3588-3W.

Records are NM. Covers are NM.

Coppélia - Ansermet - Suisse Romande - Decca SDD 371 & 372. Records NM. Covers NM. $ 16

Igor Stravinsky conducts Igor Stravinsky:

Petrushka - Columbia Symphny Orchestra

Philips Hi-Fi Stereo 836410 VZ - 10 inch

Record EX. Cover M-.

Stravinsky - Petrushka - Stravinsky - Philips Hi-Fi Stereo 836410 VZ - Record EX. Cover M-. $ 10.

Bruno Walter conducts Beethoven:

Symphony No. 4 - Columbia Symphny Orchestra

Philips Hi-Fi Stereo 836412 VZ - 10 inch

Record EX. Cover EX+.

Walter - Beethoven Symphony No. 4 - Philips Hi-Fi Stereo 836412 VZ - Record EX. Cover EX+. $ 10.

Igor Markevitch conducts the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Hector Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique Op. 14

Mono recording issued and pressed in 1954.

Inclusive of Nagaoka inner sleeve

Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft 18 167 LPM - Record Ex to NM (a few light ticks at the beginning of Side One) - Cover NM $ 10.

Willem van Otterloo conducts Beethoven Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125.

Erna Spoorenberg (Soprano) - Maria von Ilosvay (contralto) - Frans Vroons (Tenor) - Herman Schey (Bass)

The Amsterdam Tonkunst Choir - The Residency Orchestra (The Hague). Recorded on 3 and 4 May, 1952, in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw.

When Philips Phonografische Industrie started in 1950, it could not make recordings with the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra as this orchestra was under contract with Decca records in Great Britain. So Philips looked for an orchestra they could make a contract with. Most Otterloo recordings were released in the US from December 1953 on, except this symphony. However this recording became available in the UK in April of 1955 (ABL 3030-1). The Residency Orchestra under Willem van Otterloo was the principal orchestra for the first years of the Philips label and became the trademark of the label. That changed when Philips negociated with the Concertgebouw Orchestra and with Decca. The result was that from 1955 on the Concertgebouw Orchestra and its conductor Eduard van Beinum started recording for Philips. The recordings with the Residency Orchestra were made in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam which is audible in this recording, specifically in the last movement of this 'The Choral Symphony'.

Philips A 00145/146 L - Mono recording first released in a heavy gatefold in 1952. This is ED2 of about one year later, in a somewhat lighter gatefold sleeve with each of the two records in an individual cover indicating the program.

Records are VG+ to EX. Cover is EX.

Beethoven - Symphony No. 9 - Otterloo - Spoorenberg - Ilosvay - Vroons - Schey - Hague Philharmonic - Philips A00145/6L - Records and Gatefold VG+ to EX. $ 14

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Wolfgang Sawallisch conducts the Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 and King Stephan Overture.

Philips 835 124 AY. Second Hi-Fi Stereo plum flat label. Recording first published 1964. Record M- . Cover NM.

Sawallisch - Beethoven 7 - King Stephan - Concertgebouw. Philips 835 124. Record M- to NM. Cover NM. $ 15.

Guido Cantelli conducts the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Johannes Brahms: Symphony No. 1 in D Op. 68

La Voce del Padrone (Italian His Master's Voice) QIM 6346. British plates. Record and Cover EX+.

Cantelli - Brahsm Symphony No. 1 - La Voce del Padrone QIM 6346. Record and Cover EX+. $ 10.

Guido Cantelli conducts the Philharmonia Orchestra

Richard Wagner: Siegfried Idyll
Peter Tchaikovsky: Romeo and Juliet - Fantasy Overture

These recordings were made in 1951 (Ref. Data Base of Cantelli's recordings), but issued in 1954 according to The Gramophone. This is the second issue with liner notes by J. McKay Martin (Tchaikovsky) and Deryck Cooke (Wagner).

His Master's Voice ALP 1086 Red Gold label. Record EX. Cover NM.

Cantelli - Tchaikovsly - Wagner - HMV ALP 1086. Record EX. Cover NM. $ 10.

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Dean Dixon conducts the Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra - Kölner Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester

Antonin Dvorak: Symphony No. 9, 'From the New World', Op. 95.

Peter Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6, 'Pathétique', Op. 74.

Eurodisc 28695 XBK - 2x LP - Gatefold. Recorded in 1959 (Dvorak) and 1963 (Tchaikovsky).

Records NM. Cover M-.

Dvorak Symphony No. 9- Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6. Dixon - Eurodisc 28695 - Cover M-. Records NM. $ 16.

In Memory of Jean Martinon
In memoriam Jean Martinon - 1910 - 1976.

Jean Martinon conducts the Residency Orchestra (Hague Philharmonic Orchestra)

Liszt: Faust Symphony (Sides 1, 2 and 3) with Philip Langridge - tenor, and Die Haghe Sanghers conducted by René Verhoeff.

Mahler: Symphony No. 10 - Deryck Cooke's version from 1972 (Sides 4, 5 and 6)

Recorded live on 26th of June, 1974 (Liszt) and 13th of June, 1975 (Mahler) when Jean Martinon was in his mid sixties. See Wikipedia. Radio recordings. Private issue by the Residency Orchestra. Fine Philips plates and pressings made in Baarn. References: 6812 102/103/104. Also listed under 'Mahler' Read the extensive and well wrought article by Tony Duggan on Music Web International

Martinon - Liszt Faust - Mahler Symphony No. 10. 3 x LP 6812 102/3/4. Records as new. Covers (black print on gray kraft paper) M- (edges show light shelfwear). $22.

Yevgeni Mravinsky conducts.

Wagner: Funeral March (Götterdämmerung) - Introduction and Death of Isolde (Tristan und Isolde)

Richard Strauss: An Alpine Symphony - Alpensinfonie

Leningrad Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra

Recorded live at the Grand Hall of the Leningrad Philharmonic Society on April 21, 1962 (Richard Strauss) and March 31, 1978 (Richard Wagner)

Melodiya Stereo C10 17781 004. Gatefold edition. 2x LP. Liner notes in English and Russian. Records M- to NM.

Mravinsky - Strauss - Alpine - Wagner - 2x LP - Gatefold - Melodiya C10 17781. Records and Cover Nm to M-. $ 16.

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Ernst von Dohnanyi:
Variations on a Nursery Song
Ruralia Hungarica

Budapest Symphony Orchestra, György Lehel, conductor

Istvan Lanto (piano)

Dohnanyi - Ruralia, Variations - Hungaroton SLPX 12149 - DDA - Record and Cover NM $ 12.

Bernard Hermann conducts the London festival Players

Eric Satie: Adventures of mercury - la Belle excentrique =- Jack in the Box

Darius Milhaud: Saudades do Brazil

Decca Phase 4 PFS 4286 recorded in 1973. Record M-. Cover NM.

Hermann - Satie - Milhaud - Decca PFS 4286. Record M-. Cover NM. $7.

Mussorgsky (Mousssorgsky): Pictures at an Exhibition

Colin Davis conducts the Concertgebouw Orchestra

Philips 9500 744 Digital Recording. DDA.

One of the first digital recordings made by Philips and released in 1980. Click here for background.

Record and Cover NM (as new). Also listed under concertgebouw-historic.

Davis - Moussorgsky - Concertgebouw Orchestra - Philips Digital 9500 744. Record and Cover NM. $ 14.

Mozart: Symphony No. 40
Beethoven: Symphony No. 1.

Orchestra of the 18th Century. Franz Brüggen, conductor. Live recording.

Philips Digital Classics 416 329-1. Record NM. Cover NM. DDA.

Brüggen - 18th Century - Mozart - Beethoven. Philips 416 329-1. Record and Cover NM. $ 12.

Ravel - Daphnis and Chloë - complete ballet score.

Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos conducts the New Philharmonia Orchestra, Ambrosian Singers.

EMI His Master's Voice semi circle label, 1st edition, ASD 2355. M-.

Frühbeck de Burgos - Ravel - ASD 2355. Cover and record are EX to NM - $ 25.


Willem Mengelberg - Franz Schubert: Symphony No. 8 (recorded 1939)

Eduard van Beinum - Claude Debussy:
La mer - Fêtes (1957)

Bernard Haitink - Johannes Brahms:
Variations on a Theme by Haydn (1974) - 10 Hungarian Dances (1980)

Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Philips 2x LP in gatefold 6816 102 and 103. Records NM (as new). Old recordings in modern pressings. Gatefold NM. See also Concertgebouw Historic

Mengelberg - Beinum - Haitink - Schubert, Debussy, Brahms. Philips 2x LP 6816 102/103. Record and Gatefold NM. $ 12.

Arturo Toscanini conducts Brahms: Double Concerto with Mischa Mischakoff (violin), Frank Miller (cello) and the NBC Symphony Orchestra

RCA - LM-2178-D. 10 inch German pressing from 1958. Record M- to NM. Cover M-.

Toscanini - Brahms - Double - Mischakoff - Miller - RCA LM-2178-D. Record M- to NM. Cover M-. $ 9.

Rossini: Six Sonatas For Strings

Leningrad Chamber Orchestra conducted by Eduard Serov

Melodiya C10-19479 009. Recorded in 1982. Records NM. DeLuxe Gatefold cover NM.

Liner notes in Russian and English

Rossini - 6 String Sonatas - Serov Leningrad. 2x LP Melodiya C10-19479 009. Records NM - Cover NM. $ 15.

Ernest Ansermet conducts Tchaikovsky


Casse Noisette
Ballet in Two Acts

L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

Decca SXL 2092 - SXL 2093 - Wide Band Non Grooved ED 2 - 'Made in Great Brittain' at 10 o'clock.
Matrices ZAL-4221-3W / ZAL-4224-2W / ZAL-4222-2W / ZAL-4223-2W

This recording was first published in April of 1959. Records are M- to NM. Inlay NM. Box EX. The image above shows in an exaggerating way the spots that are responsible for the EX grade of the box.

Ansermet - Tchaikovsky - Nutcracker - Decca SXL 2092/3 WB ED2 Non Grooved. Records are M-. Box EX. $ 95

Rafael Kubelik

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Complete Symphonies.

The name Rafael Kubelik is synonymous with Dvorak and Mahler. But there were more composers on his list. One of these is Ludwig van Beethoven. It was a good decision made by Deutsche Grammophon and Raphael Kubelik in deciding to make recordings with a variety of orchestras. In some cases the technicians followed track of Kubelik's schedule and thus some of the recordings - Amsterdam, Boston, Paris, Munich (9th) - were preceeded by concert performances while the others were pure studio productions, the notes say.

This set differs from the way complete symphonic cycles are generally produced. It is interesting to hear the change - often subtle - from one orchestra performing a specific symphony to another ensemble in a different acoustic environment.

The complete set of the 9 Symphonies became available in 1976.

No. 1: London Symphony
No. 2: Concertgebouw Orkest
No. 3: Berlin Philharmonic
No. 4; Israel Philharmonic
No. 5: Boston Symphony
No. 6: Orchestre de Paris
No. 7: Vienna Philharmonic
No. 8: Members of the Cleveland Orchestra
No. 9: Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Chorus of the Bavarian Radio, and soloists Helen Donath (Soprano), Teresa Berganza (Contralto), Wieslaw Ochman (Tenor), and Thomas Stewart (Bass)

Deutsche Grammophon 2740 155 (individual numbers 2563 591 to 2563 598). Pressed in Germany. Recorded in 1973, 1974, and 1975. The eight records (16 sides) are all NM. The book is NM as well. It has extensive notes and articles in German, English and French. The book also contains short biographical notes of all of the nine orchestras involved accompanied by a picture of the orchestra when Kubelik is conducting, except for the Berlin Philharmonic, for that orchestra a stock photo was used.

Kubelik-Beethoven-Symphonies 1 to 9. Nine orchestras. Donath-Berganza-Ochman-Stewart. Deutsche Grammophon 2740 155 8x LP. Records NM. Book NM. Box VG. $ 35

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Sir Adrian Boult conducts

Brahms Symphony No. 1 and Tragic Overture

Philharmonic Promenade Orchestra.

Nixa NCL 16000. 1956. Mono.

Boult - Brahms - Nixa NCL 16000. Record VG+ to EX+. Cover the same, Lower front and seam were repaired. $ 8.

Simon Rattle conducts Jean Sibelius

Symphony No. 2 in D major Op. 43 + Final scene with Cranes from Kuolema Op. 44

City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Digital recording made in 1984 in the Arts Centre of Warwick - French pressing. DDA.

Rattle - Sibelius Symphony No. 2 - Scene. French VSM 27 01601 1 (DDA). Cover and Record NM. $ 12.


Herbert von Karajan conducts Anton Webern

Passacaglia - Five Movements - Six Pieces For Orchestra - Symphony Op. 21

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Karajan - Webern - Berlin Philharmonic - Deutsche Grammophon 2531 146 - Record NM. Cover NM. $ 14.

Wilhelm Furtwangler conducts Beethoven, Symphony No. 3, Eroica. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Recorded 1952.

Furtwangler. Beethoven Eroica. His Master's Voice ALP 1060 ED 2. Record M-. Cover NM. $55.

Richard Strauss: Don Quixote

Frank Miller - cello
Carlton Cooley - viola
Daniel Guilet - violin

Arturo Toscanini conducts the N.B.C. Symphony Orchestra - recording from the N.B.C. broadcast of November 22nd, 1953.

His Master's Voice - HMV LP- Ref. ALP 1493. Released in the US on RCA Victor LM 2026 in November 1956.

Also listed under 'violoncello'.

Record VG+ to EX. Cover NM. $ 20.

Strauss - Toscanini - Don Quixote - Miller, Cooley, Guilet. HMV ALP 1493. Cover NM. Record VG+. $ 12.

Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra's amazing performance of

Dmitri Shostakovich Symphony No. 5 in D, Op. 47

CBS SBRG 72172. Made in England pressed from Decca plates.

Recorded in 1959 and issued in 1960 as Columbia MS 6115 and in Europe on the Philips Hi-Fi Stereo label. In Great Britain as SABL 164 and on the continent as 835548 AY, and then from 1966 on as CBS SBRG 72172. This issue is soundwise a crossing between a 6-eye and a Wide Band, but not Near Mint.

This stereo record has a cover that indicates 'Mono'. Record is M-. Cover NM.

Bernstein - Shostakovich - Symphony No. 5 - CBS SBRG 72172. Record M-. Cover NM. $ 12

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6, 'Pathétique'

Sir Adrian Boult conducts the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Golden Guinea (Pye) - Stereo GSGL 1 0036 = ED1. First published in 1958. Recording probably made by the Mercury team. Released in the US as Stereo-Fi 10100.

Record VG+ to EX. Cover M-.

Tchaikovsky - Pathétique - Boult - Golden Guinea GSGL 1 0036. Record VG+. Cover M-. $ 6.


René Leibowitz conducting The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Beecham Choral Society

Soloists: Inge Borkh (soprano), Ruth Siewert (contra alto), Richard Lewis (tenor), Ludwig Weber (bass)

Reader's Digest Stereo RD-4-06 1-7. 7x LP. Imported USA RCA Pressings in original American slip case.

The only difference with the US edition is the Dutch Certificate which has Number 06802. Records NM (except for Record 1 Side 2 which is graded M-).

Booklet missing.

Slipcase Close to NM.

Beethoven: The Nine Symphonies - René Leibowitz. Original RCA US pressings in original slip case. With Dutch Certificate. Number 06802. Records NM (Record 1 Side 2 M-) $ 25.

Antal Dorati conducts the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Liszt: Eine Faust Symphonie
Wagner: Faust Overture
Berlioz: Faust Szenen

Soloist: Lajos Kozma - Tenor
Chorus of the Concertgebouw Orchestra - Arthur Oldham, Chorus Master

Dorati's association with the Philips label dates from the early 1950s when he recorded Dvorak's New World Symphony with the Hague Residency Orchestra, and when the stereo format was introduced, he recorded the same with the Concertgebouw Orchestra. For Philips he conducted also music of Dutch composers.

This is a live performance digitally recorded and issued in 1982 with the earliest red label and the first logo to indicate a digital recording.

Records NM. Cover NM. Liner notes in English, French and German. 2x LP. Philips 7654 089 (6514 218/219). DDA.

Dorati - Liszt - Faust Symphony. Concertgebouw. Philips 2x LP 7654 089. DDA. Records NM. Gatefold cover NM. $ 19.

Gennady Rozhdestvensky conducts Anton Bruckner

Symphony No. 3 in D Minor

The Large Orchestra of Radio and Television. Recording from 1979.

Melodiya - CM 03579-80 - Record and cover M-.

Rozhdestvensky - Bruckner 3 - Melodiya CM 03579-80. Record and Cover M-. $ 10.

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Bedrich Smetana: Ma Vlast

Vysehrad - Vltava (Moldau) - Sarka - From Bohemian's Woods and Fields (Floors) - Tabor - Blanik.

Karel Ancerl conducts the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

A 2x LP gatefold from Supraphon 50521/2.

Ancerl - Ma Vlast - 2x LP Supraphon GS ST 50521/22 Records and Cover NM $ 15.

Otto Klemperer conducts Beethoven

Symphony No.9 in d minor, Op.125, "Choral"

Leonora 3 Overture and King Stephen Overture

Aase Nordmo Løvberg - Soprano
Christa Ludwig - Mezzo-Soprano
Waldemar Kmentt - Tenor
Hans Hotter - Baritone

The Philhamonia Orchestra and Philharmonia Chorus

EMI HMV SLS 790/2 - ASD 2567/2568. Black-white dog in stamp. ED2 of Columbia Blue Silver SAX 2276/7 from December 1959. Records NM. Box and inlay NM.

Klemperer-Beethoven-Choral-Løvberg-Ludwig-Kmentt-Hotter.Philharmonia Orchestra & Chorus. HMV EMI SLS 790/2. Records, Box, Inlay NM. $ 24.

Anatole Fistoulari conducts Tchaikovsky (The Tempest, Marche Miniature), Luigini (Ballet Egyptien), Glinka (Valse-Fantaisie), Rimsky-Korsakov (Mlada)

Philharmonia Orchestra and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Fistoulari - HMV Concert Classics SXLP 30101 - Record Ex to NM. Cover NM - $ 10.

Rossini: Complete (Six) String Sonatas

Chamber Orchestra of the "GH.DIMA" Philharmonic in Brasov

I. Ionescu-Galati, conductor

Electrecord recording - 2x LP in Gatefold. Reference ST-ECE 02115/16

Rossini - 6 String Sonatas - Ionescu-Galati - Electrecord Black Label - 2x LP ST-ECE 02115/16 - Records NM - Cover EX. $ 14.

Rafael Kubelik conducts the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in Dvorak's New World Symphony

SDD 128, pressed from original Full Frequency Range Recording plates, ZAL-3380-5E and ZAL-3381-5E. Original inner sleeve.

Kubelik - Dvorak New World - Decca SDD 128 - ffrr - Record and Cover EX to NM $ 15.

Otmar Suitner conducts the Dresden State Orchestra / Staatskapelle Dresden.

Peter Tchaikovsky: Serenade for strings

Robert Volkmann: Serenade for Strings No. 2

Original ETERNA recording from 1961. German pressing. Reference 25961 - Black/Silver label. Record NM. Cover EX.

Suitner - Tchaikovsky - Volkmann - Dresden State Orchestra. Eterna black label 8 25 961 - Record NM. Cover EX- $ 10.

Igor Markevitch conducts the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra:

Berwald: Symphony No. 2 (Singulière) and No. 3

Mono recording issued and pressed in 1956 - No stereo exists

Deutsche Grammophon Gatefold (inclusive of Nagaoka inner sleeve). LPM 18317

Record EX. Sleeve EX (inside spine carefully glued).

Markevitch - Berwald Symphonies - DGG LPM 18317. Record and cover EX. $ 12.

Ferenc Fricsay conducts

Tchaikovsky: Overture Solonelle - 1812 Festival Overture - Wagner: Overture Flying Dutchman

RIAS Symphony Orchestra and Don Cossacks Chorus. Recording issued 1955. This is not the later recording with the Berlin Philharmonic!

Fricsay - Tchaikovsky 1812. RIAS & Don Cassacks Choir. DGG LPE 17022 - 10" - Record EX+. Gatefold cover EX-. $ 9.

Clemens Krauss conducts Richard Strauss

Till Eulenspiegel, Don Juan
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Inclusive of original inner sleeve

Clemens Krauss conducts R. Strauss - Decca LXT 2549 Orange Gold Label - Record and Cover EX. $ 12.

Ferenc Fricsay conducts

Ravel: Boléro - Prokofief: Classical Symphony.

The RIAS Symphony Orchestra. Mono recording. No stereo exists.

Fricsay - Bolero - RIAS SO - DGG LPE 17042 - 10" - 1965 pressing. Record NM. Cover NM. $ 10.

Fritz Reiner conducts the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Maurice Ravel: Valses nobles et sentimentales - Alborada del gracioso - Pavane pour un infant défunte -

Richard Strauss: Le bourgeois gentilhomme (Orchestersuite aus der Musik zum Bürger als Edelmann)

Reiner - Ravel - Strauss - Early German pressing - RCA Victrola VICS 1199. Record and Cover NM. $ 10.

Ferenc Fricsay conducts

Dvorak: Symphony No. 5 (No. 9) Aus der neuen Welt - From the New World.

RIAS Symphony Orchestra. Dynamic performance. No stereo exist.

Fricsay - New World - RIAS SO - DG 18142 LPM. 1955 pressing. Gatefold cover. Record NM. Cover M-. $ 15.

Grieg: Peer Gynt Op. 23 London Symphony Orchestra, Oivin Fjeldstad Dutch Decca.

Extraordinary audiophile sound recording and beautiful pressing from Philips plates made from original Decca tapes.

Fjeldstad - Dutch Decca NUX 390 019 - Cover and Record NM - $ 12.

Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by André Cluytens


Beethoven: Symphony No. 9, D minor, Op. 125, 'Choral'.

Beethoven: Symphony No. 8, F Minor, Op. 93.

Gre Brouwenstijn - Soprano
Kerstin Meyer - Contralto
Nicolai Gedda - Tenor
Frederick Guthrie - Bass

St. Hedwig Cathedral Choir conducted by Karl Forster



This is a Two Record Box Set of the recording made in 1957. It is the mono edition pressed from EMI plates (2XRA 560-1 557-1 558-1 559-1) by Dutch Company EMI-Bovema, Heemstede. Electrola style labels. Box is M- (scan does not pick up actual color). Book is NM. Liner notes in German. Deluxe stitched inner sleeves with flap.

His Master's Voice WCLP 555 and 556. Side One (Symphony No. 8). Sides 2, 3 and 4 (Symphony No. 9). Flat relatively heavy pancake pressings. Records are EX. Obviously an item for the collector of odd and rare editions.

Cluytens - Brouwenstijn - Meyer - Gedda - Guthrie - Beethoven Choral. Dutch issue WCLP 555 and 556. Records and Box EX. Best offer accepted.

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