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78 RPM Shellac Records
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All 78 rpm records have been
The Grading of 78 RPM records - NM, EX, VG+, VG - does not reflect the appearence of the disc but the quality of the reproduced sound.

This is a short selection that will be expanded soon with recordings by Ida Haendel, Alexander Brailowsky, Léner Quartet,
David Oistrakh, Artur Schnabel, Irmgard Seefried, Witold Malcuzynski, Willem Mengelberg, etc.

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Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 23 in B Flat Minor

Mark Hambourg - pianist
Royal Albert Hall Orchestra conducted by Sir Landon Ronald


This recording is not mentioned in either 1942 or 1948 edition of Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Recorded Music. Although many sources mention that the recording was made in 1926, it is of course made along the acoustic procedure. This album must certainly have been played on an old gramophone with steel needles. It is therefor more a historic (antique) item and not so much a recording that can be compared to later electrical recordings and pressings.

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His Master's Voice D 1130/31/32/33 - 4 shellac discs, 8 Sides. Records VG because of surface noise. No scratches or marks. Original Album EX. Shipping $ 50 (5kg category).

Hambourg-Landon-Albert Hall Orchestra. Tchaikovsky Concerto Op. 23. HMV D 1130/1/2/3. Acoustic recording. Records VG. $15.


Beethoven: Trio in B Flat Major, Op. 97 - "The Archduke"

Alfred Cortot - Piano
Jacques Thibaud - Violin
Pablo Casals - Cello


Tully Potter wrote in his accompanying notes on the Naxos Site: "Thibaud and Casals played (the trio) in public 22 times. They give the four-movement work a performance of immense breadth, quite loose in ensemble and very different from the great 1956 recording by Gilels, Kogan and Rostropovich, which is more tautly organized, more sculpted in phrasing and, to be frank, more secure technically. The older players often seem to be making up the music as they go along. They rise to magnificent heights in the slow movement, a set of variations on a hymn-like theme, then enjoy themselves in the skittish finale."

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His Master's Voice DB 1223 / 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 - 5 shellac discs, 10 Sides. Records VG+ to EX because of surface noise. No scratches or marks. Original Album EX. Shipping $ 50 (5kg category).

Cortot-Thibaud-Casals. Beethoven Archduke. HMV DB 1223-1227. 5x 78 rpm discs. Records VG+/EX. Album EX. $ 20.

Beethoven: Sonata in A, Op. 69 for Piano and Cello (Side 1-5)

Weber: Andantino for Cello Solo from "Konzertstück" (Side 6)

Emanuel Feuermann, cello
Dame Myra Hess, piano

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Columbia LX 641-642-643. Recorded in 1937. Plates CAX 8004-8008 and CAX 7905. Records VG+. Sturdy Deluxe sleeves.

Feuermann-cello. Hess-piano. Beethoven: Op.69. Weber: Andantino. Columbia LX 641/2/3. Records VG. $ 18

Pablo de Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen (Gypsy Airs)

Mischa Elman (Violin) and Carroll Hollister (Piano)

His Master's Voice D.B.1536. Very well recorded. The recording is listed already in the 1942 edition of the Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Recorded Music. The record is EX. DeLuxe sturdy lined protective sleeve.

Elman-Hollister-Sarasate-Zigeunerweisen. HMV D.B.1536. Record EX. $ 10.

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Serenata Notturna (W.A. Mozart) performed by the Zernick Quartett

H. Zernick (Volin)- Th. Schwoon (Violin) - H. Kirchner (Viola) - H. Reimann (Cello)
This is the shortest night music I can remember. This recording is not listed in the Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Recorded Music of 1948. Probably recorded in 1949 or somtime later

Imperial 014005 and 014006 (Plates: KC 0232, 0233, 0234 and 0235). Made in Germany. Records EX-. DeLuxe sturdy lined protective sleeve

Elne kleine Nachtmusik-Mozart-Zernick Quartett. Imperial 014005/014006 (Plates: KC 0232 0233 0234 0235). Records EX-. $12

Jean Sibelius: The Swan of Tuonela

The Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam conducted by Eduard van Beinum

Telefunken SK 3236. Recorded 24-26 November 1941. Record EX+. DeLuxe sturdy lined protective sleeve

Sibelius-Swan of Tuonela-Eduard van Beinum-Concergebouw-Telefunken SK 3236. Record EX+. $ 10.



Brahms Piano Concerto No. 2 in B Flat, Op. 83

Vladimir Horowitz - piano
Arturo Toscanini conducting the NBC Symphony Orchestra

There is Rubinstein and Munch. And there is Serkin with Ormandy. But there is also Horowitz with Toscanini in an exhillirating and poetic performance in a superb recording made in the "noble, mellow brilliance of Carnegie Hall", as Irving Kolodin described it. It is Brahms in a different vein.

This is not the live recording from 1948 as it was not only listed in The Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Recorded Music 1948 but also in the 1942 edition. It is the recording made in April 1940 with earfilling richness of sound", as Kolodin mentions when comparing the recordings by Horowitz, Serkin and Rubinstein in 1950.


Victor Records DM 740. 6 records: 17652/ 17657. The records are NM. The front of the album is VG+. The inner sleeves are NM. And the mechanical condition of the packaging is superb. You will not easily find records that are over 70 years old in this condition.

The set weighs almost 6 pounds (25 kg) and needs special packaging and insurance that will be included in the selling price. This package has room for 2 more shellac records or 3 vinyls.


Horowitz-Toscanini-NBC SO. Brahms Concerto No. 2. Victor DM 740: 17652-17657. Records NM. Album front VG+. Price includes special packaging and Registered shipment worldwide. $ 105.

Bronislaw Huberman plays Vieuxtemps


Paul Frenkel at the piano

12" Brunswick rare 'New Hall Of Fame Classic Series'. From 1920s. Ref. 50019. Pressed in USA.

Record EX-. More than average surface noise, yet still enjoyable. Plain Deluxe special 78 RPM sleeve.

Huberman-Vieuxtemps-Ballade-Polonaise. Brunswick 50019. Record EX-. $12.

1 Record - 2 Sides

Saint-Saëns: Introduction et Rondo Capricioso

Ida Haendel and the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Basil Cameron

In 1945 Ida Haendel signed a contract with English Decca and started recording some 12 smaller or larger works like Mazurka with Adela Kotowska (Sibelius), Sonata No. 8 with Noel Mewton-Wood (Beethoven), Malagueña (Albeniz), Ritual Fire Dance (Falla), Tango (Albeniz), Introduction et Rondo Capricioso (Saint-Saëns), etc. All recorded before 1948 when Haendel was still in her teens.
As Decca had a subsidiary in the Netherlands many discs were pressed in Amsterdam by Dutch Decca Distribution. Also the one with catalog number X 10066.


1x 12" Decca, Ref. X 10066. Dutch pressing. Record VG+. Slight warp which does not affect play.

Ida Haendel-Saint-Saëns-Introduction. Dutch Decca X 10066. Record VG+. Slight warp which does not effect play nor constancy of speed. $ 12.

Bronislaw Huberman plays Wieniawski

Capriccio Valse

Paul Frenkel at the piano

12" Brunswick. Gold label. Ref. 50031. From 1920s. Pressed in USA.

Record EX-. More than average surface noise, yet still enjoyable. Plain Deluxe special 78 RPM sleeve.

Huberman-Vieuxtemps-Ballade-Polonaise. Brunswick 50031. Record EX-. $12.

1 Record - 2 Sides

Fritz Kreisler: Caprice Viennois
Antonin Dvorak: Humoresque

Frits Kreisler (violin) accompanied by Carl Lamson at the piano

Kreisler recorded Caprice Viennois in the 1930s with Franz Rupp at the piano. Here is the pianist Carl Lamson with whom he recorded Liebesfreud and other gems.

1x 12" His Master's Voice D.B.1091. Record VG. At the end of Side One (7922) several light marks which do not affect play.

Fritz Kreisler-violin-Carl Lamson-piano: Caprice Viennois-Humoresque. HMV D.B.1091. Record VG.Light marks one side. $ 12.

1 Record - 2 Sides

Mozart: Sonata in G Major KV 11

Nap de Klijn - violin. Alice Heksch on Mozartpiano

Recorded in the early 1950s after Philips Phonographische Industrie was founded and many Dutch artists were recorded and shorter works were also issued on 78 RPM disc.

1x 12" Philips N 11155 G. Record Good (scuffs and marks) but plays well on 78 RPM.

Klijn-Heksch-Mozart KV 11. Philips N11155G. Record surface Poor! Sound: EX. $5.

1 Record - 2 Sides

Schubert Songs: Du bist die Ruhe, Allerseelen (Litanei)

Jo Vincent, Soprano, accompanied on the piano by Maurice Van IJzer

Recorded in the late 1920s when pianist Maurice Van IJzer was Jo Vincent's husband (from 1924 till 1930).

1x 12" Columbia D17182. Record EX.

Jo Vincent-2 Schubert songs-Van IJzer. Columbia D17182. Record VG. $ 8.

1 Record - 2 Sides

Beethoven: Romance No. 2 in F major, Op. 50

Josef Wolfsthal (violin) - Berlin State Opera Orchestra conducted by Hans Thierfelder

Recordings of Josef Wolfthal (1899-1931) are scarse. In the 1942 and 1948 editions of Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Recorded Music he is mentioned only three times. One listing is of Smetena 'From my Home', No.2 with pianist Karl Szreter, on the same page as Nathan Milstein and Váša Príhoda. And there is the recording of Beethoven's Violin Concerto on Polydor 95243/7 with the Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Manfred Gurlitt. The colorful label of this Polydor disc from Hannover indicates that this is an acoustic recording. There is also no mention of "elecvtrical recording" nor of Polydor's Polyfar electrical recording system intropduced in 1929 which had an extended frequency band up to 16,000 Hz.

1x 12" Polydor B 27597/8. Record VG.

Josef Wolfsthal-Violin-Beethoven Romance No.2. Berlin State Opera-Thierfelder. Record VG+. $18.

1 Record - 2 Sides

Peter Tchaikovsky: Andante (Canzonetta) from Violin Concerto Op. 35
Carl Goldmark: Air from his Violin Concerto

Joseph (Josef) Wolfthal, violin. Berlin Symphony Orchestra conducted by Horst Platen

Joseph Wolfsthal approached his performances with creativity and detail. Read what Tully Potter originally wrote about Joseph (also spelled as Josef) Wolfsthal for the Pristine web site.

1x 12" Homocord M 52223. Record VG+.

Josef Wolfsthal-violin-Tchaikovsky-Goldmark. Berlin Symphony-Horst Platen. Homocord M52223. Record VG+. Best offer accepted.

All discs are play graded using a
Garrard 4HF Gramophone Record Player equipped with a Ronette Crystal Pick Up and not on an old horn player with steel needles which may damage the groove, nor on a sophisticated costly high-end set.

1 Record - 2 Sides

Dinu Lipatti plays Chopin Barcarolle in F Sharp, Op. 60.

This disc is not mentioned in the 1942 and 1948 editions of The Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Recorded Music. The guess is that Lipatti recorded Barcarolle in or after 1950 as it is not mentioned in Irving Kolodin's Guide To Recorded Music deals with 78 RPM records and several LP recordings. the new medium which was published in 1950.

NOTE: Schwann Long Playing Record Catalog mentions pianist Dinu Lipatti for the first time in the June, 1952 edition when the Grieg and Schumann Concertos with conductor Alceo Galliera on Columbia, and the Complete Waltzes of Chopin are released on LP.

Columbia LX 1437.

Record M-. Plain brown paper sleeve.

Dinu Lipatti plays Chopin Barcarolle in F Sharp, Op. 60. Columbia LX 1437. Dutch pressing. English plates. Record EX. plaine brow paper sleeve. $ 15.


1 Record - 2 Sides

The Residency Orchestra (The Hague) conducted by Frits Schuurman play Bartok:

Roumanian Dances in an orchestration for String Orchestra by Arthur Willner.

Frits Schuurman stood at the helm of the Residency Orchestra from 1938 till 1949. There is a sticker on the label of Side 1. The previous owner tried to remove the sticker but had no luck and damaged the label.
Research shows that the record was sold in the city of Nijmegen in The Netherlands and that the shop was of Technisch Bureau De Kroon located at 140 Molenstraat in Nijmegen. The recording is announced in The Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Recorded Music, 1948 edition, but is not yet available. It is obviously the last recording made by the orchestra under conductor Frits Schuurman and made for Dutch Decca. From 1950 on The Residency Orchestra under its new conductor Willem van Otterloo was going to make recordings for the Philips label, the company that was founded in 1950. Many Dutch artists performed for Dutch Decca Distribution (Hollandsche Decca Distributie N.V., Amsterdam) which was bought by Philips in 1942.

Decca X 10038.

Record EX- (some very light surface noise). Plain white paper sleeve.

Residency Orchestra The Hague conducted by Frits Schuurman play Bela Bartok Romanian Dances. Dutch Decca X 10038. Record VG+ (light surface noise). Plain white sleeve. $ 15.

1 Record - 2 Sides

Yelly d'Aranyi plays Tommaso Antonio Vitali: Chaconne (arranged by Léopold Charlier)

Arthur Bergh (piano)

Yelly d'Aranyi with a Y (as is printed on the label of this Columbia disc) is written these days as Jelly d'Aranyi. In Hungarian: Hunyadvári Aranyi Jelly (30 May 1893 – 30 March 1966). She is the violinist to whom Maurice Ravel dedicated his marvellous violin composition Tzigane. She was the great-niece of Joseph Joachim. Through a few occult sessions she liberated Schumann's Violin Concerto dedicated to Joachim of its 100 year ban.

This performance of Chaconne by Vitali was recorded in 1928 by Columbia. However strange is that the disc is not listed in both editions of The Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Recorded Music of 1942 and 1948 respectively. The only recordings listed of d'Aranyi is with cellist Caspar Cassado and pianist Myra Hess of Trio No. 2 of Johannes Brahms and the recording of Brahms's Hungarian Dance No. 8.

Columbia 9875 pressed in England

Record NM. Old Columbia paper sleeve.

d'Aranyi-Vitali-Chaconne. Columbia 9875. Great Britain. Record EX. Columbia sleeve. $ 45.

2 Records - 4 Sides

Beethoven "KREUTZER" Sonata

Arthur Catterall (violin)
William Murdoch (piano)

Recorded on June 7, 1923, in Columbia's Petty France Studios, London (according to an eBay listing from 2017).

Acoustic recording not listed in the Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Recorded Music, 1942 and 1948 editions.

2x 12" Columbia records, Ref. L1210 and 1211, pressed in Great Britain. See


Catterall-Murdoch-Beethoven-Kreutzer. Columbia L 1210-1211. Records NM. Labels of the first record VG+. Original sleeves VG-. $ 25.

3 Records - 6 Sides

Gustav Mahler: Kindertotenlieder

Heinrich Rehkemper, Baritone
Orchestra conducted by Jascha Horenstein

There is no mention of orchestra and conductor on the label.
The conductor is Jascha Horenstein as mentioned in The Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Record Music, 1948.

Recorded in 1928 as the dead wax shows.
Polydor 66693/94/95. Second label.
Automatic coupling

* Nun will die Sonn' so hell aufgehen
* Nun seh' ich wohl warum so dunkle Flammen
* Wenn dein Mütterlein
* Oft denk' ich sie sind nur ausgegangen
* In diesem Wetter

Irving Kolodin evaluated this recording in the dubbed to LP version issued in the USA on Vox which was the only recording available at the time. In 'The New Guide To Recorded Music' published in 1950 he writes:

"I have a high regard for everything here except the reproduction, which is 1935-ish and not improved by its dubbing for this reissue. However , they are superb songs, and Rehkemper is an intelligent interpreter. More than that the purchaser will have to decide for himself."

Records VG+ to EX. What is there to expect of a 80 to 90 year old set of 78s.
With tone adjustment the voice of Rehkemper can be really brought to life. His is an Impressive performance.
New, plain cardboard sleeves.

Mahler-Kindertotenlieder-Heinrich Rehkemper - Jascha Horenstein. Polydor 66693/4/5. Records VG-EX. Labels have stickers. $ 27.

4 Records - 8 Sides

Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt Suites 1 & 2


His Master's Voice

C 1298 - Morning - Death of Ase
C 1299 - Anitra's Dance - In the Hall of the Mountain King

Eugene Goossens conducting the Royal Opera Orchestra Covent Garden

C 1571 - Ingrid's Lament - Arabian Dance
C 1572 - The Return of Peer Gynt - Solvieg's Song

Eugene Goossens conducting the New Light Symphony Orchestra


The records have the original thick luxurious paper sleeves they were sold in. They bear the name of the shop of Willem de Jong, located at Passage in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Records pressed in Great Britain. Record Sides are NM except for C 1571 which is VG because of an edge chip that was glued on again. It causes a few non-irritating ticks at the beginnings of both sides.

Grieg Peer Gynt Suites 1 & 2 - Eugene Goossens. HMV C 1298/99 and 1571/1572. Records NM/VG (see description). $ 18.

1 Record - 2 Sides

Daniel Ruynemann (Ruyneman):

Solo Sonata for Violin (Sonate voor Vioolsolo; 1925) played by Alexander / Alexandre Moskowsky

Krystall Electro Record CH 051/CH 052 Made in Germany

Daniël Ruynemann (1886-1963) was a Dutch composer who initially received piano lessons but after all was more interested in composition. He studied at the Amsterdam Conservatory from 1913 till 1916. In 1918 he protested with other modernistic composers and artists against the conservative programming of the Concertgebouw Orchestra under Willem Mengelberg. That was when a composition by Matthijs Vermeulen was rejected by Mengelberg to be performed. With other young Dutch composers - Sem Dresden, Henri Zagwijn, Bernhard van den Sigtenhorst-Meyer, Alexander Voormolen en later also Willem Pijper - he founded the "Dutch Society for the Development of Modern Music" (Nederlandsche Vereeniging tot Ontwikkeling der Moderne Scheppende Toonkunst) which became the Dutch chapter of "The International Society for Contemporary Music". Ruynemann was an important figure in the movement of modern art and music. This movement was prohibited by the Germans in 1941. In the 1950s he was a promotor of contempory music while organizing concerts in the Municipal Museum of Amsterdam (Stedelijk Museum) where compositons of Luciano Berio, Pierre Boulez, Luigi Nono and Karlheinz Stockhausen were performed.

Ruynemann wrote his Solo Sonata (dedicated to Bronislaw Hubermann) in 1925. The movements are: Ironique, Recitativo Quasi Cadenza, and Fugue (based on the Dutch song "Merck toch hoe sterck" from the so called Valerius Gedenckklank). On this 78 RPM shellac disc the Sonata is performed by Alexander (Alexandre) Moskowsky who was a member of the Hungarian Quartet from 1940 till 1959. Biographical details on this violinist are not available. The value of this recording lies in the context of Dutch historical musical culture and has no international significance. Hence it has a meaning for a researcher of the pre World War Two period of Dutch music or has significance for a specific institution that deals with Dutch music.

See info on Ruyneman here.

The performance is regrettably not of a very high standard but is as far as I know the only one that momentarily exists.

Daniel Ruynemann: Solo Vioion Sonata - Alexander Moskowsky, Violin. Krystall C 051/52. Record NM. Best offer accepted.

1 Record - 2 Sides

Columbia L.X. 1589

Schubert: Moment Musical Op. 94, No. 2 and No. 3.

Walter Gieseking, piano.

Record NM. Ordinary used sleeve.

78-Schubert - Gieseking - Columbia L.X. 1589. Record NM. Used sleve. $ 20.

6 Records - 12 Sides

The Haydn Trio Society - Parlophone

Trio For Piano, Violin and 'Cello in F Sharp Minor, No. 2

Trio For Piano, Violin and 'Cello in C Major, No. 3

Trio For Piano, Violin and 'Cello in E flat Major, No. 5

Ref.: SW 8089 - 90 - 91 - 92 - 93 - 94 - 95


Lili Kraus - Piano
Simon (Szymon) Goldberg - Violin
Anthony Pini - Violoncello

This is Volume I consisting of 6 records. The Trios were recorded prior to 1942, before Kraus and Goldberg were interned in a Japanese prisoner camp while on a concert tour in Indonesia.

It is possible that a Volume 2 and subsequent Volumes were planned but not recorded due to World War Two and the fact that pianist and violinist were imprisoned.

These records are early pressings and have been played. Nevertheless the sound is very good, VG, while the aspect of the surfaces is more than EX. Plain, used generic sleeves.


78-Haydn Trio Society - Kraus - Goldberg - Pini - 6x 12". Parlophone SW 8089-95. Records VG/EX. Plain, generic sleeves. $ 35.

2 Records - 4 Sides

His Master's Voice

C 844 and C 854

Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata for Piano and Violin No. 9, 'Kreutzer'.

Marjorie Hayward (violin) and Una Bourne (piano).

Records released in May and July of 1918. See the details.

These are acoustic recordings. However making recordings of a pianist and a violinist is more rewarding if compared to recording of a symphony orchestra.

Condition: Records VG+. Ordinary, old and used plain sleeves.

78-Beethoven - Hayward - Bourne - Kreutzer - HMV C 844 + C-854. Records VG+. Old, used paper sleeves. $ 20.

2 Records - 4 Sides


L.X. 192 - 1903.

César Franck: Symphonic Variations - Variations symphoniques.

Walter Gieseking, piano. London Philharmonic Orchestra. Sir Henry Wood, conductor.

Records NM. Dutch pressing from original British plates.

Beautifully played and very well recorded with a tangible piano tone.

78-Franck - Symphonic Variations - Gieseking - Wood. Columbia L.X. 192-193. Records NM/M-. Old, plain sleeves. $ 25.

Nap de Klijn VIOLIN and Alice Heksch  PIANO play Mozart Sonata K 526

2 Records - 4 Sides

Elite Special 7069 and 7070.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
Sonata in A, K 526.

Nap de Klijn - violin (spelled by the record company Klyn)
Alice Heksch - piano

Recorded ca. 1949.

Recording issued by Elite Special, the label owned by Turicaphon Riedikon, Switzerland. Dutch Pressing.

Records EX. Plain, used sleeves.

78-Klijn - Heksch - Mozart Sonata - Elite Special 7069 and 7070. Records EX. Old, used sleeves. $ 25.

5 Records - 10 Sides


67162 A-B
67163 A-B
67164 A-B
67165 A-B
67166 A-B

Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 7, Op. 92.

Recorded 1937.

Carl Schuricht conducts The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Side 10: Preludium and Fugue from the Well Tempered Clavier (J.S. Bach), performed by Wilhelm Kempff.

78-Beethoven 7 - Schuricht - Bach - Prelude - Kempff. Polydor 67162 to 67166. 5x 78 RPM. Records EX. Plain old sleeves. $ 90.

4 Records - 8 Sides

L.X. 631
L.X. 632
L.X. 633
L.X. 634

Beethoven: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in C Major, Op. 15.

Walter Gieseking - Pianist

Members of the State Opera House Orchestra, Berlin.

Hans Rosbaud - Conductor

Recording date ca. 1940. Records EX. Pressed in Great Britain. Greenish, old, plain record sleeves.


78-Gieseking - Rosbaud - Beethoven Concerto No. 1 - Rosbaud - Columbia LX 631/634. Records EX. Old plain sleeves. $ 45.


3 Records - 6 Sides

Wilhelm Furtwängler conducts Richard Strauss

Tod und Verklärung - Death and Transfigutration - Op. 24

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Recorded in 1950

This performance was recorded 21, 23, 24 January 1950. Recording producer was Walter Legge. Engineer was Anthony Griffith. The recording was first issued as HMV 78s DB.21169-71.

Since the introduction of the tape recorder around 1947 which made the long playing record possible, 78 RPM records were no longer direct-to-disc registrations. This meant that a performance could be recorded in its entirety on tape and then be spread out over as many shellac disc sides as was necessary. The quality of direct-to-disc recordings is superior to that of the sound of music on tape, in any case in the early 1950s. The HMV discs of this Furtwangler performance therefor lack the dynamic quality and immediacy collectors were and are used to. It is not certain if the second edition - which is on offer here - was produced to improve the sound.

His Master's Voice D.B. 9592 - 9593 -9594. Records are EX. Some surface noise. Professionally cleaned. Shiny surfaces.
Plain sleeves. Labels do have the same color intensity but while editing the differences in appearance were unintentionally the result.

Furtwangler-Strauss- Death and Transfiguration-Vienna-1950. HMV DB 9592/3/4. $ 24.

1 Record - 2 Sides

Edith Lorand - Violin

Michael Raucheisen - Piano (Blüthner)


Enrique Granados:

Danse espagnole No. 5

Manuel de Falla:



A rarity of Hungarian born violinist Edith Lorand who formed a trio with Michael Raucheisen (piano) and Gregor Piatigorsky (cello), and when playing solo was often accompanied by Raucheisen who was the pianist for Peter Anders and Julius Patzak, to mention a few.

Recorded in 1925, the year Raucheisen was recording for Parlophon. In 1926 he changed to Electrola.

Parlophon P.9323 (in America on Decca 25016). Record VG. Plays well but has surface noise. Plain sleeve.

78-Lorand-Raucheisen-Granados-Falla. Parlophon P.9323. Record VG. Plain sleeve. $ 9.

1 Record - 2 Sides

Bruno Walter conducts
the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Gustav Mahler:
Adagietto from Symphony No. 5

Recorded on January 15, 1938 in the Musikvereinssaal
See the Bruno Walter discography at

Naturally entirely different from Mengelberg's famous Columbia recording. Both conductors knew Mahler. Mengelberg is the sculptur. Walter lets flow the music in a natural way.

Victor 12319 (in Europe His Master's Voice DB 3406). Record M-. Plain cover.

78-Mahler-Adagietto-Walter-Vienna Philharmonic. Victor 12319. Record EX+. A few light ticks. Plain sleeve. $ 15.

1 Record - 2 Sides

Wilhelm Kempff - Piano


Ludwig van Beethoven:

Piano Sonata No. 8 (Klaviersonate Nr. 8) in C, Op. 13 - Pathétique


Deutsche Grammophon 72048 LVM

(Long Play Variable Micrograde)


Record NM. Original Deutsche Grammophon sleeve M-.


78-Kempff-Beethoven-Pathétique-Deutsche Grammophon LVM 72048. Record NM. Original Sleeve M-. $ 19.

1 Record - 2 Sides


Tossy Spivakovsky (Spiwakowsky) - Violin
with piano accompaniment

Mozart-Kreisler: Rondo

Schubert-Wilhelm: Ave Maria

Odeon AA 68 101

Record pressed in Germany. Record NM to M-.

Plain, used sleeve.

Recording date unknown. Possibly 1948 or later.


78-Spivakovsky - Violin - Mozart - Schubert - Odeon AA 68 101. Record M-. plain, old sleeve. $ 25.

1 Record - 2 Sides

Alexander Brailowsky - Piano


Frederic Chopin:

Etude in E major, Op. 10, No. 3

Etude in A minor, Op. 25, No. 4

Brailowsky plays a Steinway Grand

According to the Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia from 1942, Opus 10 No. 3 was originally coupled with Etude Op. 25 No. 11. As the order number 95323 is the same, the listing from 1942 may contain an error.


Polydor Catalog No. B 27335 - 27336

Record NM. Side One has slightly damaged sticker with address of Nieuwe Muziekwinkel Utrechtsestraat 39, Amsterdam. Ordinary, plain green sleeve.

Nieuwe Muziekwinkel (New Music Store) is nowedays a lunchroom/ brasserie/ restaurant with the name 'Zuivere Koffie' (pure coffee). From 1910 on It was the shop owned by A. Hamburger. He sold musical instruments, strings and talking machines (gramophones), and of course gramophone records. Charlotte Hamburger (apparently A. Hamburger's daughter) married Daniel Eliazer Gomperts. They continued the A. Hamburger's business in 1941.


78-Brailowsky-Chopin-Etudes-Polydor 95 323 (B27335/6)-Record NM. Ordinary sleeve. $ 15.

4 Records - 8 Sides

*dark brown linen album (outside)

*green compartments and inside



Sir Henry J. Wood conducts
The New Queen's Hall Orchestra

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky -
P.I. Tschaikovsky:

Symphony No. 6 ("Pathétique"), Opus 74.

This ultra rare recording, was made well before 1925, in the acoustic era, when the ensemble gathered in front of a horn and in some recordings the bass in the score was imitated by a tuba which was louder; whether the replacement by the tuba was effectuated in this recording is not known by me.

A complete and long symphony on 4 records implies automatically that there have been cuts in the score and a few transitions were arranged.

The dynamics and the fidelity of acoustic recordings are low if compared to the electrical recording system. The electrical recording was introduced in 1925 and changed the reproduction of music via records significantly and heightened the appreciation and boosted the prolifiration of popular and classical music, and jazz. The discs on offer here show of course all traits of the acoustic recording: weak signal to noise.

There is surface noise (hiss). It is recommended to play the records with a ceramic cartridge and a special thick needle tip instead of using an old wind up gramophone, often jokingly referred to as "a destruction machine".

The small leaflet with liner notes and details (in English) says that this set has to be played at 80 RPM.


Columbia Masterworks Set Number 5. References 576927 - 28 - 29 - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34 = 67009 /010 / 011 / 012-D manufactured in the USA. Recorded in 1923. See 78 RPM Community

The records and the book or album (that was repaired) are in EX condition.


78-Tchaikovsky-Symphony No. 6-Henry Wood-American Columbia 67009-D / 67012-D. EX condition. $ 18.

1 Record - 2 Sides

Julian von Karolyi - Piano

Chopin: Fantasie in F Op. 49


Deutsche Grammophon 72008 LVM

(Long Play Variable Micrograde)


Record NM. Generic brown paper sleeve.


78-Karolyi-Chopin-Fantasie-Deutsche Grammophon LVM 72008. Record NM. Generic sleeve. $ 15.

1 Record - 2 Sides

France Ellegaard plays Franz Liszt

La Campanella


Siemens Spezial - Experimental-Schallplatte nach dem Silber-Verfahren des Elektro-Akustischen Forschungs-Laboratorium

The stamp (print) on the label says: Deutsche Grammophon GmbH Hannover authorized June 17th, 1945 (Genehmigt 17-6-45)

One of the first experimental recordings made in the Siemens Electro Acoustic Research Laboratory after World War II had ended. Meisterklasse der Deutschen Grammophon G.M.B.H. is in the top of the label.


LM 67839

Record NM. Ordinary used sleeve.

78-Ellegard-Liszt-Campanella-Liebestraum. Siemens LM 67839. 1945. Record NM/M-. Used sleve. $ 12.

1 Record - 2 Sides


XP 6019

Cor de Groot, piano.

Enrique Granados: Spanish Dance No. 5
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Spinning Song

Dutch recording made in AVRO Radio Studio at Hilversum, pressed by Dutch Decca Distribution (Hollandsche Decca Distributie, Amsterdam).

Record NM. Label Side Two damaged, obviously when the former owner removed a sticker. Plain, used sleeve.

78-Granados - Mendelssohn - Groot - Decca XP 6019. Dutch recording and pressing. Record NM. One label damaged. $ 20.

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3 Records - 6 Sides

Parlophone Odeon Series

P.X.O. 7006 - 7007 - 7008


Johann Sebastian Bach:


Violin Concerto in E Major

Szymon Goldberg - Violin

Ernest Lush - Harpsichord


The Philharmonia Orchestra

Walter Susskind - Conductor


It is possible that the recording was made in 1949 and issued in 1950, Johann Sebastian Bach's 200th death anniversary. The LP version of this performance was released in June 1951 in the USA on Decca, and in Great Britain in November 1953 on the Parlophone label.


Records are pressed in Great Britain. They are a beautiful NM.

Plain, used sleeves.


78-Goldberg - Bach E Major - Susskind. Parlophone 7006/7/8. Records NM. Plain sleeves. $ 30.

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